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Additional Critters

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Was playing with my friend and we are both plant creatures (I am Wormwood he is some flower mod thing). We were discussing pets and how I love Kittykit since of Wormwoods quote but why is there no Birchnutter critter? Seems very fitting honestly. A cooked Birchnut and an uncooked birchnut, or a living log. It would fulfill the role of Plant-critter which could be neat for some skins like many Verdant variants, Wormwood, naturally, etc.
What other creatures do you want critter-ified in DST?

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5 hours ago, Empa505 said:

I mean... moselings? :) 

Well, there are baby versions of Dragonfly in the form of lavae yet the critter you get from her drop isn't a lavae. I suppose it could be seen as a clever way of showcasing the life-cycle since you get the drop for broodling from a lavae... but still! If a juvenile version of adult Dragonfly exists then so can Moose/Goose! 

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