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Found 6 results

  1. So! I'm working on making (and constantly updating) the critter + morphs image sheet. Now I've found some updated assets in the files, but I'm pretty sure they haven't been implemented into the game yet...so I'm kinda shooting in the dark with them. So it's as the title says, do you think I got them right? I'm pretty sure I've nailed the second Pacu morph, but I'm also pretty sure I've completely screwed up on the first Pacu morph. How do you think it's supposed to look? Edit: Never mind, I've got everything wrong. I suppose I'll just make this a compilation thingy and ship it over to the art thread.
  2. My English is bad, so I don't know what to call it but gene branch, so sorry... ------------------------- So, as the technology of our asteroid is rising and we're lack of some new plants like wheezewort and some new critters(?), introducing the gene branch idea! ----------------------- Technically it add: -New Job!!! +Plant gene branch scientist (tentured scientist + seasoned farmer) -> operate plant gene branch stations +Critter gene branch scientist (tentured scientist + seasoned rancher) -> operate critter gene branch stations -New building: +Plant gene branch research station +Critter gene branch research station +Plant gene changing station (work with seeds of course) +Critter gene changing station (work with eggs!!!) -Gene changing will make the plant/critter change into a new plant/critter with new uses which is for dev or modder to decide +Critter that changed gene will of course make better effort (example idea with puft: changed gene puft will encourage other buff but also make a good metabolism like normal or even better and will return to normal gene at 1% chance) -Some pictures for easy figure: --------------------- Thank you for reading.
  3. I did some calculations to see which foods were most sustainable.They were surprisingly similar in fertilization/irrigation requirements and number of plants. The only real outlier was mushrooms, rather unsurprisingly. These are a bit more sustainable now that you can get more slime from rockets now. A single puft produces enough for about 1.5 dupes if you use the slime for fertilizer anyway. (As a side note this makes oxygen through pufts-distiller method even worse since you could throw the slime on mushrooms instead and divert the water you saved on farming to electrolyzers.) Mushbars and mushfries were surprisingly bad. I also included a quick water/algae per dupe per cycle for oxygen. Oxygen through electrolyzers actually uses near identical amounts of water to food from making gristle berries, 67.5 and 66.7 kg per cycle respectively. For using critters for food: You don't need that many critters to support a dupe on omelette/meat dishes, though ranching takes significantly more micromanagement and dupe time. I've never done it myself, but theoretically if you ranch dreckos with balm lilies you essentially get food for free since they require no fertilizer. Slicksters I guess are "free" food since they use only 20kg of carbon dioxide per cycle(dupes breath 1.2kg per cycle, coal gens 12kg so harder to sustain). Though it would take 1.5 hatches per dupe for BBQ (1000kcal per dupe), they will eat 700kcal per day if you feed them food (according to the extremely useful post on critters) so they will essentially just use 1050kcal to produce 1000kcal, not to mention the pepper you need. Even if you use electrolyzers and gristle berries only, that's about 130kg of water per cycle and maps come with a guaranteed probably 1500-2000 kg per cycle. I know you gain 6.7kg of water on a lavatory use, though I haven't tested how much water you could get out of inhumanely torturing a vomiter dupe, or if you could cruelly starve them to save water, though i have heard you can save on oxygen by only leaving them a small pocket to constantly run to every once in a while. I doubt you would need to go to these kinds of extremes to get a sizable population, (thanks Brothgar the youtuber). New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx
  4. Please help me understand critters: Wild critters alway reproduce (it doesn't matter if they are overcrowded or confined) and they need 60% their max age in cycles to lay an egg? Tamed critters always reproduce unless "Expecting", but reproduce 9x faster than wild when happy? Even if overcrowded or confined, they will continue to reproduce at the wild rate, as long as no eggs are present? They reproduce even when not fed with the same speed as wild, but none will live long enough to lay an egg before starving?
  5. Hello guys! (•ω•)/ I put this post on not just because I want to know about others’ idea about what aggressive (or special) creatures can be added, but also gathering ideas from everyone. Your ideas are one of the greatest power to help the game develop into popular game! Start with mine first: Morboss (large morb)
  6. Well, here goes nothing. What do you think of this little guy?