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  1. Pirate hat(this isnt in dst and im too lazy to go through two sets of quotes) ANNOUNCE_ENTER_DARK - "And the curtain falls." BATCAVE - "They're hiding under the stage." MULTIPLAYER_PORTAL - "It makes me long for the stage!" MUSHTREE_TALL (BLOOM) - "An enthusiastic performance!" MUSHTREE_MEDIUM (BLOOM) - "What a great effect!" BUNDLEWRAP - "That's a wrap." BEEFALO?(DOMESTICATED?) -Not sure this one counts- "The critter has finally learned its role." RABBITHOLE (GENERIC, SPRING) - "Showtime, rabbits!" & "It must be intermission for the rabbits." GEMSOCKET(VALID) - "Showtime!" TOPHAT - "It doesn't match my costume." That took way longer than I wanted it to
  2. Chester gets lost. All he can see is darkness. But he must follow. It is all he knows. He hops. He continues to hop. He keeps hopping. Faster, faster, faster. He doesn't stop. He gains speed so much that he breaks the sound barrier. Boom. Sonic boom. Chester keeps going. The magnificaion of Chester's power makes even Toadstool shiver. Chester continues. Boom. Screeching past light speed now, each hop he does destroys a planet in his wake - Chester is now know across the multiverse, Chester, devourer of worlds. He continues going so fast, that even light is no match for him, and he starts absorbing it. Chester is now a black hole, gaining magnification and strength and speed indefinetly. Until finally, he moves so fast, he recreates the entire multiverse, in an instant so quick it feels nothing has happened, and he is now moving so fast it no longer even looks like he's moving. but ya he just stays still and faces south
  3. He posted it in the art area in my discord server. I already did
  4. Well if I ate all of them there wouldn't be any left!
  5. The universe forgot about page scrolling. You find your house with your name on it. It looks identical to every other house in the suburbs.
  6. The flufficorn woke up. It looked at you, the expression of the true meaning of life plastered on their face. ◐っ◑. But when it got up, you could notice, in the middle of the flufficorn cuddle pile... A fluffibull. Even while sleeping it looks angry.
  7. Upon eating page 53 and 54 I have noted that they in fact taste like blood.
  8. So...

    How bout that airline food...

  9. You could see the several houses. Including the one with your name on it. As you approach the mountains, you can see some large sleeping flufficorns with carpets on their backs. You could ride them... But something feels off. You fill your eyes with wonderful sights of a rabbit.
  10. All characters in DST = too OP

    make them all have wes' stats

    so everyone is fair and balanced and nobody has any even slight advantages than anyone else

    1. DragonMage156


      PvP: Wes edition.

    2. Donke60


      Thats not true Wes can go insane on command
      and has a 5 sanity cost AOE Trigger bomb

      Wes is Bes
      and to op

      PvP: Wes edition.

      Every time a youtuber does this it makes be wanna die in a hole

  11. I think disease should only go to plants that are actively being used. It'd probably put more strain on the game to do that every time the disease timer goes off though, so I could understand why that wouldn't happen. Why I say this is because sometimes I'm a huge idiot and accidentially dig up a grass tuft out by the spawn portal I want to leave for new people that join. Well, might as well burn it now because if I plop it back down it'll just end up getting diseased. Survival needs a little TLC with world regrowth. I also think it'd be interesting if over time setpieces appear, so it adds more reason to go around the world even after you've maybe already discovered the whole thing. But that's getting a little off topic, so that suggestion may need to rest for another time.
  12. Alright, slight update for everyone - In the next update, the journal entries will be released in an... interesting way. I have no doubts that some people(L and Chris, most likely) would go out of their way to gather every page they can. So I was thinking. Shoot, I'm making this too easy. So, there's some new little nifty feature I thought up- Each person can only get certain specific pages, and I've lowered the amount of achievements that will actually reward you with journal entires - Just to make sure you can't get them all yourself. But with about five to six-ish people, you'll be able to get all the pages to it. Lord knows why you'd want some journal pages so bad, but whatever. Also, @Destros09, you might be wondering when you're going to spawn in. Well, know that I've accepted your entry, but I'm going to wait until the morning before I spawn you, simply so you aren't punished for no good reason.