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  1. I guess so, didn´t pay much attention to him, going to fix that right, away
  2. So i´m finally done - hope you like it
  3. You tell me - and the bats - i was stupid and made my base next to a sinkhole - i had like 6 eggs when i started. I ended up with one smallbird, who was killed by a catcoon :/
  4. Yesterday i promised to post my newest fanart, but im not done yet - so i made this quick comic you can look at untill im done again im sorry
  5. New drawing coming up later :) hehe

    1. greenglacier


      Mkay. I can't wait.

  6. God i´m a jerk sometimes...Please just ignore me for my failure

    1. greenglacier


      There is no need to be moderate. And an artist like you shouldn't even be moderate ^^

  7. ohh god im so sorry! im new and a jerk for not looking up the rules! I´ll remove it right away
  8. heard this song and made this - btw it´s 2 am and im tired as f*ck so i kinda rushed this one
  9. heard this song and made this - btw it´s 2 am and im tired as f*ck so i kinda rushed this one
  10. Well i´m totally doing the gobbler thing This is what i made earlier, when there where no replies. I kinda wanted to draw Wilson as an realistic person, but wasn´t happy with the result, and now i totally don´t want to finish it -_- Well i´m going to start on the gobbler thingy right now
  11. I really dot know what to draw next. I mostly do Wilson and Maxwell, but now i have like NO ideas at all. Help please? Or if you know a good fanfiction i could draw something based on that? All sort of ideas are welcome - Nanna
  12. Well, i thought about that myself. That´s for you to decide. Personally no, he didn´t die - I don´t want Wilson to die. Hope that answered your question
  13. OHHH the struggle i had with this one - Couldn´t figure out which colors i should use for the background, painted (and then removed afterwards) a lot of trees yada yada! + its 2 am, and im really tired I don´t think i can do this exact painting better for now. I´m not totally happy with the result, but i guess it´s ok? Well anyways hope you like it
  14. A request where Wilson is snuggeling with a smallbird - sorry about the lazy background - I´m going to make a better one next time, promise
  15. Seems like i can´t link files from my computer in other forums, unless i´ve posted the picture in my own forum (if that makes any sence? So i´m just gonna share it here for now . A request where Wilson is snuggeling with a smallbird - sorry about the lazy background - I´m going to make a better one next time, promise
  16. WOW thanks im also doing a request where Wilson snuggles with a smallbird
  17. I just love Wilson, and wanted to draw some of his memories (good and bad) So here´s the result
  18. Well, just wanted to share my latest fanart - I call it Wilsons memories. It´s a drawing of some of the memories Wilson have made during his time in Maxwells world - Good and bad memories Hope u like it, and please leave a comment - ohhh and btw i really would like some requests
  19. So how about this: Wilson makes a dummy that fools the throne, allowing him to free Maxwell. Wilson used both his - and Maxwell’s hair to make the dummy, somehow connecting them to the throne - this allow them to use some of the abilities the throne gives (shadow hands, along with a lot of other cool powers), without being controlled by it. They are still somehow bound to the throne because they used their own hair (they had too, nothing else would fool the daemons), and now have to find a way out of the world. Meanwhile the shadow inside Wilson is taking more and more control of him - Maxwell can slow the process, but not entirely, making Wilson depending on him. this is just the thoughs i get by reading your comments
  20. OH my god i love the ideas so far - thank you SO much! really made my day it´s great to have someone taking the time to answer your questions - if you have anything else to add, please let me know think i´ll start writing the script soon
  21. Okay, i want to make a don´t starve comic. I just have some troubles figuring some stuff out. I want to make a comic about Wilson and Maxwell, kind of working together to get out Here is my idea: Wilson is experimenting with nightmare fuel, in the alchemy lab, but when he adds the fuel, a shadow monster chases it, going through his body in the progress. The lab explodes, and Wilson is blasted a few meters away. He wakes up to discover he has no injuries from the explosion. Before he can do anything else, shadow hands appear from below, dragging him underground. We find out that Maxwell took him. Maxwell explains that he saw it all, and that the shadow somehow fused with Wilson, and are now trapped inside of him (Wilson at this point, have gotten a darker look, because of the shadow). The shadow will try to take over Wilson’s body, especially when his sanity is low - Wilson will have to fight it constantly, which is difficult - it makes his thoughts and actions more "dark". Now here comes the part i need help with - I want Wilson to release Maxwell somehow, but i don’t want Maxwell to die. I want him to stay with Wilson, helping finding a way out. My though is that Wilson can´t take the throne because of the shadow inside of him. with the shadow, there are no space left for them (the daemons) in his body. I was thinking that if he released Maxwell he wouldn’t die, because there is no one to take over the throne, but the question is, would Maxwell even be allowed free? One last thing - Maxwell is trying to trick Wilson into finding pages from the shadow book that brought Maxwell there in the first place. Maxwell, aren’t allowed to touch the book, as he is part daemon, but Wilson isn’t daemon. He tells Wilson that with the whole book, they can go home, but that is a lie. Only Maxwell can return with the book - Wilson can´t - If Maxwell travels trough the book back home, the world would fall apart, because Maxwell (the creator) is no longer there. I really like the idea of Wilson and Maxwell working together, not as friends, but with their differences set aside - also the whole idea of Wilson trying to keep sane, and trying to understand Maxwell’s actions. Does it make any sense? What are your thoughts? Should i go with it or come up with something completely different? I have linked some concept art i made What do you think?