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  1. "The Looted Stash" - Given when Loot stash is opened - Held in inventory before placed permanently - Has a specific lock for a specific antler key type

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      We used to have heaps of those at the Freebird Games forums. I remember one that was especially bad :?

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  3. But Scott ate all the ice cream last time...
  4. So should I make a ticket when I want to invite you to my parties?
  5. wasn't that a great present, over 120 notifications in a hour


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL PERSON! :wilson_celebrate: love you @Weirdobob :wilson_love:


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      love you too <3

  7. *waits for birthday suprises*

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      I'll make pixel art sometime today!



      If I'm not too lazy.

      I'm a bad friend.

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      'Tis Tradition;


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      IT's fine, Arles. Don't fret.

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  8. someone leeked weirdosity countent

    weedosity is cancel


  9. New weirdosity stuff leaked




  10. Oh yeah. I'm stupid. Oops. I feel like someone's going to quote this out of context later now...
  11. I set those suckers to less too. So glad that when the ability was added to toggle those, existing worlds that set depth worms in general to less also set waves to less automagically. thx klei bb Though they are essentially giant pinatas if you get them to not be in their giant huddle, and while it is possible to fight off all 3 of them, and it's very possible to fight off two of them, chances are you're gonna get smacked. At least glowberries are nice and have their uses (moggles, moggle fuel, long lasting end table light)
  12. Isn't tencent only chinese or something though? That's like, an awfully selective steam killer. (And I know I'm probably really wrong) Besides though, if something was going to kill steam it'd have to be a monster at marketing and be able to generate a ton of profit and promise for devs really quick. And, of course, be better than steam in enough regards that people would prefer it. I think I'd keep steam though, because I highly doubt TF2 will be released cross platform with volvo's competition.
  13. This is why I always set hound waves to less. Not because they're hard, but when they're that friggin frequent that every 3 days they spawn it annoys the crud out of me and it isn't fun anymore. My nearby beefalo/tooth traps/flingomatics/just raw fighting power is able to turn hounds into monster n' teeth soufle in seconds, but still, it isn't fun. It does technically make hound waves a bit more difficult at the beginning, as they spawn only like a day or 2 later but there's more hounds than usual. But again, they're no threat.
  14. Game Update "Here it comes!" Major changes Added golf carts for speedy transportation. Added a reference to a seperate, more obscure and Lesser weLL known roLepLay universe Pirate invasions are a little less common now. Removed the Easter event Added easter event cosmetics The birthday train will pull into the station for a brief moment of time in singleplayer games Added "reliefs" (These will only be effective in singleplayer until a multiplayer balance is found) which are essentially a free of charge passive trait you can pick (More dmg, higher resistance, more sanity, health regen, etc) as to counteract the roleplay's ever increasing difficulty a smidge EDIT Fixed a bug which would lead to a crash if Boss 2 was passively beaten but Protagonist 4 was dead
  15. And with the close of Mez's birthday

    comes the ever approaching dawn of my birthday

    April 21

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      Your avatar is celebrating early.

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      time to bust out the expensive confetti

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