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  1. This is most definitely a bug and quite possibly a regression. From my recollection the weather pain had no issues with range some time ago and it's a more recent issue. Furthermore, one is able to use Walter's slingshot on enemies at range just fine so the targeting logic for console edition is there. And console edition players once again suffer during the celestial champion event where they can't take out the snares at range.
  2. I'm going to bump this ticket to state that the weather pain as a whole is inadequate as a weapon on console. I was performing the moon storm event and just like Malbatross, I was unable to actively use the gadget until I got right next to the misshapen birds. I have a hard time believing this is the intended behavior as PC players have no issue whatsoever killing the birds at range. It makes performing this event on console significantly more frustrating. I haven't tried it yet but it won't surprise me if the weather pain doesn't work as well on Ancient Fuelweaver minions, either.
  3. When using the weather pain on Mac/PC, the player is able to repeatedly use a weather pain against Malbatross with her being some distance away. On console, players are generally able to use weather pain against bosses on land just fine and with distance. Most notably, it's useful during the Ancient Fuelweaver fight when it tries to eat its spawned minions. However, on console the weather pain is not able to reach Malbatross unless she is standing literally right over the player. This causes frustration in that when used it also tends to destroy the player's boat. But more importantly this I would consider this a bug because the weather pain is designed to be a ranged weapon and requiring to be right next to her isn't working as designed. This problem doesn't exist with other ranged weapons like blow darts or Walter's ammo.
  4. The ... Trusty Slingshot, ... can now be eaten by Eyeplants. About time! Probably the most annoying part about switching to and from Walter.
  5. Yep, same issue. My day 1300 world won’t load.
  6. Happening on PS4. Transaction page is not listing the drops. Disconnecting and reconnecting Klei account from Twitch and vice versa did not resolve the issue.