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  1. eating a bowl popcorn they know what it is and just laugh laugh and laugh
  2. im gonna retire my brain hurts
  3. at 0 27 look at his inventory what is that in weird crystal
  4. praocantater proacanterta procenterata procentaerta
  5. um wow i dont think we have that one yet good find we have one in the fire it seems to be an hourglass of sorts that one in the fire hmm this one looks like a strange line of sorts
  6. this is another one of those insanley hard puzzles
  7. we already have that one
  8. wait can we try the numbers in the bits
  9. 1,2 2 5,6 6 6 9,10 what does it all mean my brain heurts
  10. yeah about that weird slender first person thing it still makes the same dont starve walking noise and also the road maxwell travels is long as well in that little clip so perhaps its kleient fooling with us or maybe thats a new horror thing for low insanity seems complex i know but still
  11. sorry you probably know about this aswell
  12. alucinato means hallucinations and stunned hmm seems like maxwells new power is an hallucination that explains him losing sanity when he summons them but what do they mean?
  13. seems that pretiostas mean's costliness and preciousness