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What are some characters (In your opinion) that need to be buffed/nerfed?

What are some characters needed to be nerfed/buffed?  

161 members have voted

  1. 1. Buffed?

  2. 2. Nerfed?

  3. 3. What is the reason you want the characters to be buffed? (multiple choice again)

    • They're a bit underwhelming
    • They need a bit of work done
    • They're too hard to play
    • They're very bland and boring
    • I selected "None of the Above" on question 1
  4. 4. What is the reason you want the characters to be nerfed? (multiple choice again)

    • They're too OP
    • They easily break the game
    • The game is too easy with them
    • I selected "None of the Above" on question 2

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RockJaw shark and Cookie Cutters they’re too destructive for too little reward..

no- you will not be able to change my opinion on this.

(also Wilson needs buffs, Default character is non-existent in a game where every character is pickable from the start.)

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to elaborate on my previous post i don't really think anyone should be nerfed unless it makes them more fun but with kleis track record idk if i trust them with nerfing the other characters, but basically how fun the characters are should be more important on how balanced they are

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 i prefer if they waste time reworkikg the slingshot into something fun and engaging rather than holdinf F to ""win"", but if i could chose i would nerf:

- remove petal's debuff from abigail, make it an elixir

- wendy cant summon abigail after she falls until wendy kills a mob

- remove wigfrid's abilitty to ear goodies. "sHe hAS aN iNTereSTinG DoWNsIDe" not at all, she can eat stupid things like taffy (idk who made the suggestion of letting her taffy but wow, is another level...), mush cake or jelly beans plus all the leafy meat recipes which isnt that neccesary with her vampirism

- remove her pasive sanity and life reg on hit and include it into the inspiration bar, the more inspiration the more stats you recover per hit (but buff her crowd control songs..)

- wanda's alarming clock cap damage now is 100. Middle age starts at 50%hp instead of 75%


and for buffs:

- give to woodie a hard to obtain way to keep being human during full moons. This is mostly because the moonstorm is a pain that doesnt add difficulty

- refresh merm king's loot table and fix wurt related bugs. No need for buffs

- QoL changes to willow like not losing her bear

- as i said, buff wigfrids crown control songs. The casting animation last longer than the effect itself...

- a reason to use wormwood's armor outside of picking cacti. Maybe change the recipe so instead of bones it uses hound fangs

rework the slinghshot into something fun that needs player interaction. It can be something we need to aim to deal a lot of damage or hold for more power but slow dps or spam for quick stack speed but low damage so we can use his CC ammo because right now is slower than using an ice staff and more expensive

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13 minutes ago, Terra B Welch said:

We should nerf all the "nerf this" threads.

I don’t know.. I think nerfs can also be FUN as long as it’s not just straight up removal of or reduction of stats: Stats are boring as all hell…

But as a #WendyMain I would absolutely ADORE more interactions with the Restless Dead.. such as a new at Sea Watery Grave Biome where she will need to do something like Appeasing restless souls and if she doesn’t.. their Cries for help haunt her because she’s constantly hearing their dissatisfied voices (I may or may not have watched too many Superman movies..)

With Wanda I would love to see more done with her Aging Mechanics, like being the little old Cat Lady Catcoons will come to in Old Age, but while Young they’re hostile towards and want to claw her face off.

Wortox I would absolutely freaking LOVE more interaction with Krampii/Klaus his own Kind… Maybe by having some sort of “Council” that spawns in and punishes him when he isn’t doing enough “Naughty” actions they approve of.

Wigfrids ability to eat Taffy is 125% Irrelevant to me because 3 “Cute Meat” and one random veggie = Meaty Stew.. I don’t think Wigfrid needs any further nerfs, Fireproof Falesto is already pretty useless as is: What more do you want?

Wormwood should lose sanity around rotting farms or whitered plants. Etc…

If Klei makes the nerfs play into who they are as a character: Nerfs can be FUN..

But if they just remove X or Decrease Y… Nerfs are boring and I hate them.

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Wilson: I don't see any reason to play as him

Willow: She doesn't really do anything special, being fireproof doesn't really accomplishes anything too useful (could be buffed indirectly in the future depending on what Klei adds, but let's not bet on that), bernie requiring low sanity is counter-intuitive because on the cases were it would be useful you can go prepared and not even get to the point of being insane. The only thing I see she doing that seems useful is going from 0 sanity to 120 in a few seconds essentially for free after the ropes and flingo are set up, even then that only affects her. The entire lunacy thing is just a big middle finger to Willow.

WX: For a killer robot WX is pretty bland, the best part of playing as WX are the quotes.

Wickerbottom: She has been nerfed indirectly a lot over the years. With Grass Gekkos and Grass Gators you have a method to farm grass and twigs that is better than using Applied Silviculture, Horticulture Abridged is kind of expensive considering how hard it is to get regular seeds nowadays (Merm King is apparently the easiest method to acquire them in bulk lol), Abigail and Catapults are better than On Tentacles, The End is Nigh has only ever been useful to charge WX, Sleepytime Stories has always been outclassed by Pan Flute, the only thing she has that is special now is being able to farm birds and krampus with Birds of the World + STS. I will still pick her all the time to rush BQ, farm feathers and to have a lot of grass and twigs early game, but after that I just switch to another character, rarely switching back to her to farm more feathers and morsels. When her rework comes give her cool new stuff, and the ability to teleport (maybe not set up or portal) with Wanda's Backtrek Watch don't@me

Maxwell: For a character that has cool shadow magicks his gameplay is pretty bland, outclassed by bearger.

Winona: After all catapults are built, playing as WInona is solely a detriment. Just let her _always_ have the faster crafting, and give her something interesting that only she can do.

Wortox: He is really good early game, especially when there's a lot of players around, but loses pretty much all value when everyone is experienced / set up with jellybeans.

Wurt: Read wurt main posts above.

Walter: He has some very niche things he can do very early on, after that playing as him is a detriment.

No one except maybe Wes ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`)

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I dont think any characters are in need of a nerf. The “nerf wendy” meme is funny, but wendy doesnt even do that much damage when paired with abigail, and there are quite a few bosses than can just smoosh abigail. Which of course leaves wendy at wes levels of damage. Out of all the combat characters wendy is just the only one with ONE strong summon. Realistically though? Webber has minions with more staying power (and heal him) wurts minions have harvesting powers too, and wolfgang and wanda can both out dps her. The only reason abigail is considered “op” is because she can handle day to day combat, but so could pigs or bunnymen or merms or spiders if you just spread some housing around cleverly. Abigail can just do it easier, which isnt even that strong at only 600 health. Which she can of course heal with items, but then she has to go on another gathering spree. 
Shes a strong character, but not obscenely so.

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upgraded wx is just tanky wilson ; very boring to play, unless your dst experience mainly revolves around hopping in and out of public servers (once you hit day 10) to get 30 gears, 20+ gems of every non ruins kind (which most of the time will never be used) and a lot of crowns (which will be wasted on poisoned birchnutters)

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Stand alone games are not competitive games. Why do you always want to weaken rather than update more interesting content? This topic should not exist. Weakening can only make people who like this role feel more uncomfortable, but people who don't use this role have no feeling, because they really don't care about things outside their own role. Klei, if you don't think well before publishing the role, Don't do it, otherwise it will be unacceptable. Moreover, you still have a lot of content that hasn't been updated. Don't always think about whether the game is balanced, but think about how to make the game more interesting

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I'm not as often on the forum as others and Idk about the "Nerf Wendy" meme. Kinda surprised she has the most nerf votes from the community. She feels pretty balanced in my eyes, but my opinion isn't necessarly settled on that matter.

Could I get the arguments from the ones that think she is in need of a nerf? pls ty

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15 minutes ago, csc_unit said:

I'm not as often on the forum as others and Idk about the "Nerf Wendy" meme. She feels pretty balanced in my eyes. Kinda surprised she has the most nerf votes from the community.

Could I get the arguments from the ones that think she is in need of a nerf? pls ty

spawns with a 600hp with shield, aoe damage plus defense debuff (why? she already adds dps..) bodyguard that doesnt need player interaction to work at the cost of having -25% damage which only works on shadows (with her sanity pool and sanity drain perk you only face them in the ruins and when you dont manage your sanity in few situations) and few bosses (which are optional and abi helps you to farm the extra resources). AFK play style but instead of holding F like wigfrid (another dumb character). Makes survival a very boring thing but is fun to manage abi in boss fights, pretty unique playstyle. Sad that the rest of the gameplay is just "oh, i made a mistake, well abi fix it". Anyways, wolfgang, wanda and wigfrid are stronger than she, atleast needs to know how to use abi in some situation while the other 2 are a completly faceroll

i would like a nerf for personal taste (i dont like brain turned off playstyles) but i dont think is neccesary since is a character that helps noobs to learn non combat aspects of the game but can lead to them not knowing how to fight anything since abi does all without help so they would need to learn from 0 if they decide to try another character which isnt that bad i guess

in short: too much power for no cost

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1 minute ago, csc_unit said:

I'm not as often on the forum as others and Idk about the "Nerf Wendy" meme. She feels pretty balanced in my eyes. Kinda surprised she has the most nerf votes from the community.

Could I get the arguments from the ones that think she is in need of a nerf? pls ty

As a Wendy main.. the only thing I miss is the Cooldown (Down Time) for not properly keeping Abigail Alive.. In Solo Don’t Starve & in my own personal experience with solo DS… (So all you elite know it all don’t say a word.. Thank You.) Whenever I was careless enough to get Abigail Killed her “Summon” went on Cooldown until the flower could bloom out again & in order to get Abigail to Respawn you needed to kill something near to the flower on the ground. But only once the Flower had fully Blossomed out.

In DST: You can endlessly Summon Abigail infinitely until what you want dead eventually dies.. which I find to be just plain “Bizarre” because when you place flowers into a Sisturn it speeds up the Blooming Process of Abigail’s flower, What’s the point in the Sisturns existence if you can always just re-summon her? Currently the only thing Sisturn seems to be used for is Sanity Station for Noobs and to speed up Abigail’s Blossoming rate (which increases her HP faster)

But there’s never any “Downtime” now.. Using Wolfgang as an Example: Whenever he does not have Dumbells or a Gym Workout he loses every bit of his gameplay bonuses and becomes this wimpy joke.

Of course: Wendy was always labeled as Easier to Survive with where as Wolfgang was always intended to be harder to survive with (compendium odds of survival aren’t just there for jokes… that determines roughly the “skill gap” Klei expects players playing that character to overcome.

I just feel like if your going to give Wendy an exclusive Sisturn used for speeding up Abigail’s Blooming stages.. then maybe there needs to be (just a little bit) of downtime without Abby by your side?

Which in turn: Rewards Wendy players for keeping their Sisturn/Sisturns up and running.

Wendy is a really good character, but i also personally never saw “Abigail” as being any more powerful then just having other players to play with..

For the SOLO Player: Picking Wendy (in my eyes anyway) was always seen as having an A.I. Controlled “Player Two” to help you out.

And.. if you guys have no idea what an A.I. Controlled Player Two is- Go play Spelunky 2 and when you rescue a playable character watch as the A.I. helps you kill everything in sight.

Generally this is due to A.I. Being far smarter than actual human players, take L4D & L4D 2 as an example in Versus.. if you were an Infected and the enemy team “kicked” real players to get that auto aim your instantly dead before you can blink A.I. coop partner.

Its not WENDYS FAULT her gameplay revolves around having an A.I. Controlled Second Player.. and aside from what I mention above: I wish the “Nerf Wendy” threads would cease to exist.

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