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  1. Wurt is probably my favorite out of the 3 dlc characters.
  2. This is what you do: Turn the entire surface to swamp. Imprison pig king.
  3. Tips: Try to leave stuff off the ground. Stay away from hoardes of mobs. Lag compensation can make FPS better, but can mess up positioning. Stay away from killer bees. Set DST to high priority in task manager. Go to run, then %temp%, then delete all of the temporary files. Go to advanced settings, then set performance to prioritized. Try to minimize mods and play by yourself, or with caves disabled. Close everything else in task manager. I don't know if this does anything, but put the tick rate higher in Steam.
  4. Since Walter is free, shouldn't he be in front of Warly? He's technically not DLC. Warly is behind Wortox even though he was released after him.