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Don't Starve Together Patch 2.10 - 4/1/2021 (PlayStation 4)

Today we have our next character refresh! We also have some new skins and a new short. No foolin'!

Don't Starve Together: C'est La Vie

Some people just seem to attract more than their fair share of bad luck... and even those people are grateful they aren't Wes.

Last year Wes received a character refresh that was largely divisive among members of the community. While our intention was to give him the proper attention he deserves, we didn't sufficiently focus on changes that really emphasize the essence of who Wes really is.  

Here are the details:

  • Wes now has a Balloonomancy crafting tab where he can inflate various types of balloons
    • Balloon - The same old balloons, now with a few more shapes
    • Speedy Balloon - An overly inflated balloon to help become lighter on your feet, but don’t let go!
    • Party Balloon - Gather some friends and pop these to host a small party
    • Inflatable Vest - Acts as a life jacket, preventing damage from falling in the ocean.
    • Balloon Hat - Just a little dapper with some rain protection, and completes your balloon outfit
  • Now has the lowest stats of all the survivors
  • Hounds waves will focus more on Wes than the other survivors.
  • Is more susceptible to overheating and freezing
  • Takes longer to recover from grogginess
  • Has a higher chance of being struck by lightning
  • Is less efficient at mining, chopping, and hammering
  • Tools and weapons used by Wes will not wear out as fast
  • No longer suffers from an increase in hunger drain
  • Removed the 100 balloon per world limit

More details:

  • Fixed an bug where the world select screen wasn't showing worlds after they were created.
  • Fixed a crash when hosting a game.
  • Fixed a crash when you quit the game.
  • Fixed a bug causing Merms that die while on fire to drop ash instead of cooked fish.
  • Fixed Griefer Spawn Protection not providing the appropriate level of protection.
  • Fixed a bug causing Tallbird Nests to respawn Tallbirds immediately after its Tallbird got killed.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crafted Leaky Shack to immediately respawn Merms after its Merm got killed.
  • Fixed a crash if you baited a trap with a stack of items, and then left the server.
  • Fixed a bug causing Abigail's Flower to have the wrong inventory icon.
  • Fixed a bug causing Salamanders to have the wrong hurtbox size.
  • Fixed a bug causing Merm Flort-ifications to lose their upgrade when reloading the game while the Merm King is alive.
  • Fixed a bug causing Pigs to stop chopping trees prematurely.
  • Fixed a bug causing Merms and Merm Guards to stop chopping trees or mining rocks prematurely.
  • Fixed a bug causing Spider Queens to still spawn from Spiderdens when they are turned off in World Settings.
  • Fixed a bug causing salt licks to stop working sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Bats World Setting to not appear on Caves worlds.
  • Fixed a bug causing Crab King to not spawn.

New Skins!


Wes Deluxe Wardrobe: The Deluxe wardrobe contains the Fool, Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Survivor and Roseate skins for Wes.

The Fool's Tool Chest contains skins for the Walking Cane, Top Hat, and Pan Flute.

Streaming Drops!
In case you missed it, we're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details. 


Login Bonus!

We thought that it would be appropriate to do a login bonus centered around how much everybody feels about Wes, so for a limited time, players that login during this time will receive nothing.

Still Salty?

The Salt Box Shaker has been added to Klei Rewards. Here is a link for 1200 points, Valid until May 1st. 


Coming Up!
I can't get into details right now. But the team is working toward finishing the Return of Them arc. Obviously this means a lot of things and more info will come soon, but I thought it would be nice to reveal the hidden image from the roadmap. What is it? Who made it? Why does it matter? You'll find out soon.  




Check out the original forum post for more details.

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16 minutes ago, JanH said:

Login Bonus!

We thought that it would be appropriate to do a login bonus centered around how much everybody feels about Wes, so for a limited time, players that login during this time will receive nothing.

Nice one Klei :D.

The short is masterpiece! 11/10!!

Thanks for the update.

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