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  1. Puzzle Thread

    Agh, this is killing me! I tried a few phrases that I think They would say to Maxwell, like "Time's up", or "Payment due", but no such luck.
  2. Puzzle Thread

    Did you notice that when you get the answer wrong, the eyes turn red for a second? Yikes!
  3. Puzzle Thread

    Do you think it's possible Charlie died in the earthquake and Maxwell tried resurrecting her?
  4. The Screecher

    I think I'm going to wait until Halloween to play. Seems like a perfect diversion for the holiday.
  5. Puzzle Thread

    I have to say, I do like Charlie's expression as she's reading the book. She looks really concerned. Maybe she realizes that the book contains some bad juju?
  6. Puzzle Thread

    Tried that. Didn't work.
  7. Puzzle Thread

    I get "praocantater". Maybe we have to switch the letters around a bit?
  8. Puzzle Thread

    Sorry about that, people are posting fast!
  9. Puzzle Thread

    There's another at 1:22.
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Found another at 1:27! It's the same symbol as oCrapa's, but with 9,10.
  11. No, because then Jack would have said that their mother hadn't met them. I'm fairly certain the twins are Wendy and Abigail.
  12. I always thought that William got a hold of the book as a result of the train crash. Either one of the circus workers/passengers had it, or he found it in the desert. I doubt that a library would lend a book like that to people. I have a hard enough time finding witchcraft books at my local library!
  13. Oh man, that's freaking cold! I suppose it would be in Maxwell's character though. Maybe he did something similar to Charlie. "They" took them both in the DS world, and he tried to shift some of the blame on her. If that's true, he throws nearly all his friends and relatives under the bus...
  14. Gosh, you're right! I wouldn't be surprised if he never cleared that up with the authorites.
  15. Gosh, you're right! I wouldn't be surprised if he never cleared that up with the authorites.