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  1. Here is my old thought; - Quick Drop - This is not a new thing for us, back in the Don't Starve, you can drop a single item by pressing R2 then select what item you want and press down on the D-Pad. Now you will drop the whole stack instead! We have to ways to drop full stack now! by pressing down directly or by the old way! It would be amazing if we have the old way back to DST! The funny thing is, PC got this on 2020 from us, they used to use the controller to quick drop! let's hope this will be added to the console too! - Chat - I would love to be able to see the old chat log when I'm playing... Sometimes when you are fighting or between the up-world and cave, you will most certainly be missing what are your friends/randoms saying! So it would be really nice if we can at least preview the last 3-5 missing messages. - Hide HUD - This might be a personal QoL for me, but after playing this game for a long time, I really wish to be able to hide the interface. Sometimes I like to take a screenshot of my base, but the HUD, especially the one that tells me what the X,O and triangle do! What if I stood still without moving for like 10-15 seconds, the game will hide all HUD? - Geometric Placement - Doesn't need to be elaborate, but the amount of how many destroyed Chest and Farms I did just because they are a little bit off or how many Pig-Rabbit houses hammered! the time that been wasted just to calm my OCD :[
  2. Hello all.. We all might know that there is QoL update coming next month, and it's now on Bate for PC. There might be something for console, but we do not know for sure. I was looking for our old topic, but it was buried deep down, so I would like to revive this, so maybe the dev's would like to hear from us again for what would we like to see in the March QoL update or maybe the next one.
  3. YES they did! https://accounts.klei.com/account/gift
  4. What makes me annoyed the most is when I join any world my icon and portrait frame always shown as default! This only happened when the game failed to load the gifts. And yes, the devs already working to fix this bug. Hopefully soon-ish.
  5. Scroll down at the end you will find "You can redeem gift codes here" use it. Yes it will work with almost everything.
  6. Here too, I tried setting the world to Land loop to (Always)&(Never) to Land branch.
  7. As far as I know, yes they are through Klei Account.
  8. Winter's Feast is early this year! <3 Thanks Klei for the amazing year!! I can't wait for what 2021 holds.
  9. Sadly this was happening since (186) update back in August, though the Dev's did respond with: Hopefully in the future will get the fix.
  10. MY OH MY!! Cant wait for the 19th to get mine! Thank you so much for this...
  11. "Happiness Noises" - A kindly reminder, The Klei official servers are down since 1.93.
  12. Glad to help. One thing I notice too, that this has also happened on ruins near any Nightmare Fissure!
  13. Sorry for the late response, I lost my old USB so I ordered a new one. So here what have you asked: PS4 share is very trash! sorry for the bad quality! And here is my save file: PS4.rar