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Big Bernie's art

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I'm not going to go into Bernie's perks or abilities, but rather his art.
Something I wanted to mention that's been bothering me for a while is how different Big Bernie looks from Small Bernie.
During the Ryhmes with Play stream for Willow's rework, it was noted that the current in-game art was placeholder and would eventually be touched up.

...This never happened. 

There's a strong case of notable differences here.
Some of the import details being:
-Different colors.
-Different head and body shape. [Small=Boxy head. Big=Rounded head.]
-Rounded feet/boxy feet.
-Missing protruding hairs.
-Big is missing tail. (I think.)

(Note, the Ashley skin is almost identical with its big/small variants. It's perfect!)

I make this post to potentially see if this could possibly be touched up!

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