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[Spaced Out! Update] - 468782

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  • Developer

Hello friends! Today's preview patch has a number of worldgen fixes and improvements to geyser spawning. There's also a modding change which should simplify managing archive mods during testing periods. Let us know if you discover any problems! Thanks.



  • Fixed occasional crash generating a Forest Cluster
  • Fixed crash loading save files with telescopes on OSX



  • New Gravitas prop names and descriptions
  • Sound:
    • Added Material Study Terminal sound
    • Added sound for Gassy Mooteor falling and landing
    • Added voice to Gassy Mooteor falling animation, and updated impact voice.
    • Added specific Gravitas Door sounds.
    • Added Radbolt collision sound
    • Added launching, falling sounds to Interplanetary Payloads
  • Worldgen:
    • Geyser tuning including more randomness in selection.
    • Classic Terra Cluster - From the previous update: more geysers on the main asteroid and less on the second asteroid as originally intended.
    • Terra - Added 3 curated geysers
    • Swamp - Added 3 curated geysers
    • Forest - Expanded curated geysers list and increased 2 -> 3.
    • Marshy Asteroid - Significantly improved geyser spawning rules so more will spawn on average.
    • Closest non-teleporter asteroid in the Space Out style clusters: +1 geyser
  • Mods: lastWorkingBuild has been replaced by minimumSupportedBuild in mod_info.yaml. The behaviour is now: "From the mod archives with supported content, pick the one with the highest supported build that doesn't exceed the game build."
    • The old field will still function in existing mods, but modders are encouraged to update their mod_info.yaml next time they publish their mods.


  • Base Game: Reverted unintended changes to base game rocketry oxidizer efficiency.
  • Base Game: Removed Spaced Out! oxidizer checklist conditions and substance type from vanilla rocket UI.
  • Base Game: Main menu music now stops when loading a save.
  • Lab Desk prop looked a little pixelated
  • Fixed layering issue with Telescope when a Duplicant is using it
  • Fixed crash when deconstructing Small Gas Cargo Module.
  • Fixed Gassy Mooteor anim hitch on impact
  • Mutant seeds don't lose their mutations when marking for compost.
  • Fixed crash when loading mods without dlls.
  • Fix mod detection from crashing on OSX
  • Space POIs properly seed their random values, instead of all ending up with the same value


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There appears to be a typo in the Forest start - it has the line


    - geysers/fithy_water

while all other starts have


    - geysers/filthy_water

Therefore, no polluted water vent will appear on these starts, when it appears that it was intended.

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Balancing geysers on the classic terra cluster is greatly appreciated; the geyser density on the teleporter asteroid made building there a bit tricky (though the cool slush geyser six tiles from the copper volcano turned out to be pretty convenient for early game refined metals).

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Was the bug with the Moo Moonlet ever fixed? I loaded one of my colonies and rushed over to the planet (which I hadn't yet discovered) to check and it looks like this (less than a second after discovery). I'm not sure if I've gotten lucky or what, but at least it seems accessible this time...


Star-crossed Tunnel - PreMoo.sav

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it seems oil reservoirs are a little random.  i always seem to get only 3 on swamp starts and 3-5 on forest starts but the sandstone one seems to be always 5.  sandstone will be my favorite for the cold oily asteroid, i wish the oily asteroid was random on being hot or cold.  and what's up with oil reservoirs on classic terra?  i'm ecstatic we get pips now but we went from 5 oil reservoirs to 3 now from last week to now

i do feel 5 oil reservoirs are more than needed but more is better imo and it seems to make people make more interesting builds

but the added geysers are nice, appears we get 3 random, covered geysers on the main, oily, and nuclear asteroids.  the main asteroid can get a large volcano now too. i've seen the nuclear planet get 2 polluted water geysers.  the marsh asteroid gets 2 random, covered geysers with 1-3 tungsten volcanoes.  the tungsten volcanoes in the magma don't always spawn annoyingly

only problems i have found is the oily planet on forest start only gets 2 geysers, 1 is always sulfur and 1 random, the other 2 starts always gets 3 total for oily asteroid.  and please add pacu to the nuclear planet on forest starts, currently the only way to get pacu is by going to the marshy asteroid, if not it won't hurt but it's really strange to have mud/slime biomes without pacu, plenty of pufts/slugs though


edit: the magma planet gets a poi that is usually under magma, seems broken


Edited by zach123b
adding magma planet details
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3 hours ago, DolphinWing said:

It is in the worldgen, so I believe it requires a new start.

Yes. Unfortunately, the worldgen is a rather important part of it all, so we need to expect further adjustments. No way around that.

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8 hours ago, Sx6944 said:

So do we need to start a new map after patch to get geyser changes kicked in? :o

For now I suggest you keep the worlds you started on if you want to continue. The new geyser changes this time around aren't significant enough to warrant a fresh start. I checked what's new and it was difficult to see the difference that was there.

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20 hours ago, Ipsquiggle said:
    • Terra - Added 3 curated geysers

Hmm. What is a curated geyser? Is that basically a random one but from a specific, selected sub-set of geysers?


Edited by Gurgel
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