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  1. I guess so, didn´t pay much attention to him, going to fix that right, away
  2. So i´m finally done - hope you like it
  3. You tell me - and the bats - i was stupid and made my base next to a sinkhole - i had like 6 eggs when i started. I ended up with one smallbird, who was killed by a catcoon :/
  4. Yesterday i promised to post my newest fanart, but im not done yet - so i made this quick comic you can look at untill im done again im sorry
  5. New drawing coming up later :) hehe

    1. greenglacier


      Mkay. I can't wait.

  6. God i´m a jerk sometimes...Please just ignore me for my failure

    1. greenglacier


      There is no need to be moderate. And an artist like you shouldn't even be moderate ^^

  7. ohh god im so sorry! im new and a jerk for not looking up the rules! I´ll remove it right away
  8. heard this song and made this - btw it´s 2 am and im tired as f*ck so i kinda rushed this one
  9. heard this song and made this - btw it´s 2 am and im tired as f*ck so i kinda rushed this one
  10. Well i´m totally doing the gobbler thing This is what i made earlier, when there where no replies. I kinda wanted to draw Wilson as an realistic person, but wasn´t happy with the result, and now i totally don´t want to finish it -_- Well i´m going to start on the gobbler thingy right now
  11. I really dot know what to draw next. I mostly do Wilson and Maxwell, but now i have like NO ideas at all. Help please? Or if you know a good fanfiction i could draw something based on that? All sort of ideas are welcome - Nanna
  12. Well, i thought about that myself. That´s for you to decide. Personally no, he didn´t die - I don´t want Wilson to die. Hope that answered your question
  13. OHHH the struggle i had with this one - Couldn´t figure out which colors i should use for the background, painted (and then removed afterwards) a lot of trees yada yada! + its 2 am, and im really tired I don´t think i can do this exact painting better for now. I´m not totally happy with the result, but i guess it´s ok? Well anyways hope you like it