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Luxuary Spacefarer (no wall break)

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I'd like to share my luxuary spacefarer. My goal is to have 3 rooms bonus to maximize the moral for my long exploration travel with my radbolt rocket. Here's the result :


Duplicants seems to be happy. ^^

The unique ladder is to grab the food and go upstairs.

Rooms bonus (+6 Moral) :


Decoration bonus :


Here's how I transport water, polluted water is eject in the space by doing bottles.


Electricity :


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26 minutes ago, babba said:

Such wonderful screenshots in this thread :angel::excitement::angel:

I didn`t know this is possible in the game @SamLogan


Someday I need to upgrade my Gulag`s to achieve such dupe joy :anonymous:

I did it during a game without dev mode or sandbox during my daily stream. :)


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Might have to play around with that a bit. Would like to replace telescope with microlab. Could move airlock down but that breaks the mess hall.

Maybe swap wheel and control station and put mess table beside microlab.


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