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  1. The Shop option shouldn't have been showing up yet so you aren't missing out on anything. This should be fixed up in the next update.
  2. "Send Invitation" doesn't work

    Thanks for reporting this. I'll take a look at what's going wrong.
  3. I will look at adding a toggle for it in the settings. I'm sorry to hear that it's causing problems for some players.
  4. DS will not load

    Did you weave any of the emotes that because available? Also, did you try on the second update (friday night), version
  5. unable to play on my current account

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. unable to play on my current account

    There was a bug in version 1.36 that caused the game to hang if you wove any emotes. This was fixed in 1.37 so you should be able to play with your main account again.
  7. Dedicated server are down

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. probable error in the gifts

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. probable error in the gifts

    This is as designed. Steam is the same.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Fixed in 1.37, available Soon(TM)
  12. endless loading screen

    Forge emotes seem to be causing problems in the current version of the game (1.36). I've already fixed the problem and an update is working its way through Sony/Microsoft. We'll release it to you as soon as it's approved.
  13. In that case it's an issue that we discovered this afternoon with all the forge emotes. I'm working on a fix and we will be updating again as soon as it is ready.
  14. Dedicated server are down

    My apologies, I forgot to update the servers to the new version. They're still on 1.35 so you can't see them anymore. I'll update them tomorrow in the AM.