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  1. You can't dodge anoher player considering they don't have a buffer or a pause before they attack.
  2. If you are still adding I like Kirby, so I guess being obsessed with Kirby isn't really average. On another note, I like it so far!
  3. Permaban from the game? ha no If there IS public servers, they could be banned from MULTIPLAYER. Not the whole friggin game.
  4. I'll make my opinion, which is based on team strategy. Tier A Wendy 8.5/10 Wendy's ghost can rank tier 3 spider nests, and with the other members, her damage penalty doesn't matter. Wolfgang 8/10: Tank of the team, any weak character is fine with this buff dood. Wickerbottom 8/10: BOOKZ! Her books are really useful, with the cost of sanity, which isn't a big problem. Free food for erryone!! Tier B: Webber 7/10: Good for silk, but a hassle in multiplayer because of pigs. Maxwell 6.5/10: Shadow monsters, and no worries about sanity. He could be used in hard times. Wigifrid 6/10: Not as great tank wise, but can be the main attacker, and sanity isn't a problem. Not being able to eat veggies is a huge downy though. Wilson 5.5/10 No worry in winter and meat effigy galore, but it isn't a fly by because it takes time. Tier C: WX-78 4/10: Takes a long time to get him to be a tank, not worth it, he also consumes all the gears which can be used for other things. Willow 3/10: Great for burning your crops and saving herself from Charlie. Not useful in multiplayer. Wes 2.5/10 Too weak, would die quickly. I made mine off of multiplayer skill, like I said, so I know some are better/worse alone.
  5. I think PvP should be added, but like in the vote, completely separate, like a competition mode or something.
  6. Kind of, but the King (without minions) should have relatively lower stats.
  7. The Queen and King's powers should change. The Queen should be a fast, offensive attacker. The King should be defensive, with a huge line of clockwork bishops and knights guarding it. I feel this change would work more like a game of chess, the Queen being your main attacker, and you'd King staying in the back. Or maybe the player would have to go to the king? Seems more fitting for chess. No King attacks the player unless necessary.
  8. When I try to play offline, it says "failed to contact key server". I bought the game through humble bundle. Help?
  9. Girls like bigger D, and sadly, asian girls never get it.
  10. I tried to download the co-op mod once, but damn that shiet is outdated. Hell no I ain't getting some dragon crap where ip addresses get involved! HEYUL NO! In all seriousness, I agree with the fact that DS isn't being developed as much as it should. i personally think that laziness hit in when they said no to multiplayer, since truthfully, it wouldn't be THAT hard, maybe tell your community that no updates are coming for a few months to add multiplayer, or hire some new coders. After that, I knew it was getting lazy-ish, but now they just... stopped. Just split time with DS, Incognita, and Mark of the Ninja in three. A Don't Starve update would at least come. I don't want to hear that Don't Starve is not nearly over, when you stopped the updates when it still doesn't feel complete! Take Minecraft, for example. Sure, they have lots of players, but even when they were a small game at the start, they knew how to get players! They added multiplayer, HUGE updates every 6 months, and they made it fun! DS, however, lacks 2 of those things. They didn't want to risk multiplayer at the start to get more people, and they haven't even announced a new update! At least tell us something! I don't care if it is something like , "Oh update in 2 months enjoy your life," but we want hints.