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  1. This is truly a day for rejoice! Or a sign of the imminent end of days. One or the other. Maybe both.
  2. It has taken approximately 7 months, but I have finally made a new avatar. I am of win.

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    2. Percival


      It was already dead to begin with; it was rambling about it being Christmas time or something like that.

      It had to be put down.

    3. Spinorex


      I mean it was originally made in... *ahem* "Winter", so naturally it may have seemed a tad bit dated.

      But it was still alive and kicking. It may have not been able to form cohesive sentences that weren't directly related to Christmas, but it still tried. Kinda. Probably. I'm not entirely sure actually, but I'm sure that I'm right in the end, like always.

    4. Percival


      Oh no, it was alive and kicking.

      He tried hitting me when I tried burying him.

  3. wwow it is really hard to not be dead

    1. KidneyBeanBoy


      To be dead, or not to be dead? Either way, I know how you feel.

    2. Spinorex


      I'm so dead I"m still dressed as santa. In July. I still try to resurrect myself every now and then, but I keep getting told that that's "immoral", and "unnatural", and "against the very laws of nature itself".

  4. One day I will revive my Art thread that has been long dead with only about three pages; though, today is not that day. For I am lazy.

  5. Merry Charistmas

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    2. Percival


      I believe it's Chairsmas.

    3. Spinorex


      "At least I tried. That's all that matters."

    4. Willette


      this was so worth watching

  6. I now have DST. HOOPLA.

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    2. Spinorex


      *knife hits leg*

      ... Well at least my computer is unscathed.

      *computer bursts into flames*

    3. Percival


      I wonder how that happened.

      *kicks away can of gasoline*

    4. Spinorex


      Well I suppose I can just play with the charred remains and pretend I am playing DST.

      *sits fiddling with burned PC parts in saddness*

  7. I shall soon have DST. Fantasterific.

  8. Ho Ho Ho, now give me free cookies and milk.

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    2. Spinorex


      This is unacceptable. How dare you give me leftovers? I demand FRESH plates of flesh cookies!

    3. Percival


      I don't have time for that, nonexistent being!

    4. Spinorex


      You cheap anti-nonexistent being antics are despicable. Where's your holiday spirit? You can expect coal now for what you've done. Also probably for the murders you've committed, but that is beside the point.

  9. The forces of inactivity are strange and powerful. I have no idea how to become active again, send help.

    1. Percival


      But the shipping costs of help are such a bother!

    2. Spinorex


      This is no time to be CHEAP! My life is on the line! Probably!


      Ok, maybe not.

    3. Auth



      *boards up all of your exits*


  10. I'm just going to sit here in sadness until a fix for TBOI:R comes out so I can actually play the game. *sits while sorrowfully crying*

  11. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    My game won't start up.
  12. some art :D

    Please no, I like my ears intact and not bleeding thank you very much. Also no one has died yet. Yet. P.S. Also Merry Christ-a-ween.
  13. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    According to this blog update it is 1.32: http://bindingofisaac.com/post/101357952124/the-binding-of-isaac-collection-is-a-giant-80-offAlso, this is an amazing picture:
  14. I want to do something on the forums but I just don't. I have no idea if it's because I'm extraordinarily lazy, or something else. I'm probably just lazy.