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  1. Can I have Glommer now please? There's still no response from the Dev team. I have given up on the game at this point and only come back to check on the status of this. Sad, really considering the hundreds of dollars I pumped into this game and I cannot even enjoy it because of a bug in my world
  2. @SoulCrowley Hope it gets fixed for you! I haven’t had this issue just yet but I also play on a newer world. Would have to see how my old world holds up.
  3. @JanH @CharlesB Any news on this long awaited bug fix?
  4. oh cool.. a glommer skin that I can’t even use on my main world….
  5. “Significant in such a way that they will affect how you play the game a bit more than previously “ Personally to me this screams CROSS-PLAY!
  6. Bump!! there has to be some solution. please fix this!
  7. He should have another station tied to speed only. Treadmill or something that is cardio related. Then again idk lol.
  8. Wow! I’m amazed by all of the creativity submitted into this thread. It is definitely going to inspire me Here is a little of what I am working on. It is still a work in progress but I'm pretty amazed by it.
  9. Got the twin statue now too and shield awesome update! (PS4 Version) Edit: Made a base dedicated to the Terraria content.
  10. Please address/fix Glommer statue not spawning in certain worlds. I cannot enjoy the waterlogged update bc of this issue. Thank you!