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  1. 1. What do you think about this new story type thing.

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Well, I have booze.

Yes, that will help the story immensely.

"SeGmnjiewfat 878


Lrd Battle a=swe the tllbird and st itz un onefire bcs y nut. Den mxwell sayd yeshj and trew prteeh. "Seh pl, y dunt weh gu en drnk teh boozes wit the chrcterses" an Battle sd ok. Spin-o-rex set on fire en died. Ulso Percval gotted etened bi a hoond because he be so nut drunk en he deseeereve et fur sum rsn!

Teh ent."




I have no idea if this is accurate or not.

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Segment 27



      Dwerbomb the Tentato abruptly awoke from his coma when his bed simply fell through the ceiling and onto the head of a giant orange frog.  Logically, it took him a few seconds to acquaint himself to his current position.  He swiveled around, trying to keep his balance, as the creature unwillingly supporting him stumbled and swung the cot all over the place.  Dwer was still half asleep, of course; but when his resting place was violently flung out a window, it woke him up rather quick.


    The lapis lorem sliced at Flintface with a webbed hand, who leapt out of the way and tore a ribbon of flesh out of the monster's arm.  Battal stumbled unheroically from the brutal conflict, trying to reach the door that would lead him upstairs and (hopefully) to safety.  However, he was plowed down halfway there by the tallbird, which had been thrown like a rag doll at him.  The orange frog leapt over Battal and onto the bird, and they wrestled into a stone wall.   Dust and rubble tumbled from the ceiling as they smashed painfully against it, just as Jakob reached the door.


   The battle continued outside as the Debul climbed the staircase, making a beeline for the infirmary.  Cracks spread through the walls and floor, occasionally breaking open holes to the first floor.  The foundations of the building were collapsing.  As he reached the room, the door opened and out stepped Will, closely followed by the others.


"Apologies for being blunt,"  He shouted over the collapsing building, "but what in hell is going on here?!?!?"


     "Long story.  Come on!"  Jakob yelled, running back down the hallway.  They climbed down the stairs into the entry hall, where the frog and Flintface were still fighting.  But not for long, it seemed; the tallbird smashed into a column and fell to the ground, blood streaming out of his multiple wounds.  The lapis lorem turned and approached the group, a deep growl escaping its throat.  But Will saw something the creature didn't see.


"Hey!"  He shouted at the creature, slowly pulling out his revolver.  "Look up!"


The frog did.


     Will fired, and a five-foot long piece of marble support broke off of the ceiling, its last anchor shattered by the bullet.  It spearheaded to the ground, driving itself through the frog's throat without slowing down a bit.  It died almost instantly, its spine severed and windpipe punctured.  A circle of blood gradually spread across the floor, slowing and then stopping a couple inches from Will's boots.


"Cool."  He said, walking dramatically away from the slain creature's corpse.

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