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  1. Im having the same issue. Moonstorm event is completely gone from my world and i cannot rollback to fix it at all.
  2. I’m waiting for that next-gen update more than future dlc I would love to see this game take advantage of the PS5/SeriesX. Hopefully implement the insane world-gen options that PS4/Xb1 cannot handle.
  3. The sweaters come with the hats that you buy in the Klei store. I can confirm this since I got it myself.
  4. Same! I can't load any of my worlds at all.
  5. I wanted the kitties to be the main focus Thanks! The artist did great.
  6. I paid for commission to have this done and I say it’s amazing so I wanted to share! Art by PosticaGifts
  7. For the Giants in the caves/ruins, will the Ancient Guardian and Ancient Fuelweaver be implemented as well to the list?