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  1. Can't agree more. I intend to make a mod if no else does that will start storage collapsed as well as the resource list. Every time I load I have to minimize every resource group.
  2. I suppose I just never find a reason I would need to see all resources, contents, etc. at once. Just incessant scrolling until I get to the item I'm looking for. That being said I never pin resources, or use some of the other features added. I just like to look at what I need at the time.
  3. Not sure how you can presume to know what I would or would not do. Let's try to keep it civil. And yes I'd want a refund if they removed rocket interiors (which I assume we're talking about). I like the rocket interior component of the gameplay. Removing it would make the rockets exactly like vanilla rockets, just with the need to add resources. And according to you there is no gameplay or choices there either. In your suggestion the game just "tells" you how much of everything you need. That doesn't sound fun to me.
  4. So you want vanilla rockets, but you have to supply resources as the only addition? If they did that to the DLC I'd want a refund. I don't know about this micro hell you're talking about as rockets can be fully automated as it is.
  5. "Storage filter side screens now unfold categories with selected elements when the building is selected" As someone who has lamented collapsing every category in the resource list every time I load a game since the DLC went into EA, this change has me flummoxed. I had thought of just putting a "collapse all" button on the resource list but the thought of clicking collapse all on every bin, fridge, etc every time I open it makes me shake and cry. Please consider reversing this change or making it a selectable option that also applies to the resource list.
  6. This is for vanilla, but it shouldn't be too hard to update if you're into that kind of thing. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1952120897&searchtext=salt+water
  7. I would agree with that assessment. Personally I haven't bothered making a refined setup for radbolts because there is no point. As you say the negative effects can be easily ignored, a lot like germs in the current build. As the radiation system is essentially more germs, I'd expect them to continue to be a minor annoyance. Making radiation severe would do the same thing the old germs did and the player base will cry bloody murder. That being said, I use Diseases Restored as I prefer the more serious illness symptoms, and I'm confident that when the author updates it for DLC, it will have similar consequences, so not a huge issue for me. The main problem I have with radiation is that there is not enough to spend radbolts on. I see no point in making a reactor when I can passively collect so many over time and no building or process requires so many so quickly. This may be addressed with the latest patch causing radbolts to lower over time in disabled generators. The radbolt engine and launcher are steps in the right direction and I'm sure there is more to be added, but this also has to do with how easy radbolt generation and storage is. I would love if we HAD to make shielding, lead suits, etc. or the dupes/plants/critters would suffer.
  8. Fair warning: I am stealing that plumbing Here's mine from before the movable pilot station. The conveyor loader has moved though:
  9. Might I suggest this mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2012810337
  10. Great work guys. As someone who rarely posts but is always here, I am surprised by the amount of vitriol a lot of these feedback posts are laced with. Don't remember seeing anything like that in base EA even when the entire agriculture system got scrapped. Sure there are issues here and there, but just be aware that some of us LOVE the new gameplay loop. As someone who never built a rocket in the base game because "what for", the new space mechanics and multi-colony gameplay have me fully invested. The large asteroid will pacify a lot of people. I just hope it doesn't neuter the dlc. I would abhor going back to a single large asteroid. Keep up the great work!
  11. Put the two transformers beside eachother and run the big wire from the petro gen through both of their large inputs. Then run a regular conductive wire through both of their outputs to the battery and the AT. Gives you 2 kW on the battery line which is what the petro gen produces.
  12. No apology necessary. That's why we're here. Btw new music and sound design is top tier. Love your work!
  13. Pretty sure this is another case of the gas deletion bug but hope it helps anyway. The lower left corner beside the ration box is eating CO2 (Has eaten about 4 kg at the time of save).