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  1. This is a preview of an animation that includes my friends OC Mon Mon, My OC Wren and Wilson!
  2. if this is before Charlie became the Grue shouldn't Maxwell in the beginning say something different or not appear at all?
  3. Whats Charlies voice going to be? (I didn't have time to read the whole post)
  4. even if people think its out of hand it really isnt, its just large and full of important information, ideas and theories. I dont really see it as a waste, its rather fun!
  5. NOOO.... if you guys dont want it here than ignore it, we dont have to lock it ;A;
  6. dead things are weird Perhaps the puzzle is unresolved, even with no advances it is keeping some memory and momentum on it
  7. Ok we are going into some pretty odd waters here, Klei is probably laughing at what were guessing OR WE ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT AND THEY ARE LIKE "oh no...."
  8. I don't know.... all you did was do exactly what Seth and Mark said not too
  9. oh no, they mentioned it and now its going to explode all over the forums XD
  10. oops, didnt mean to do that

  11. You Sir are brilliant! Today they commemorate Guy Fawkes; a very strong catholic; by burning ragdolls of him in the streets of britian. Some info could make sense here, Guy Fawkes is British (Wilson is suspected to be and Maxwell is) and was the in charge of guarding gunpowder to blow up the house of lords, this is where Guido Fawkes, John Johnson and Guy Fawkes thought King James the first was. They wanted to over thrown him and replace him with a catholic king. Guy was caught for this act and was to be hung. to remember his failure they burn Guy Fawkes Dolls or Effigies, an effigy is an ingame thing isnt it? gunpowder is also in game. Guy Fawkes masks or anonymous masks are a sign of disapproval to the government and there for worn by some terrorists who decided to act on what they believe is inexcusable. This can all possibly tie into Don't Starve considering the lack of morality when it comes to Maxwell ruling over the Don't Starve World almost like a government Wilson (or whichever character you play as) then overthrows him as Guy Fawkes attempted to do. but how does tie into DST? I honestly dont know how this could tie into it but I also could be overthinking this A LOT. just remember, remember the fifth of november, this could be a ground breaking clue or nonsense.
  12. Just took the In With The New Trailer and messed with it SO much. I inverted the colors, slowed it down, reversed it, flipped it upside down. I think we have researched all we can with the video and we need to look at the other things. Should I look at the other videos or mess with some more images for clues?
  13. I just realized that this thing is only 10 days before my birthday.... YAY
  14. I REALLY Hope they dont do anything with the moon... like said in an earlier post its useless. I think they should put a lot of focus on revealing the characters backstorys and the actual story in general
  15. By the way, How did we figure out it was happening on the fifth? I didnt catch that piece and I couldnt find it when I read the earlier posts
  16. Now if they are actually watch this post than you may have messed it up for all of us (I blame you if they make a video) XD
  17. I think your right, I mean we have most likely solved all of whats in this video, all we can do now is guess and hypothesize. I must say though, we have some evidence of the secret perhaps being Wendy's backstory, perhaps some more info of Maxwell and Charlie as well. Like I said before though all we can do is guess and wait
  18. I am thinking it was created far before Maxwell and Charlie went there, I mean where did the shadows come from? Where did the book come from? Did anyone find the book before Maxwell?
  19. I looked at that and it switches from blue to green at the point where Wilson dies, maybe showing that he re pawned in a new world with a different Wolfgang. I think it may be a simple error though, but who knows? WX-78 is also Yellow, I must say though, with the hypothesis of Wilson dying and going to a new world/server that means that the Wilson at the end that gets hit by a meteor would go to a new world! I know that the color Feature exists as well, I saw it in a livestream.
  20. The Crows Man! They are telling us something with the crows! especially considering Crows are a symbol of Magic, Mystery, Darkness and unwell