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  1. I've imputed it with no yellow lights. Are we supposed to switch them around?
  2. Anyone wanna trade for Stage 2?
  3. My code reset for anyone who wants to trade
  4. Anyone want to do Stage 2?
  5. This is the stage 2 part that I got for the puzzle:
  6. The puzzle moved onto stage 2 for me but then the page refreshed and reverted back to stage 1. Dunno if you can reinput my code.
  7. I'll do yours. EDIT: Ok the page is glitched for me, you might want to find someone else. EDIT 2:Ok nevermind that its fixed.
  8. Trying again, If anyone wants to do part one of the puzzle this is my code (I'll do black):
  9. Alright my puzzle accidentally reset so if anyone wants a partner here's my code:
  10. I misclicked out of the window so I don't know if we can just reinput the characters and have it still work?
  11. This one's mine. I think we just input each other's codes, though I think we might have to do it 6 times total. Not sure.
  12. I'll do black if you do the gold. Also thanks!
  13. If anyone wants, this is my code: