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  1. Really nice table! Ty. Does yellow mean its just ok for that nutrient? Also for drink rate, how many times do we have to water for that plant?
  2. Pretty much what a lot of people are in agreement with. Its a long way from claiming that wormwood was "actually buffed" lol
  3. Still think its a bit of a nerf. His whole "plant anywhere" mechanic is overshadowed by the fact that planting in a farm plot with specific combos is more beneficial, and a whole lot easier to do than using previous farms. In other words, planting anywhere was not much different than planting together before the update. Now there is a difference between the two, and wormwood's perk is on the short end of that stick.
  4. I just tried and that doesnt seem to work. Is this on the beta update?
  5. Making tools and farm plots is laughably cheap. Also not sure what you are referring to about insta grow veggies. Can you explain?
  6. But Wormwood was never a "MUST" for planting veggies, because although wild crops were useful, it still had downsides. Farms required a lot of resources but once you had them made, you could continue using them forever. As it is now with this update, there is practically no reason to grow wild crops, and every character can easily and cheaply make farm plots. So yeah, pretty useless.
  7. Just based on what it sounds like in the post. It sounds like you may only be able to grow some crops in certain seasons. Will have to see though.
  8. I imagine they would make things like dragonfruit harder to mass farm. Am curious to see exactly how wormwood seed planting is affected.
  9. Waaiiiittt i'm just now realizing this XD LOL! When people said "return Abby" i just thought they killed her each time like i did. Now i know lol
  10. SO thankful for these changes, i think they are awesome. I wanted to ask if there is any way we can get Abigail's "low health animation" (aka sad-face Abigail) back? I know its such a minor thing but i think it was a good indicator and i honestly just really liked it
  11. Did they remove Abigail's "afraid" animation that she had when she was low health? I really liked that sad face she made
  12. Can also confirm. When exiting structures such as ruins, houses, and shops, it starts to rain immediatley.