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DST visual novel!!! And why we need it.

DST visual novel!!!  

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  1. 1. What genre of visual novel

  2. 2. Do you want DST visual novel

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I want to see the characters' personalities at full force, to see how the constant affects them and shapes them into who they are now, I want to know the survivors' deepest thoughts and feeling to see the contrast between how they act and what they actually feel, in way DST the survival game can't.


I vote sci-fi as a joke.

This is my vision of the game, you will play different characters in each chapter, your choice in that chapter will affect other chapters, other choices, other characters, and the ending, the main character of that chapter would be on the left other characters would be on the right, the choice and probabilities of action would be affected by the 3 meters but also the 3 bars ( emotion, hygiene, energy ) and conditions and status ( bleeding, freezing, busy), the main mechanic are the choice, the map exploration, and the strategic combat ( turn base hexagon ), and the team management, each character would have their own minigame.

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We need Dst visual because we would get to know what the social of the survivora is like, we get to know more about their desire and regret, how they see the world, how they interact with other survivors and the world, and it would give us more insight to what the constant truly is like, and also it would expand the characters.

Why do alot of people donn't want visual novel Dst?

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Well, I DO already have a picture of everybody in "school uniforms", from when this was mentioned on an earlier thread...


...but I guess if we were going to take this even halfway SERIOUSLY, it should be kinda fantasy/horror themed, not a dating Sim. 


(Or you could split the difference, like Doki Doki Literature Club)

I also feel it necessary to mention that right now, at this moment, I am in fact wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Monika glitching out, and "DELETE" written over it.  XD  (It's a comfy shirt, shut up.)  So yeah, I definitely lean towards Team Visual Novels Can Be Cool, in general...

...also we already have a DST-ish sci-fi themed visual novel:

It's called "Oxygen Not Included".  



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7 minutes ago, BadScra said:

No. Just... no. I don't want DS/DST become almost like anime.

Hence why I said "horror". Griftlands has it's own cosmic horror with the "great beaching" where Smith's parents are killed by a giant sky ctenarian. 

So perhaps if Klei used the Griftlands engine to explore more lore of the characters that people want to know, this would be a happy medium. 

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18 minutes ago, Terra B Welch said:

and I disagree with the disagree.

Don't Starve just doesn't fit a VN imo.

I disagree, Visual novels could explore part of a story that other game genres can't and I think DST would greatly benefit from that.

Also Visual novel isn't just "anime" it can be anything but most people love what they already know, I think DST can fit into a visual novel style they are just a compelling story that stays true to the characters.

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