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  1. If you're not against mods this should hit the spot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2433887112
  2. For a distance of about 10 tiles from the left edge of the screen, I cannot use right click+hold drag to move the camera around. The size of the deadzone is a little bigger than the notification area all the way down the screen. Middle mouse click and drag still works in this area though as does left click to select objects. Attached a new save just in case. Bunker.sav
  3. I suppose I just never find a reason I would need to see all resources, contents, etc. at once. Just incessant scrolling until I get to the item I'm looking for. That being said I never pin resources, or use some of the other features added. I just like to look at what I need at the time.
  4. "Storage filter side screens now unfold categories with selected elements when the building is selected" As someone who has lamented collapsing every category in the resource list every time I load a game since the DLC went into EA, this change has me flummoxed. I had thought of just putting a "collapse all" button on the resource list but the thought of clicking collapse all on every bin, fridge, etc every time I open it makes me shake and cry. Please consider reversing this change or making it a selectable option that also applies to the resource list.
  5. Great work guys. As someone who rarely posts but is always here, I am surprised by the amount of vitriol a lot of these feedback posts are laced with. Don't remember seeing anything like that in base EA even when the entire agriculture system got scrapped. Sure there are issues here and there, but just be aware that some of us LOVE the new gameplay loop. As someone who never built a rocket in the base game because "what for", the new space mechanics and multi-colony gameplay have me fully invested. The large asteroid will pacify a lot of people. I just hope it doesn't neuter the dlc. I would abhor going back to a single large asteroid. Keep up the great work!
  6. No apology necessary. That's why we're here. Btw new music and sound design is top tier. Love your work!
  7. Pretty sure this is another case of the gas deletion bug but hope it helps anyway. The lower left corner beside the ration box is eating CO2 (Has eaten about 4 kg at the time of save).
  8. Even though there is plenty of sedimentary rock, the game shows it as not available. Dupes would not build until after a reload, then no problem. Continued play shows it only occurring sed. rock. Everything built with other materials is fine.
  9. When a dupe (Nisbet here) has an interest in Supplying and Tidying, One of the + statistics is not present in game. She should have 18 strength (I think) but has 9 in game. See Screenshots. This may happen with other interests as well.
  10. Thanks Eric. It had nowhere to go so it should have fallen. I was building a ladder up a "s-dig" and it pathed down a couple steps right as I dug the tile to put the ladder in. If I can reproduce I'll stop and save at that point.
  11. Seems to only occur when the dupe is far away (in included save when they are in top right by rocket and camera is at printing pod). Double clicking their name in the vitals panel to zoom brings up the black hole screen.
  12. If you deconstruct or dig a block that a grubgrub is pathing to before it hits it, it will freeze in a position and claim to be "unreachable". I did this over a chasm where the grubgrub should have fallen. Once I rebuilt a tile there it was able to move again. If I can reproduce it I will edit in a save.
  13. Thanks. When I click Login it only lets me log in with steam, epic, etc. Is there a way on that page to use my username/password?
  14. When I try to go to the rewards page, it says "session has expired, please login again". I am clearly logged in as I can post this. Any ideas?
  15. I have never posted this anywhere. Why would I when I only looked at it a few days ago. The berry bushes were completely rewritten as well as names of the individual animations changed, most likely to accommodate diseases. Also, heaven fall stated on these forums that anyone can pick up his mods since he is no longer working on them which is why I ported RPG Items to DST.
  16. I was hoping to get some clarification on this. Does this mean every time I load (start up) my dedicated server the caves get reset by the auto-linking? I just want to make sure because it seemed to work well when playing earlier. However, I also thought that some cave exits which I blocked by setting their destination world to something that doesn't exist were open again. If the destination world is false or nil, do these exits get linked somewhere on startup? If that is the case, will they overwrite ones I have already manually set up? And while we're at it, is there an easy way to obtain the shard id of a server, ideally through some command I can put into a mod? Thanks in advance! Prof
  17. Hi all. I know this is due to a mod but before I reload my caves 70 times, I was hoping someone may have come across this already. When entering the caves, the characters stats display gets stuck at 100 while the actual stats operate as normal. Re-logging fixes this. If anyone has seen this before, you would save me some time. Thanks in advance, Prof
  18. Whoopsy! No I still can't see my own server, but once I can, OH BOY! I'll look at changing these lines for all items. Thanks for the heads up!
  19. Cool thanks again for the help. I'll give it a shot and see if it works.
  20. @DarkXero Resizing the image worked so thanks again. If you have any information about overwriting a table or a link, it would be appreciated. I have found some that pertains to overwriting a function in a component, would a table work the same way? i.e. Save the original and load the modified?
  21. Do you know how I can modify that table to include my trees without overwriting the file? I will try resizing the image, but I am not sure why this is an issue now when it used to work. By that I mean what changed that makes the game recognize the initial .png dimensions? Thanks again both of you.
  22. Thanks DarkXero, the dimensions were 500 x 500 so I changed them to 512. Still the same issue. So plantregrowth makes trees spread naturally? When I added it, it crashed due to nil reference at tuning_regrowth or something like that.
  23. Hello everyone! I am trying to fix a couple of my mods from the latest updates and all is good except for the iced coconut is huge in the crockpot. See here: (Sorry for the link, site says I can't embed Steam or Imgur so I gave up) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/419187061818621045/1B412FDAB927061581CB3ACFD6C26C4D40D40AE8/ Any ideas? Also, can anyone explain what the new regrowth component applies to? It only causes crashes when I add it to the palm trees but is present in vanilla evergreens. Thanks as always. Prof
  24. Thanks for the feedback. I still have the old "crockpot fix" made by squeek I believe. Do we still need these files? I will look at my build and see if I can correct the pivot.