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  1. Can you explain, how that works? I don't see a vent or similar. Thanks
  2. Firing too many HEP at once will crash my game. In the picture: if automation (1) activates 4 HEP-Collectors (2) at once - no problems. If automation (1) activates 6 HEP-Collectors (2) + (3) at once - my game crashes half a second after activation of the HEP Collectors. BETA Test Crash.sav
  3. Thanks, that are nice ones! ----------------------------------------------------- Sure, but for now, during the short trips I never had any problems with Food poisoning. What bothers me, that food poisoning is now popping up in the whole base! I never cared about having curative tablets, as my bases are never have any free food poisoning germs around. Placing a hand sanitizer or washbasin in front of the rocket would clean the pilot, but not the food he touched. So no solution, other than micromanaging and moving contaminated food in a chlorine environment after each trip? ----------------------------------------------------- So, you suggest, trading Food poisoning for hypothermia ? good deal!
  4. Please share your Solo Spacefarer Nosecone designs! I find it more or less impossible to fit food, oxygen production, toilets and any means on germ prevention in the nosecone. Thus, with or without toilet, the food in the nose cone and the pilot himself will get covered with Food Poisoning and will spread it afterward in the base. Can this be avoided? I have no access to suits yet.
  5. The game didn't start after updating to cloud save. I found an easy fix here: Delete/rename the folder \Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded. Uninstall the game remove all mods on steam reinstall the game enjoy. --- ORIGINAL BUG REPORT BELOW --- 1. I updated the game 2. I tried starting the game 3. game does not start, but get two error messages (see picture) first: the oni-error for half a second then second the windows-error telling me, ONI is not working anymore. I tried without success - verify all local files - de- and re-installing - Rebooting in between LOGS - The log file was last changed in 20.7.2020 - The file player.txt was changed today (enclosed) - The logs from the latest C:/Users/xxx/AppData/Local/Temp/Klei/Oxygen Not Included/Crashes are also included as zip. - The error.txt says: Read from location 0000000000000000 caused an access violation. Crash_2020-11-28_170841632.zip Player.log
  6. @Ipsquiggle I like the idea with the screen shots, but can we please come back to the old display of the save files itself? This very long list of Name of the Colony 1 name of the save file 1 your are maybe looking for Name of the Colony 1 name of the save file 2 your are maybe looking for Name of the Colony 1 name of the save file 3 your are maybe looking for Name of the Colony 1 name of the save file 4 your are maybe looking for Name of the Colony 1 name of the save file 5 your are maybe looking for makes it very inconvenient to browse save files. And browsing colonies is potentially not the main use of the load menu. Thx.
  7. I have problems saving the attributes. Especially after lowering them. Often changes are not detected and the editor doesn't show the "modified"-flag. when changing the attributes. Forcing the modified-flag by changing the hair didn't help. E.g. I decrease cooking to 0, save the file and reload it in the editor, but then cooking skill is still there with 1 instead of 0. Increasing works more or less after several saving and reloading attempts but also unreliable. I tried in Firefox.(+ Save Mode w/o add-ons). Refresh site. in IE11 the editor won't load. - Nothing helped. And am I too stupid or can't we rename dupes in the editor any more? Thanks! File enclosed Edit: it is possible to change the settings using the raw editor SaveGame > gameObjects > Minion > gameObjects > [Dupe ID] > behaviors >Klei.AI.AttributeLevels edit.sav
  8. This is true for all kind of doors. Additionally dupes are not able to climb over closed doors anymore.
  9. In the current QoL-update the Custom door permissions are not working anymore. As visible the 3 dupes are not passing through the door, even if individually they have custom permission to do so. It is the same for every type of door, even if rebuild with/without sandbox mode. Restarting the game does not help. Additionally, dupes are not able anymore to climb over closed doors. (The upper door in the picture is open to all dupes) Save file attached. doors.sav
  10. I have a dream! A dream about a new version of this splendid editor. It there any hope for my dreams to come true?
  11. Certain skills and attitudes can't be lowered to 0. Which ones depend on the dupes. It looks like you can't lower the skills below 1 and can't delete attitudes the respective dupe has been spawned with. For some dupes the changed skills won't be saved at all. (try with Meister Eder e.g.) The trait "simple tastes" is missing in the list. Anyway, a great help! my-file.sav
  12. unfortunately this nice piece of work seems not to work any more with the current build (CU-271051). Thanks for having made that editor. It is great!