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  1. Flow chart is vague and extremely subjective. What exactly counts as a "great thing"? Like what exactly does that even mean? I understand if you feel like no character can be OP and I personally like the way wicker plays, but i do think she could use more meaningful downsides ( i feel like all characters should have meaningful downsides/perks). I do agree about the speed aspect tho, it adds nothing of interest gameplay-wise. At least for Wendy she loses personal damage in exchange for Abigails help, but in this case Wicker would be losing speed in exchange for.......well nothing.
  2. Waaiiiittt i'm just now realizing this XD LOL! When people said "return Abby" i just thought they killed her each time like i did. Now i know lol
  3. SO thankful for these changes, i think they are awesome. I wanted to ask if there is any way we can get Abigail's "low health animation" (aka sad-face Abigail) back? I know its such a minor thing but i think it was a good indicator and i honestly just really liked it
  4. Did they remove Abigail's "afraid" animation that she had when she was low health? I really liked that sad face she made
  5. Can also confirm. When exiting structures such as ruins, houses, and shops, it starts to rain immediatley.