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Well, looks like I'm making the last [?] of these.  It's been a fun journey, but I suppose, all's well that ends well. (Or Maxwell, depending on who you like more.)


But that's enough chat.  Let's see what grim fate awaits Maxwell...

If there even is a puzzle.



Jumpscare!  Ha, gotcha!



Since everyone has been screaming at me to put @aredshroom 's compilation on here, I will.  Happy now?



OBSESSIVE COMPILATION MODE ACTIVATE. Here's an attempt to summarise the past 200 pages. Hopefully I didn't miss too much out.
Sevayne found the first link from the "All's Well That Maxwell" trailer: bit.ly/PRAECANTATOR
Since then, the image and source codes have changed daily. For those who need to catch up on the 10 or so images, here they are along with respective source codes and Simplex's gif summary:
[For original links, just open the images in a new tab, good to take note of their image names. Square brackets are my comments.]
Image I, Source Code says: Interitus
Image VII, Source Code [This is the pic where we needed to change the .jpg extension into .zip, getting this.]
Image VIII, no source code.
Image IX, no source code.
Image X, no source code.
11th Image, Source Code [Charlie's slipped a message under the door.]
12th Image, Source Code [Miscellaneous posts about Earthquake: 1, 2. Take note of the date.]
Final Image [For now...]
Simplex's gif:
In the 12th image's source code, there were scraps of paper with (irrelevant) tallies on it. When pieced together, it read "ONE_TO_TEN":
Many started dumping gibberish answers in frantic attempts to get to the next stage of the puzzles, but mysterious thread hint-droppers gifted us this message. "Tomorrow", it seems the rootworm will arrive.
The final image change allowed us to click on the shadow watcher and a roll of film (?), leading us to a special mod...with a secret password hidden in morse.
[Sound files / Text version. -..- --- .-. -.. .. ..- --]
The deductive powers of Craig_Perry (12) and d2r (3) deciphered it to be: "exordium", all lower-case letters.
Enter that into the hocus-pocus page, a hidden video is our reward. [Did you take note of the Earthquake's date?]
That's all for now. COMPILATION MODE END. xD
Guess what? I forgot about backstory links. You'll need basic knowledge to understand this puzzle, take them links.
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