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  1. So like, function self:DoWarningSound(_targetplayer) --Players near _targetplayer will hear the warning sound from the --same direction and volume offset from their own local positions --Moose/Goose doesn't actually have a warning sound. It will just show up uninvited. SpawnPrefab("goosewarning_lvl".. (((_timetoattack == nil or _timetoattack < 30) and "4") or (_timetoattack < 60 and "3") or (_timetoattack < 90 and "2") or "1") ).Transform:SetPosition(_targetplayer.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) c_spawn"goosewarning_lvl4" end that?
  2. Ok it still doesn't work here's the new Dropbox. Make sure to check everything because we really have no idea what we're doing.
  3. test1 Shared with Dropbox theres the entire code if you need it
  4. The sound will not play. The sound won't play at all. I'll get him to try it.
  5. So there is this mod called Return of Giants that adds the original Moose Goose and Dragonfly spawning mechanics. The issue is that the Moose Goose does not have a warning sound, but the Dragonfly does. Me and a friend on steam are trying to add the Moose Goose warning sound by copying the Dragonfly sound. Here are some screenshots; Original Dragonfly warning code in the mod: Moose Goose warning sound found in Reign of Giants files: Replacing the original Dragonfly code in the mod with the Moose Goose: Warning sound in prefabs: Is there anything that is wrong?
  6. You can clone a character and edit the looks by going into Catcoon, etc sprites and copy paste to your wish.
  7. It's not working, I don't think I put it in the right spots. Alright it does work, had to bump up range.
  8. 1st question: how do I add tumbleweed loot and where do I put it in the code? 2nd: is there a line of code that will make all nearby mobs wake up? If so, where do I put that line? Thanks in advance.