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  1. Has anyone had trouble with Corvus Goodfeather? He always stays at the portal no matter how many time I ringing the bell to summon him :(. Thanks as always Klei
  2. We all hate the new birds right? RIGHT? Joke aside, amazing job as usual, I'd like to thank everyone who works hard to deliver this update to us! You did well Klei. Thanks again, I can't wait to see the next big thing in June .
  3. Hello Charles... I just want to point out that the bug still occurs and didn't get fixed yet!
  4. Just for now!! Until we get the new update! It will be available when the RoT Eye of the storm update hits the console next week maybe?
  5. I'm a bit depressed and sad about the delay, but I know that Klei did its best to deliver the update with the PC version! As they have shown us from the previous updates. In the end, no harm has done! better late than a rush broken update! I'll just tell myself that the update still in beta :). Good luck to the PC players and have fun for today's update .
  6. Hello ... I used to clear the Lunar Island every in-game year once, but after 2.06 I noticed that the re-growth stopped working! there are no Lune Trees nor anything (Stone Fruit Bush, Lunar Saplings or Lune Tree Blossom). So what I did, I changed the settings to see if that will help to repopulate them back to the Island. I changed the Lune tree and Regrowth Multiplier to (Very Fast) from the Resource Regrowth tap. Sadly nothing happened.
  7. I think by now this bug is "known issue"... see this post and if anything new tell us please, maybe this will help the devs to fix it.
  8. This is strange! For me I have been doing this for ages now, she never re-agro or tries to chase me after I gave her food! She even didn't try to chase me when I'm holding food!
  9. Howdy Sorry in advance if these are re-posted. ----------------------------------------------------- If you want to get rid of Bearger easily just drop any kind of food close or just under him. ----------------------------------------------------- If you want to get rid of dead weeds, just use a torch instead of a shovel. ----------------------------------------------------- This one for console players only: If you play Wurt, you know how tedious to feed the king, so the easy way is to use the lock-on(L3) on him so you can easily keep feeding him.
  10. Because they were never available in store, you have them by buying the Winter Hat (Pink Or Grey). I apologize if you felt I misunderstood you, I was just trying to help out.
  11. Oh, my bad... I was referring to your Ugly Grey/Pink Winter Sweater, they are still redeemable for console! If you bought them and didn't receive a code, maybe you should contact Klei? https://klei.com//contact/shop
  12. The last time I checked they still offline. @CharlesB
  13. Hello from Russia <3 If you have any code from Klei store or any other Proof of Purchase, use this link... https://accounts.klei.com/account/gift You can redeem your code here to use them on your console, but first you need to link your Klei Account with your console ID from here... https://accounts.klei.com/login Good luck.
  14. You will still get Saplings, Grass Tuft, and Juicy / Berry Bushes. These you can't turn them off.
  15. Hi Sadly, after today's update, I can not access my world! It keeps crashing over and over!! PS4.rar