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  1. Great news Marco! Thanks for sharing this with us. Now I hope our save will carry over, as they confirm that PS4 and PS5 save transfer is a thing, but it's a "developer decision" to do so. PlayStation.Blog
  2. Yes you can, if you want to quick link your worlds together, start in RoG and look for the Sea/Sky worthy. For me, I got lucky I found both next to each other :d. The Skyworthy is what you are looking for, it will let you travel between the two, but be aware of this... For some reason, when you destroy one of them and place a new one, the game will give you a new world and delete your old one! maybe it's just me? but be careful and I advise you to save your game on PScloud before merging your worlds.
  3. Just to make it clear, this bug only happened on DS not DST.
  4. Wrong section buddy... but don't worry this issue is known by the developers.
  5. I think they were referring to Don't Starve Together. On PC when you purchase Hamlet you get Wormwood for free.
  6. Hello, I do not know if this is a bug or not, I'm not familiar with the new update, but when I use the Skyworthy on RoG to travel to SW and then when I destroy the Seaworthy to place it in a different location and then use it to go back to RoG, the game will put me on a new world! When I used the old one thought, It worked as expected. Just when I try to move it to another place and rebuild it, the game will give me different world then mine. Thanks.. and sorry if this is intended. P.S I'm playing on new world.
  7. The DLC is live now on PSstore.
  8. The targeting is really annoying sometimes even with the lock system enable, to change between enemies is a real struggle if they are close together. What I like to see is to be able to hit any mob freely without the game focusing on what I should hit! Can we make this thread about what we wish to be a QoL for the console? Am really curious about what you guys want and wish to change or added! Let me start with few ideas; - Quick Drop - This is not a new thing for us, back in the Don't Starve, you can drop a single item by pressing R2 then select what item you want and press down on the D-Pad. Now you will drop the whole stack instead! We have to ways to drop full stack now! by pressing down directly or by the old way! It would be amazing if we have the old way back to DST! - Hide HUD - This might be a personal QoL for me, but after playing this game for a long time, I really wish to be able to hide the interface. Sometimes I like to take a screenshot of my base, but the HUD, especially the one that tells me what the X,O and triangle do! What if I stood still without moving for like 10-15 seconds, the game will hide all HUD? - Geometric Placement - Doesn't need to be elaborate, but the amount of how many destroyed Chest and Farms I did just because they are a little bit off or how many Pig-Rabbit houses hammered! the time that been wasted just to calm my OCD :[ It would be awesome if we have some sort of geometric placement or to auto-build next to the same identity.
  9. You are still getting the daily gift, but there is not an animation for it. You can visit your transactions page here: https://accounts.klei.com/account/transactions and you'll see what did you got from the daily drop. And you can check this topic for the devs respond:
  10. The safest way to force the Slurtle to come out is using the Fire And Ice staff quickly.
  11. If you don't mind, off-topic question: - Do your Poison Birchnut Tree or Birchnutter has any sound in your world? If no, maybe the tree its self is bugged?
  12. So for the first time since 1.86, I got the daily gift animation back! What I did is to turn off the auto log-in yesterday to see if this might work? maybe this is what causes the issue?
  13. It was happening from the first day of 1.86 update, no more daily opened gift animation. And to add to this, I redeemed my (Hunters Shovel) from account rewards the same day as the update and I didn't get the pop-up open gift, instead, I found it on my inventory as newly opened.