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Dst as DnD

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The Survivors are becoming more powerful snd bigger as time goes on, so they would make a pretty good DnD party.

Wilson would be a Fighter, since that the most boring and generic class possible.

Willow would be a Draconic bloodline, since she like fire and she born with fire resistance.

Wolfgang would be a Path of the Totem Warrior, he look like the babarian and he a wolf and a bear.

Wendy would be undead warlock, she use Abigail as her power.


What would the party be like?  What would happen? And what would the mobs be like as monster in DnD?

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hmmm rng on top of rng all that is the fate of the dice gods, so they roll and keep rolling untill they get the perfect starting stats, since even that has to be made whit a dice, and so the dice god rolled and rolled, untill they rolled the number "16" and get transported into the constant, where they then take wilson and the others into a game of rng, where they need to roll better then the dice gods want to survive, to get the most powerfull weapons and armor possible from the treasure chest, and then to defeat chalie, the secret game master all along, to finaly escape the dice game

how that sounds for someone that pretty much has no idea what dnd is?

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Oh no. DST characters as DnD characters? Great, we're back to my crossing them over with Dungeons of Dredmor again... (from the "Mix the world of the last game you played with DST" thread)


No seriously, I've made characters such as "Big Game Hunter" + "Viking Magic" + "Armor Use" = Wigfrid.  : P  Then I had like four more skills to pick out.

Well anyway, Wendy could be a necromancer/summoner type, Willow would be some kind of fire-witch, Wormwood would be a druid, Walter could be...well as the only ranged character, an archer/ranger, maybe? Wigfrid would be a Barbarian or Paladin (I'm mixing different eras of D&D together here, but hey)...there'd be a lot of "some kind of magic-user, I guess" or "some kind of fighter, I guess" characters, and someone should probably be a bard, but I'm not sure who.  Kinda temped to pick Maxwell, just because he was forced to listen to music for.....however long that was.  : P


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