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  1. I guess it might be power positive. I did not check or calculate it. However all smart batteries were charged after the test and system was disconnected from the main grid. and yes, the pipes over the aquatuner keep the loop flowing.
  2. The Gold came out at ~19°C The Iron came out at ~40°C I collected several random piles in vacuum and checked the temp after ~70 cycles when both geysers went dormant.
  3. Indeed, this prototype works excellent. I made some customisations and picked your old cooling style. The stress test was successfull until both geysers went dormant. Thx for sharing your design!
  4. True. I use a 25sec buffer to prevent permanent cycling. But for now, with 12 dupes all going to toilet at the same time, I didn't had any problems yet. My problem was to reset the germ sensor each cycle, it just stayed active all the time. I had to send in non-germy water to reset it each cycle which was not useful. How does your setup work ?
  5. Another solution to avoid the annoying behaviour would be to just reroute the disinfected water through the very same sensor and thus have it unblocked as soon as the water is free of any germs. It also saves 50% plastic
  6. Well generally you are right. However with the new skill system it is so easy to reach a skill level 3. You just need to wait to get 3 skill points. That's it. If you then specialise you dupes it's again very easy to give each +3 in supply for exosuits and the relevant skill point for the respective job. Afterwards all points can be spent in Research (or tidying the the delivery boys). Currently my problem is having rather too much skill points left, that than to wait to level up as before. At cycle 50 everybody (n=12) was on exosuit in my base.
  7. I normally focus on medium-high learning skills for all dupes 3-5 except for the first, which must have 5 or more. He will do all the research, later become artist and maybe doctor. The interest are quite important now, as they reduce the needed morale. Choose my dupes based on the combination of learning + interest until I have my pre-choosen set of specialists. Maybe you wont use it so much, but the +2 strength translates in 200kg carry capacity which you cannot train otherwise. This makes it quite valuable for my delivery boys.
  8. Following Gurgels comment I set up a Learning-Center to examine the mechanics of experience gain and attribute gain in relation to the learning skill. Here are my observations: Baseline: if idling the whole cycle there is a baseline experience increase of ~350 XP per cycle Working: if working the whole cycle there is an increase of roughly ~ 570-630XP per cycle, deepening on the task performed Interested: if working the whole cycle in a field with interest in, there is an increase of roughly ~ 730-900XP per cycle, deepening on the task performed The learning skill has no influence in experience gain. Learning does still increase the speed attributes are gained. Cooking at the grill seems currently to be associated to Tinkering rather than Cooking (skill increase, Interest based XP gain bonus) I run out of time. However who ever wants to dig into the topic, please use my save file. Control and comparison groups are set as follows: All dupes are stripped from any effect and have 0 attributes. 50% of dupes have +40 Learning skill. The interest is distributed evenly among dumb and smart dupes. The rooms allow to test different task. The permissions are already set. Skill can be changes using the save file editor Just open the door and have fun... LearningSIM START.sav
  9. Another option for the germy polluted water is a single reed plant. I have a closed water loop for my toilets and all the extra pee, that my sieve can't handle goes in the reed plant. It's an early and steady source of reed fibre and one plant drinks more than 12 dupes will pee per cycle. The only germy output is the polluted dirt from the sieve.
  10. Isn't the mesh tile making your water lock obsolete here? Mesh tiles aren't blocking gas as far as I know.
  11. I played a bit with the ideas from @Miravlix and @snoozer. The result is a compact hatch and drecko storage plus a pacu-farm. Rather than ranching, I just store my critters. Dupe time is precious. Obviously this is my debug-blue print, however it's easily build in survival. From bottom to up: The pacu-farm in the basement follows the idea from @QuQuasar https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/94393-setup-fishomatic-station-a-way-to-auto-breeding-fishes/?do=findComment&comment=1076549 and just creates more and more pacus. Wild eggs found wherever are dropped in the left pool. The next row can be what ever. The next is the hatch storage. Wild eggs need to be sweeped to be dropped in the storage. The next row contains the Drecko drop-off. Once wrangled the will be shaved. Once there are 2 in there, one will be moved upwards to the Drecko storage. All eggs found wherever are dropped in the abyss next the right pool. The pools keep the dreckos captured. From all floors meat and eggs shells are swept and moved away. The sweeper for polluted dirt is still missing.
  12. I like your optimism. I found it impossible to get them stuck in the vertical door.
  13. Ja, well, yes, most likely the setup I used was a little bit to complicated Thanks! Thx for sharing, I just tried everything possible to let them fall down. Maybe I was too focused on gravity, to just use the new mechanics as they are.
  14. With the new door mechanics, is it possible to build unlimited critter drop offs? I did not find yet a solution, how to store more than 20 critters in a room (just store e.g. all shoves in one room). The last working solution was this
  15. This is true for all kind of doors. Additionally dupes are not able to climb over closed doors anymore.