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  1. Oh hey, it's pants guy.

  2. Gonna have to leave the forum for a while - Personal buisiness

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      As I was saying, see y'all round!

  3. (Okay) The punch lands straight in Sugoh's eye. "AAARRRRRRGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhGGggggggggg!!" Sugoh screams, jumping backwards and disappearing (That's one way to end it)
  4. (Well, I don't really have anything else to do. Guess we should end it?)
  5. (Well Sugoh could technically just teleport inside someone and make them explode but that'd be OP)
  6. Sugoh grabbed onto the edge of the spear, and then reappeared on the other side of the room with the spear flying towards Wilson (Hooray for portal logic!)
  7. Sugoh, who was thinking about mercilessly torturing Alex and then eating him, realised where he was and teleported away. He reappeared with a lantern which he threw at entropy before launching himself at Wilson.
  8. Sugoh simply disappears and reappears on the other side of the group, still holding alex "Oh, so WE'Re KilLIng EAchothEr NoW?" Sugoh inquires, gripping Alex's throat
  9. (Because that's how Wes was created)
  10. (Sharknado 2 is already a thing. Damn humanity)
  11. (How about toning down the flying swords? EDIT: Edited my post)
  12. Sugoh simply teleports away from the tornado and leaves Alex to be reduced to giblets.
  13. Sugoh disappeared in a puff of smoke, and re-appeared behind Alex "Careful, ENTRopy, WoUldn't WANt anyThIng to HAPPEN to OuR FrieND Alex, woULd yoU?" He says, flashing his claws