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  1. This is very subjective tho. Yes he has no downsides but has little to no upsides either. This idea that Wilson is this amazing go-to character for all new players is outdated and honestly quite silly. What kept me interested as a new player was having a roster of characters to chose from and seeing what each of them did differently, not picking Wilson cuz he would help me "learn better"
  2. I think Wilson is charming and I absolutely LOVE his personality but i have to agree that he is an extremely boring character to play as who brings very little to a team. No one i play with bothers with him which is sad imo becuz i feel like he has so much potential. As for Wendy she is lowkey (highkey) the new beginner character. Lets not act like picking her up as a new player will make you braindead at DST in the long term. I played her a lot pre- and post-rework and believe me, there is still a lot of basics you can learn while playing her.
  3. there is a bug that makes them not come back tho, or at least it happened to me where no matter how many days passed, they did not return home.
  4. I disagree. losing Merm King stats when entering caves actually suggests otherwise.
  5. I just recently started playing Wurt and although interesting, I feel like she could use some changes. Merm King was a little underwhelming and could be better in my opinion. I was also surprised that he only had 200 hunger considering thats less that wurt herself when he is alive. I feel like she shouldnt have a bigger stomach than her king but maybe thats just me lol. Also, not sure if this was intended or not but my merm followers do not defend me when i get attacked. Nor do they defend each other when one of them is attacked. Idk if pigs or bunnymen do the same but its just odd that merm followers don't react. They also will chop trees non-stop when i chop. Again, not sure if this is intended but they will continue to chop trees no matter how far away i get and will not stop XD. As some ppl mentioned her clothes dont fit very well either and im sure there are some bugs i have yet to encounter. Would be cute if her followers had names also hehe. I will continue to play her some more but just wanted to give some input.
  6. ur assuming i didnt read. if u don't want to answer you can just move along ty! i understand now lol
  7. do they not attack if ur riding the beefalo?
  8. my new favorite post lol. how do u get them to follow you like this?
  9. Im fine with wildfires but i do like the heat-wave idea. Something a lttle more telegraphed so that my stuff isnt burning a screen over without me noticing...not again
  10. Waaiiiittt i'm just now realizing this XD LOL! When people said "return Abby" i just thought they killed her each time like i did. Now i know lol
  11. SO thankful for these changes, i think they are awesome. I wanted to ask if there is any way we can get Abigail's "low health animation" (aka sad-face Abigail) back? I know its such a minor thing but i think it was a good indicator and i honestly just really liked it
  12. Did they remove Abigail's "afraid" animation that she had when she was low health? I really liked that sad face she made
  13. Can also confirm. When exiting structures such as ruins, houses, and shops, it starts to rain immediatley.