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  1. Hi there, I'm sorry that you've experienced this issue. We've been trying to figure it out, but so far haven't been able to reproduce it. There's a thread about it here, can you take a look and reply to some of the questions I ask in there?
  2. Still haven't been able to reproduce this so I'm closing it for now. If someone finds steps to consistently reproduce then we can reopen and look into it.
  3. Unfortunately there isn't any way to add it.
  4. Has this happened on any other worlds or only this one? I'm not able to reproduce the issue.
  5. Has this happened since you bought the game, or did it start recently? How far into login does it freeze? Are you able to choose a profile? Do you see a dialog bog on the screen with some text? What does the text say when it freezes and crashes? Could you take a video and post it here?
  6. Should be fixed in the next update
  7. Consoles don't need to disable the optimization (it was originally put in for consoles) because this particular change doesn't seem to have had the same impact there.
  8. It's coming, be patient a bit longer.
  9. I've been trying to track this save issue down on PS4 but so far haven't had any luck. Do you remember if you saw the little autosave indicator in the top right at the end of every day? Did you see the gears in the bottom right corner when you quit at the end of your session? And does it happen to you every time? (Quick experiment: start a new world, play a day, quit, shutdown, restart).
  10. For those that are losing a lot of progress, can you tell me which of the following is happening to you. (The numbers I'm choosing are just examples, you can fill in with your particulars.) 1. Start playing on day 50. Play 50 days non-stop to day 100. Disconnect from server. Some time later restart game and find that it's back on day 50 2. Start on day 50. Play 10 days, disconnect from server. Some time later play another 10 days, quit again, repeat until day 100. Come back and find you're back at day 50. Another bit that might be important is whether you're shutting the game/ps4 down completely between sessions, or only leaving the game suspended in sleep mode.