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Good Old Land Deepth (Complaining)

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I always was pretty happy about sea updates that give players chance for discovering stuffs but why Klei decided to turn DST ocean to SW's ocean? For who don't know what I'm talking about.


Now of course I know they can't bring old cartoon sea because of new boat system but they can give good old depth land effect. In shipwrecked, the world was islands and the artist nailed the beach effect but in DST corners really looks strange to be honest. Now I tried to make the thing that I believe would look cooler then base look. I'm not good at photoshop but you will get what I'm trying to say.




So share what do you guys think.

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1 minute ago, Hornete said:

This would neat!, It's not something I overtly care about too much, but I wouldn't mind a change like this.

I have high obsession about visual bugs etc. This is second thing I hate about game, it looks like land is flying on void.
The first is non symetrical character skins.

1 minute ago, Grim the said:

Isn't is SW ocean because the moon's impact with the ocean raised sea level? I like the idea, but the water should be a bit higher.

Maybe, I just tried to visualite my opinion.

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I really don't miss it, however, if there's one day something like elevation in the game and not all the map is on the same level, then sure that would be cool to have a bit of everything, cliffs but also water on shoreline. That's some thing that have been discussed long ago some times here and that would be a promising world change if it see the day (probably not :( )

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7 hours ago, TheGoldenDonut_ said:

There should be a biome that has that sea level look.

Why specific biome? I think all lands should have that deepth effect.

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Adm mentions elevated land, I get sad because return of them has concluded and we didn’t get elevated land but we got events that terraform the land.

perhaps in 2023 we will get it.

anyway, heck yes I agree we need this- I asked for it as part of one the previous QoL patch updates but it never came to be.. :( 


it is still there as you can see in my image here... it just needs to be brighter or something..

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I guess that the current design makes it easier to measure the true distance between shore and boats, no matter which camera orientation you use. I can imagine people complaining that elevated land makes it hard for them to park boats without ramming them onto land :lol:

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It would be nice yes, but Im 99% sure there would be a technical problem associated with that.
Turf is all on 1 plane, and Im pretty sure the ocean is on that same if not under the ground layer. Judging by that if you were to move the water layer lower so you can see the pretty land edge better the objects on the water would need to be moved down too and this brings the whole y axis can of worms into this, because if the boat were to be still ontop it would look weird and not aligned, if it were to be lower, players etc. would need to be moved down too... and y isnt really used so it would mean a lot of rewrites
Just saying, it would be fun, but there are a lot of complications to it

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