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  1. We do need to have some art done for our glorious dev when he comes back
  2. Oh gotchaAlso mobstar gg liking year old post
  3. This reminds me, what will the HUB look like? I've seen Battal's gif but I'm still not 100%clear on the topic.
  4. Someone give me an area to tackle, I'm not doing much right now
  5. We need to get an area complete (tiles and props etc) or alternatively more sprites
  6. who was the Designated character designer?
  7. Oh god it's catching fire part 3 run for your lives
  8. Could some people post what their alt forms could be? I have a shop idea but I need to know.
  9. Can there be a mummy rapper called king tutIdk why that immediately came to mind
  10. I really like those abillities. Maybe an additional ability involving lag for reduced speed?
  11. Do you have a visual example of what you mean for the tiles? I'm working on drawing the boss design and the labled map. Unfortunately it'll be hand drawn because I can't acsess my conputer right now.
  12. You could draw all me as a boss (basically my avatar in a skelator like costume that's light green and blue)
  13. Working on some different crypt floor textures. One on left is bricks, one on right is grassy turf like stuff. Color scheme of the crypt will be green,blue,and grey.
  14. Crypt general layout Fun fact: using paint to make images while your arm cramps results in disaster