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  1. Yes, lets throw decades of understanding gained from game design, neuroscience and psychology because you believe so. This is not hard and fast rule which will hold true for everyone in every situation but its a good thumb hand rule to understand and describe a lot of human and animal behavior. There is a concept in game design, "protecting players from themselves". Game breaking exploits are usually removed by good developers because they understand that they ruin the fun for the majority of the player base. Some people can play by immediately ignoring such an exploit, but most don't. They want to have unlimited diamonds in their Minecraft save, only to realize later that finding diamonds was all the fun about diamonds. Also, let me make it very clear to you, it is not about me. I am insane enough to have gone an entire 1600+ cycles play-through without liquid locks on a whim. However, I do not simply spam "just don't use liquid locks" on every suggestion post about liquid lock buildings. I understand that not everyone can do that. I for one cannot expect myself to let my food rot because I disagreed with carbon dioxide preservation. In some way, it would not have made sense to not use carbon dioxide preservation without decreased fridge power requirement. This is a very good example of player created fixer upper solutions vs. a well designed mechanic. I do not make a suggestion for this game because I want to have something. I post a suggestion because I believe it might make this game a better game. I sometimes post something after having thought months about it. You may disagree with me, but please stop pointing fingers like I am some sort of delinquent who needs to be take more responsibility in life. You do not appear to think deeply about things you say. You simply type out one good retort you have a 100 times thinking that you have figured out reality. You just wave your hand at any objection which is raised. I have tried to do things the way you and others want me to do, but in practice, it turns into a mess. If you were truly willing to understand, it will take you half an hour of research in game design to figure out how stupid your argument gets if pushed beyond a point. Yes, the game cannot be developed for everyone. There are mods for a reason. However, there is a limit to that argument. A limit you will never try to understand. You will not acknowledge the importance of a well designed game, even though you enjoy it. This is not reply to your this post specifically, but your replies to my posts in general. Waiting for you to reply with the same condescending line of argument. Cheers.
  2. Take 10 likes from me. I understand the pain of arguing for the game to be more balanced in this forum. It always boils down to, just don't do X or use Y. No, thank you, I don't want also design my own game while I play. Our brains are wired to take the path of least resistance. It often takes some external agency to motivate us to go through a challenge. Especially if the path of least resistance has become the norm in society/social media. However, in this case, I don't think it is a big problem as they can be disabled during startup. Still, would be better if only gave asteroid specific items only. Even Klei have faced criticism for balancing out things like Solar Panel, Food etc. Who needs food to rot when you can just, not put it in carbon dioxide? It is one of those things that make sense on paper, but turn out to be complete nonsense in practice.
  3. I don't think further increasing morale available from food is a good idea. I don't think Gourmet food morale decrease is actually a major debuff for a cook as they usually have the lowest morale requirement among all the dupes in a typical colony.
  4. A dupe should only have increased attribute trait for skills they are interested in. For example, Grease Monkey should only appear for a dupe interested in Machinery/Operating. It is more thematic this way and also makes increased attribute traits more significant. Increased creativity on a dupe having interest in construction and operating is almost meaningless.
  5. I am yet to play Spaced Out though I am considering buying it this Klei fest. One thing which has always confused me, is can you automate rockets in Spaced Out? I am not asking if rockets can work without dupe labour, but can round rocket trips be configured in a way that they keep taking place without the player having to click a few buttons in between. Let me clarify with an example. I want water from the water planet to be delivered to my main base on a scheduled interval. Do I have to micro-manage each trip myself, or can I set up a fire and forget system where dupes automatically jump into the rocket and pilot it as was the case in base game?
  6. Are you bored and want to feel the way ONI made you feel when you first started playing? I present to you the idea of a hard mode where most inbuilt notifications and alarms don't appear. No more "made a mess", "overloading" "overheated" "building broken" etc. If you make a mistake, you get to see its consequence in its full glory. One of the ways difficulty is silently diluted in game is by informing you of things going wrong before they cascade into far-bigger, colony killing problems. It turns the game into a much more predictable engineering sim, rather than a survival engineering sim. You get to use the same designs every-time, because you never have to build fixer-upper solutions. Concepts like critical infrastructure do not come into play. In this hard mode, you will still be able to use the automated notifier to create alarms, but that will be on you, becoming another part of game-play. Same for things like shift alarms. I am also suggesting get rid of notifications like duplicant death, suffocating, starving, duplicant ill etc. Yes, duplicants will die and colonies will fail, but that is why it will be called hard or hardcore mode, meant for those looking for the raw ONI experience. What I will suggest against getting rid of non-notification information displays. Things which provide information without attracting special attention when something has gone wrong. The on-screen calorie display (fork symbol), number of duplicants alive (duplicant symbol), number of duplicants ill (germ symbol), pinned resources, stress (brain symbol) can stay in this mode as to not make the game impossible to play. Even non-alert only, non-colour changing diagnostics can stay, it will be up to the player to notice unusual readings. Some subtle, quality of life notifications like "building lacks resources" "long commutes" "colony report ready" "printables are available" can stay. Some notifications might have to be retained to account for bugs in the game or other crucial functions. I am also not suggesting getting rid of duplicant expressions, behaviors or indicators on their body like sweat. Nor am I suggesting getting rid of indicators on buildings like "no power" "no intake" etc. The player will be supposed to pay due attention to duplicants and their surroundings. Needless to say, this can also be turned into a configurable mod. There can also be setting toggle of high, medium or low amount of help notifications.
  7. AMD Ryzen 3 5300U with Radeon Graphics 2.60 GHz with 8 GB RAM. I have not tested the FPS, (I don't know how to do that) but current colony runs smooth with 11-12 duplicants on cycle 1400. (This is a new laptop, old laptop had worse performance.) Only time there is noticeable lag is when the game auto-saves, which I have set to once every 5 cycles. As Spaced Out might go on sale in Klei Fest, I am wondering how much more taxing is Spaced Out compared to the base game?
  8. Use Control+1,2,3,4...9 to set quick toggle views. Press Shift+ respective number to switch between them quickly. (Works this way on Windows)
  9. I am all for a cure for flatulent trait being added to the game.
  10. It is hard to argue on this without hard data, but I would wager that allergic dupes are also seldom printed by players. It pales in comparison to something like unempathetic or shabby dresser. Flatulent dupes are not impossible to manage, but a player is usually in the mode of avoiding unnecessary headache as much as possible. Too many meaningless duplicant traits are in my opinion, are definately a problem. Klei went full symmetry on dupe traits, adding meaningless +3, -3 traits for every duplicant skill and attribute out there without realizing how this will crowd out the more interesting traits that make the game more dynamic like duress to impress, flatulent, allergic etc. While more people might print flatulent dupes if a cure was available early on, I am not sure that will significantly raise the number of people doing so.
  11. People rarely print flatulent dupes. There are too many harmless negative traits for most players to justify printing flatulent dupes.
  12. Cloud saves for my 1200 cycle old colony "Future Hospital" disappeared. There was a "Future Hospital" folder under cloud saves folder, but inside there were only screenshots and time-lapses for the colony. I was able to rescue the situation by going to my Mega Cloud Drive and fetching the save file from under Cloud Saves-Future Hospital. There were several save files there for my colony, I downloaded the most recent one. Cloud saves for my two other under 10 cycles old colonies, which had auto-saves enabled, were able to sync using Steam cloud with no problems.
  13. I am still confused, can they convert rads to calories or 'rad-eater' is just a fancy way of saying more radiation resistance?