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  1. Now look who is bitching XD
  2. Stopped reading here. If you think that is why people were disappointed then it means you didn't understand the valid points that were made by a lot of people regarding the rework.
  3. Really hope someone from Klei reads this (preferably your whole post). I hope they can salvage the rework because ever since his nerf coming into DST, Woodie has not been the same. This was a highly anticipated one that failed to deliver. I think one of the more frustrating things about it for the players is that the rework has some glaring issues that could have easily been caught beforehand. Idk what kind of testing is done internally but some of the criticism (the constructive ones, not the rants) could have been addressed before hitting live. I think some of the concept is cool, but some of it gives the me the "who asked for this?" feeling. I love the game and I just hope the rework can be tweaked, cuz as it stands now I can say I'm thoroughly disappointed.
  4. Very good suggestions. I think moose should get more max hp or higher armor. The meter timers also def need tweaks.
  5. I have to agree because i feel like this would have been mentioned in the update if it was intentional.
  6. Sidenote i also think it would be funny if the goose could attack. It could be like a 5 damage peck but it would be hilarious to peck and run like a real goose XD
  7. I agree with the OP wholeheartedly. I would have loved to see the meter work similar to old werebeaver where doing the action gives you some meter back and not doing it makes it drain faster. Right now it drains no matter what, its just that doing the action makes it drain less. The transformations are "meh" at best as they are. Losing 30 health for using an idol is also a bit silly imo. And last but not least, being put at 0 hunger after transformation is insane to me. So basically you lose health, sanity, and hunger for a transformation with very few results. Why would you ever use moose over typical armor and weapon? why use goose over a walking cane? Not enough benefit for me to justify transforming into anything other than beaver.
  8. Transforming back also seems to instantly drop your hunger to 0.
  9. Can someone give me quick rundown of how the transformations work? I turned into weremoose 3 times and within seconds turn back into human form before getting to try it out. also sucks that u loose health for transforming >.>
  10. My biggest question/ concern is...does this mean that we will no longer see Lucy's quotes for chopping too much and getting close to werebeaver form? I'd be sad to see that go I always liked those quotes and how Lucy shows concern for his curse. Would have also like to see more Lucy related work.
  11. Technically he only has a hard time healing through human food. Spider glands, poop, and heck even sleeping in a tent heals him up quite nicely.
  12. I really think they should make him the "glass cannon" of the game as opposed to the "frail gatherer" that he sort of falls under right now. Personally I would be fine with the puppets the way they work now, but i would like the puppets to do dark sword damage (even if it would mean increasing the cost to make them). Additionally, being able to stop them from chopping, mining, etc, without having to kill them would be a huge plus. It would also be cool to have some type of spell or attack using the codex umbra and nightmare fuel. Would be something specific to him and it could help in fights where the shadow puppets might not be as useful. just my 2 cents
  13. [Game Update] - 290043

    Can also confirm. When exiting structures such as ruins, houses, and shops, it starts to rain immediatley.