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  1. MY OH MY!! Cant wait for the 19th to get mine! Thank you so much for this...
  2. OH! This is really looking good... Now we just hope that Klei will support the data sharing between the too. OR at the least, we will be able to continue with our Klei account on the next-gen.
  3. - Chat - I would love to be able to see the old chat log when I'm playing... Sometimes when you are fighting or between the up-world and cave, you will most certainly be missing what are your friends/randoms saying! So it would be really nice if we can at least preview the last 3-5 missing messages.
  4. "Happiness Noises" - A kindly reminder, The Klei official servers are down since 1.93.
  5. Glad to help. One thing I notice too, that this has also happened on ruins near any Nightmare Fissure!
  6. For me last year I didn't get any new trinkets, gladly this year I got them everywhere around my world, even some on the water!
  7. Sorry for the late response, I lost my old USB so I ordered a new one. So here what have you asked: PS4 share is very trash! sorry for the bad quality! And here is my save file: PS4.rar
  8. Hello... AT-cm 913380055.mp4 When you insert the key on the Ancient Gateway or when there is a Nightmare Cycle there will be some kind of shifting with the colors!!
  9. This is the only one I had that missing rocks, not a big deal to be honest, I'm just glad it's not a game breaker! So apparently it has no name! AT-cm 913349252.mp4
  10. Here too. There is an even similar bug with the Atrium, the light is shifting between red and purple when you insert the gateway key?!
  11. If I'm not mistaking, yes just this one. I'll try to look again to see if I missed anything.
  12. Not just Wolfgang, I think all the Characters have it even the Mobs. When you stay near any shiny light you will be visible! I was going to report it, but I thought it's only me! While we are at it. Does anyone have any issues with his/her Lunar Island? For some reason, half of my island now are missing the Enlightenment! it's just like when the Lunar Island marge with normal biomes!
  13. Hi... One of my Vitreoasis is missing the rock around it. You can even walk or stay above the moon structure, sadly I didn't try to mine it.
  14. Thanks. Edit: So just no one get confused, your Streaming & Login gift will be as in-game open gift ;). Note to devs, can we please get a fix for the Item Collection? It's still buggy and you need to wait for the Recent Discoveries to load or you will get an error entering the item collection and sometimes you will get all your characters wiped out from their equipped skin and back to default! ty.
  15. The Monstrous Lantern and the two Walls are the new login bonus, they will be available when the game get updated next week! And for Chester Cap you can find it in your belongings, it's a top hat re-skin, you can make it from the Dressing Tab. Ok, lol.