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8 minutes ago, Instant-Noodles said:

        --TEST_TIP1 = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.",
        TIP_DIRT_PILE = "\"I stumbled upon a rather suspicious mound of dirt... perhaps it was left by a creature of some sort? This may require further investigation...\" -W",
        TIP_SCIENCE_MACHINE = "\"I find myself returning more and more frequently to my magnificent science machine, busying myself with prototyping new tools to aid in our survival. After all, I must do something to keep myself sane in this strange place...\" -W",
        TIP_SANITY = "\"I fear I may no longer be able to trust my own eyes. I've been catching glimpses of strange shadowy forms at the edges of my vision with increasing frequency... surely they can't really be there?\" -W",
        TIP_DARKNESS = "\"They say the Shadow Queen herself comes at night to snatch up anyone foolish enough to wander in the dark...\" -W",
        TIP_CAVES = "\"I finally worked up the courage to explore the underground caverns. To my surprise, I found there was ample light provided by a most curious glowing plant that seems to grow naturally throughout the cave system. I've harvested some bulbs for further study.\" -W",
        TIP_PIG_AND_MONSTERS = "\"The Pig men seem to harbor a deep dislike for the Constant's more monstrous denizens, attacking them on sight. While I personally can't blame them, it does pose a bit of a problem for some of my compatriots...\" -W",
        TIP_TREEGUARD = "\"Could've sworn I saw one of the trees movin' when I was out choppin' firewood... must've been a trick of the light.\" -W",
        TIP_RUN_AWAY = "\"It turns out that Koalephants are a bit hardier than I expected. I (quite sensibly) decided to take a... strategic retreat until I'm better prepared.\" -W",
        TIP_CHARCOAL = "\"You know what they say, you can't get charcoal without burning down a few trees!\" -W",
        TIP_HEAT = "\"Blast this heat! Where's a nice, chilled drink when you need it?\" -M",
        TIP_WETNESS = "\"The rain is proving to be a greater hindrance than I first anticipated. As if being soaked to the bone isn't dreadful enough, my tools keep slipping from my hands when I try to make use of them!\" -W",
        TIP_COMPASS = "\"I experimented with making a rudimentary compass and discovered that this place does in fact seem to have a magnetic North. Curiously, it also pointed out the positions of my fellow camp mates who, as it turned out, had already crafted similar compasses of their own.\" -W",
        TIP_FLARE = "\"A flare was sent up from the forest last night. I know I should have set out immediately to help, but... well... I suppose I hesitated too long by the comforting glow of my campfire, and before I knew it the flare had faded from view. I do hope whoever it was is alright...\" -W",
        TIP_GARDENEERHAT = "\"I've finally perfected my design for an ingenious (if I do say so myself) device that stores important garden-based knowledge. Certain naysayers might point out that it looks like nothing more than an overturned flowerpot worn on the head... some people simply don't have an eye for science.\" -W",
        TIP_COOKBOOK = "\"Once I've perfected a recipe, I find it helpful to write it down. Luckily, I've been able to cobble together a rough cookbook for just such a thing out of some spare pieces of parchment. Now my mind is free to worry about more immediate things...\" -W",
        TIP_NEWRECIPES = "\"Recipes are useful, but a true chef knows the importance of experimenting with new ingredients and flavors, and this world certainly provides an abundance of unusual things to choose from.\" -W",
        TIP_REPLANTING = "\"The bushes I replanted by the camp are looking sickly... I suspect they'll require some extra care before they can produce any berries again.\" -W",
        TIP_NAUGHTINESS = "\"We shouldn't hurt things that don't hurt us. If we're mean, bad old Mr. Krampus will come...\" -W",
        TIP_BERRYLURE = "\"Last time I baited my hook with berries I caught more fish than I could carry, but when I tried today? Barely a nibble! Guess the berry trick only works on some of 'em.\" -W",
        TIP_OCEANEXPLORATION = "\"What strange new islands and creatures might I encounter if I journey out to sea? I shudder to think... but curiosity has a tendency to get the better of me...\" -W",
        TIP_REVIVE = "\"We nearly lost one of our number today. In a mad daze I created... something... that managed to pull our friend back to the land of the living, but... whatever it was, I fear I cannot rightfully say it was within the realm of science...\" -W",
        TIP_COBBLEDROAD = "\"Today I was surprised to come upon a cobbled road - how did this hallmark of civilization come to be in this untamed wilderness?\" -W",


        --TEST_TIP2 = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.",
        TIP_TIME = "Time moves differently in the Constant. Instead of a monotonous forward march, seconds and eternities seem to throw caution to the wind and do-si-do backwards and forwards as they please.",
        TIP_WILSON_UNI = "Wilson chose the path of an independent Gentleman Scientist after finding the university environment to be too stifling for a man of his ambitions. (The enormous bill the university sent him to pay for repairs to the chemistry lab had absolutely nothing to do with this.)",
        TIP_WINONA_CHARLIE = "Growing up, Winona always looked out for her younger sister. Even now, she can't help but feel that one day she'll be able to reach out into the darkness and pull Charlie back.",
        TIP_MAXWELL_SURVIVORS = "Once the King of the Nightmare Throne, Maxwell now finds himself surviving alongside the very people he once tormented. Needless to say, it makes for a bit of an... awkward atmosphere.",
        TIP_MAXWELL_PAST = "Maxwell (née William Carter) was once nothing more than a humble stage magician, until the discovery of a mysterious tome changed the course of his life forever.",
        TIP_DARKNESS_CHARLIE = "In the Constant, the darkness has a name. Have you met Charlie yet?",
        TIP_WARNING = "\"Nothing here is what it seems. If you're reading this, keep an eye on the rabbits, don't trust the statues, and don't mistake that thing hanging in the night sky for the moon...\" -W",
        TIP_WOODIE = "Even with all the steps Woodie has taken to control his were-curse, there's little that can be done on nights when the moon is at its fullest.",
        TIP_WILLOW = "Nothing brings Willow more comfort than snuggling her faithful teddy bear Bernie, and committing a playful bit of arson.",
        TIP_WICKERBOTTOM = "Wickerbottom is of the firm belief that the pen is mightier than the sword. Words hold great power when used correctly.",
        TIP_WENDY = "Nothing could ever come between Wendy and her twin sister Abigail. Some bonds transcend even death.",
        TIP_WEBBER = "Once upon a time, a little boy was swallowed up whole by a big hungry spider. Now they share everything; a body, a mind, and the name Webber.",
        TIP_WALTER = "Walter's time in the Pinetree Pioneers has made him more prepared than most for surviving in the wilderness. Unfortunately, this is undermined somewhat by his blind fascination with monsters.",


        TIP_HOLD_INSPECT = "Hold {inspect} to inspect the world around you.",
        TIP_HOLD_ACTION = "Hold {action} to automatically pick up nearby items and perform actions. Just make sure you're holding the right tool for the job!",
        TIP_ROTATE_CAMERA = "Press {rotateleft} & {rotateright} to rotate your view of the world.",
        TIP_SHOW_MAP = "Press {map} to take a quick glance at your map.",
        TIP_PLAYER_STATUS = "Keep tabs on your fellow Survivors by pressing the {playerstatus} key.",

        TIP_ENDLESS_MODE = "When creating a new world, switch the Game Mode to Endless to allow you and your friends to revive themselves at the Florid Postern.",
        TIP_DISABLE_TIPS = "Is your mind already bursting with secret knowledge? You can turn off Loading Tips anytime in the Options menu.",
        TIP_ROLLBACK = "Server hosts can roll back one day or regenerate the world by accessing the Server Commands menu in the Pause Screen.",
        TIP_DICEVOTE = "Access the Server Commands menu from the Pause Screen to start votes or roll a dice.",
        TIP_WORLDGEN = "Meddle with World Gen settings in the Options menu to shape a world to your liking.",
        TIP_VIGNETTES = "Customize your loading screens in the Vignette section of the Curio Cabinet if you're looking for a little change of scenery.",

        -- This tip needed for non-binded controls fallback tip string
        TIP_BIND_CONTROLS = "Play with Controls Settings in the Options Menu to fit your control needs.",

        --TIP_CONSOLE = "This is a console tip!",

        TIP_FORCE_ATTACK = "Hold {modifier} + {attack} to attack anything that looks at you sideways, even friends.",
        TIP_ATTACK = "Hold {attack} to attack enemies.",
        TIP_HOLD_MOUSE = "Hold down {primary} to automatically harvest nearby items or attack, whatever suits your fancy!",
        TIP_HALF_STACK = "Hold {modifier} and {primary} on stacks of items in your inventory to quickly grab half the stack.",
        TIP_DROP_ITEMS = "Hold {modifier} and {secondary} to quick drop items from your inventory.",
        TIP_INSPECT_SELF = "Press {inspectself} to take a look at which item and character skins you are using.",
        TIP_CHAT = "Press {chat} to talk to other players. If you wish to speak privately, press {whisper} to whisper to someone.",
        TIP_INVENTORY_SLOTS = "Press {inv_0}-{inv_9} to quickly use items carried in your main inventory.",

        --TIP_EMOTES = "Show how you really feel! Emotes and dances can be done in the text chat.",


Provided by Instant-Noodles

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Tips lie to you, one claims Ctrl+F hits friends but it only goes to neutral at best. Ctrl+M1 hits friends.

I also don't like how revealing they are with Charlie, but I guess she's already a big prominent feature now so the tips don't do much. It was really cool in DSA to wonder why you're hurt in the dark then after you unlock Maxwell he refers to it as Charlie. The morgue entry also said Charlie instead of Darkness or Grue if you were Maxwell.

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New tips!

Survival Tips

  • TIP_MERMHOUSE = "\"The Merms are fiercely territorial, and quick to defend their homes. Though I honestly can't imagine anyone else wanting to take up residence in those ram-shackle hovels...\" -M",
  • TIP_BOTTLES = "\"From time to time I've spotted bottles bobbing along the ocean currents, just out of reach from the shore. I have half a mind to construct a boat and retrieve one of them... I have a gut feeling that someone is trying to send out a message.\" -W",
  • TIP_MOONISLAND = "\"I couldn't have imagined it, I'm certain I just saw a piece of the moon break off and crash into the ocean! Perhaps my compatriots will join me in a search for it...\" -W",
  • TIP_MOONMUTATION = "\"The moon in this world seems to hold some strange power over the creatures here. It changes them...\" -W",

Lore Tips

  • TIP_THEM = "\"You can't run from Them forever. Take it from me, pal.\" -M",
  • TIP_PORTALS = "\"It seems that every time we discover a doorway out of this terrible place, it just leads to more strange worlds with new horrors to endure. Still, I can't give up hope that one day we'll find a doorway that will take us home...\" -W",
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21 hours ago, minespatch said:

So it seems mainly Wilson and Maxwell are writing tips?

Could this be a guessing game?

Imagine JAmes Bucket doing a mossbag type video in this. :wilson_ecstatic:

Heh, mostly, but there are a few others in there. I see at least Woodie, Willow, and Webber lines.

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On 3/10/2022 at 6:57 AM, SomebodyRandom said:

Lore Tips

  • TIP_THEM = "\"You can't run from Them forever. Take it from me, pal.\" -M",
  • TIP_PORTALS = "\"It seems that every time we discover a doorway out of this terrible place, it just leads to more strange worlds with new horrors to endure. Still, I can't give up hope that one day we'll find a doorway that will take us home...\" -W",

Wagstaff should laugh at Maxwell every time he describes how mysterious, powerful and terrifying They are.:wilsondisappointed:

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