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  1. Thanks. When I click Login it only lets me log in with steam, epic, etc. Is there a way on that page to use my username/password?
  2. When I try to go to the rewards page, it says "session has expired, please login again". I am clearly logged in as I can post this. Any ideas?
  3. So I am not too smart. For some reason I thought the default shinebugs shone different colours. Sorry for wasting your time. Edit: Just downloaded a new drop from Github, not seeing the Eerie Colors mod. Is it somewhere else?
  4. Yeah I have the dll in the folder. I will try with the newly compiled versions. Maybe I'm mistaken but I seem to remember it making even normal shine bugs different colors. Mine are still all the same. Is there another file I need? Seems weird that yours are working and mine aren't. I am not using ranching rebalanced by the way.
  5. Just a heads up it would seem people will need to update Colorful Shinebugs as well. Haven't tried the Q2 update yet but with Q1 version I have no colors. Oh and the wireless automation thing is sick. Great job!
  6. No worries, I get it. No pressure. Love the work so far!
  7. This is beyond wicked! Nice work! Think you could do something like this for the shockworm? Always thought they could be harnessed for power. If it's a possibility I'll brainstorm some drawbacks and values.
  8. Lol I always restart before then. I feel dumb. Thanks again again!
  9. Yep that was it. I forgot to remove the DNA statue. One other question. When I try to build the salt or lava lamp, it says it requires and I am missing the material "Transparent". Is this some kind of bug or is there a material added that I have not discovered? Thanks again!
  10. The lamps look great. One problem I ran into is when I add BuildablePOIProps.dll my research, jobs, etc buttons all disappear. I cannot get into them with the respective hotkeys either. Removing the file fixes the issue. It was working before with all the props in their own dll files. i.e. table, chair left, chair right. etc. Any ideas?
  11. Awesome work. Will definitely be checking these out!
  12. I was hoping to get some clarification on this. Does this mean every time I load (start up) my dedicated server the caves get reset by the auto-linking? I just want to make sure because it seemed to work well when playing earlier. However, I also thought that some cave exits which I blocked by setting their destination world to something that doesn't exist were open again. If the destination world is false or nil, do these exits get linked somewhere on startup? If that is the case, will they overwrite ones I have already manually set up? And while we're at it, is there an easy way to obtain the shard id of a server, ideally through some command I can put into a mod? Thanks in advance! Prof
  13. Cool thanks again for the help. I'll give it a shot and see if it works.
  14. @DarkXero Resizing the image worked so thanks again. If you have any information about overwriting a table or a link, it would be appreciated. I have found some that pertains to overwriting a function in a component, would a table work the same way? i.e. Save the original and load the modified?