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  1. Uh, bye?

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      He made a new account. @InDenial

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      Necroing a status update... PCT where have you been? ;-;

  2. Unending

    (this, or rather i, is a sodding mess and i have lost myself yet again)
  3. Unending

    (i still lost myself; someone just tell me where Corthias is)
  4. Unending

  5. some art :D

    Personally, I prefer the term 'eccentric'.
  6. Jules' Fanarts and Stuff

    goat mom if you're watching this broadcast send help please "Excellent answer!"
  7. Unending

    (oh dear, reduced access to computer due to finals and other affects, such as a lack of computer) (uh, someone take over Corthias for me for a little bit, please)
  8. Jules' Fanarts and Stuff

    insert sewing/knitting joke here . . . nah, nothing good with frogging.
  9. Ban MisterL, for the knowledge he thought he had had had had no bearing to the situation.
  10. Ban MisterL for forgetting the 'e' in 'hypocrite'.
  11. Unending

    (You could indicate slurring through interrobangs and other, unorthodox ending points. Eh, interrobangs are more meant for sarcastic questioning, though.) Corthias sat, patiently. (I got nothing.)
  12. Unending

    (Oh god, is it one of those alternate universe things, where there are rules, or is it like dream, where there's no rules determining differences?)
  13. Unending

    (wait i thought i was being shipped)
  14. Unending

    (Oh, lovely; Corthias was in stupor after reflecting back on what she was told by beaver man Woodie because I couldn't be online for her to do something that is actually useful.) Corthias quickly brushed the hair out of her eyes, and snapped out of her daze; she quickly sat back down and observed the camps and individuals (her gaze stayed on Mina for a few seconds before she continued surveying her surroundings), before speaking at an incredible rate. "Forgive me; I was still half-asleep and I apologize if I sounded not quite in touch with reality. Correct me if I'm wrong, for it would be terrible for me to make incorrect assumptions; I'm going to suppose that something worrisome has happened to the camp and these persons without our knowing beforehand. Certainly not anything desirable." Corthias found herself pacing around the side of the camp Mina lay (she looked for any injury that were on Mina before she continued pacing). She stopped walking and sat next to Mina before rubbing her own hands (still covered in reddened cloth and honey). ". . .this may be a bit rude, given what has happened here, but may I have a piece of cloth?" (I don't want to do anything important due to my lacking access to computers. Also, yes, this is a bit quickly typed, so apologies for any mistakes.)