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This update focuses on bugs and balance. Here's the list of changes:



  • Hook up per-character music for all handlers. Seriously, it's a lot of new music.
  • Greyed out the outfit you are already wearing when changing outfits. (also removed some debug prints)
  • make the priest look scared when you push him into the beast
  • Add mechanism to cycle through hover links in the conversation screen using gamepad.
  • Fixed bug where persuasion labels on your arguments were not updated in the same way as your opponent's
  • Fix for occasional missing damage previews, if an argument is still being animated in when it has been retargetted.
  • Don't use popup mode for big/bigger UI mode on the TravelScreen.
  • Replace broken InkTransition going into combat with a fade.  On some platforms we need to load during darkness anyway.
  • Preloading various common battle fx when starting a new game.  Preload the stuff in generic_fx, too.  Unload only when returning to FE.
  • Fix for card purchasing with gamepad, while Confirm Selection setting is enabled.  A confirmation popup now appears.
  • Fixed incorrect quip for the default enemy attack card in negotiation 
  • Preload fighter combat anims while faded in going into battle.
  • Add a compendium fade
  • hook up vix transform animation
  • hookup night negotiation music for sal
  • Fix flourish cards mysteriously reversing order whenever the screen regains topmost status.
  • Add gamepad button hint for navigating to top bar.
  • Remove red highlighting on re-usable Attack! convo option text.
  • Added custom titles for Bordenkra and Theroux
  • Put the 'click to continue' overlay above the in hand cards, to prevent interaction with them.  This puts dealt cards above as well, which seems ok.
  • Fix some subtle cases where right-clicking will invoke card popup info undesirably. . Cancel current chosen card on control up instead of down.
  •  . Clear alt_hover flag when a card loses hover.
  •  . You must click down AND release on the card to show its info popup.
  •  . Suppress it whenever targetting or dragging a card.
  • The Grout Monster now shows up in the compendium like all other bosses
  • audio: story music fix for deckviews
  • Fixed missing celebration anim for Lumin Turrets
  • don't play character theme_music if there is an active negotiation


  • Martial Master now improvises Phantom Finishers.
  • CombatCondition calls SetStacks in init now, which is more analagous to how modifiers work in negotiation, and fixes some bugs with conditions' OnSetStacks not being triggered on first application.  In particular, fixes Impervious not being triggered if gaining 99 Defense without having prior Defense.
  • fixed bug where Raise affected 2 cards instead of 1
  • Wanted! now deals 8 resolve damage exactly.
  • Eel eclairs no longer give xp to item cards.
  • Change how Pursue, Amplify, Rehearsal, and Forgo bonuses are tracked so that they work as expected with Carbon Copy.
  • Update Muddler description to reflect it only applies to enemy targets
  • Fix 0 stacks showing up sometimes in combat keyword tooltips.
  • Hatch-ready cards don't show up in upgrade remainders, and shouldn't be upgradeable from the DeckScreen.
  • Fix hatched cards not having the correct owner.
  • Fix a bug where Spark Visor could be triggered more times than the number of stacks.  It now applies at the start of battle only, but yields a larger bonus.
  • Telegraph now grants a small amount of concentration before applying defend
  • Handy now affects Master Chip.
  • Shrewd: nil-check hit.target 
  • Under Your Skin now has a minimum threshold of 3 instead of 2, so you are still allowed to play a single manipulation card at max difficulty
  • Fixed unintended interaction between Sapping Bile and temp power
  • Fracture now applies 1 wound and deals 5 damage
  • Mark now references Charge
  • Clarified description of Ricochet
  • Fixed bug where power removed by Sapping Bile wasn't properly re-applied
  • Stacks of bile debuffs applied by Vix now scales with prestige
  • Fixed bug where Claimed By Hesh crashed the game if it killed you
  • Flatten II: Ensure Composure is applied first, as per the wording.
  • Trail of Daggers: Don't issue post battle dialog if you ran away.
  • Fixed bug where Unstoppable affected all fighters
  • Reduced damage from Rowdy Patron by 1
  • Removed Burnout from Shrewd
  • force_target no longer redirects splash damage, any such effect must use the SPLASH_RESOLVE event
  • Midbrain Padding now triggers before Jarackle Janglers
  • Increased damage of Dogged, it now costs 1 less when prepared instead of costing 0
  • Greedy can now only be targeted by cards, similar to Levy
  • Fixed the event priority on Dogged
  • fixed a doubled up flavor on a rook negotiation card and condition builder update
  • Fixed bug where the first aid boon was triggered by debuffs decaying
  • Fixed bug caused by an interaction between kindling and sapping bile
  • Deceive now has a priority of PRESETTOR
  • Fixed bug caused by bottle_shotReduced the renown cap of Dominion by 1
  • Added a reason string in the CanPlayCard for Fortitude
  • Remove the per-turn randomization of Malfunction's requisite damage number.
  • Check Surrender after applying damage from Lumin Darts.  Fixes cases where enemies won't immediately surrender from Lumin Dart damage caused by initial card draw.
  • Delirium: Update descriptive text to cover the case if more than the expected number of cards are drawn.
  • Fixed crash caused by Celebrity Gossip
  • Fixed Flash Badge card text
  • Removed redundant text in desc of Shadow Mastery
  • Fixed bug where Sapping Bile would still allow power removal, granting negative power
  • Fixed unintended interaction with non-attack sources using ApplyPersuasion against targets with no resolve
  • Claimed By Hesh only stacks up to 6 stacks
  • Reworked Brut's Bat
  • Coin Juggler now scales correctly with stacks
  • fixed incorrect concetration gained from telegraph_plus2
  • Replaced Pale Blood Flow with Boosted Blood Flow
  • Fix Call to Rise applying to Unplayable cards.
  • Fix Spark Visor still being re-applied every turn.
  • Brain Harp now increases overflow damage by 2 instead of doubling it
  • Increased the cost of Shrewd by 1 and gave it Burnout
  • Fixed missing upgrade highlight for haymaker
  • Fixed typo in the description of Temper
  • Slight nerf to Boosted Dynamo
  • Added three new rare grafts for Smith 


  • The worker in baron_the_best_defense.lua now helps you when negotiating to save them from getting beat up, regardless of relationship
  • Fixed bug where lumin turrets would damage themselves
  • Give players the option to skip Prestige 0, if they have played other deckbuilders
  • renaming p0 from "Normal" to "Introduction"
  • Add confirmation option to pet selling in the night market.
  • Slightly buffed both the Shredmaw and Droad
  • Increased health of twin bosses but lowered their damage at p0 (increased defend at higher prestige)
  • Prestige 4 now increases boss health
  • "Brawl grafts" are now given out at the start of daily challenges
  • Brawl grafts are no longer given out in Brawl games, the draft has been replaced by a regular graft draft
  • Brawls give you the option of two quests every time you do a quest
  • Fixed bug where the informant boon applied to the wrong person
  • Meeting at the Crossroads: add failure case if you don't make any shills and need to battle the law.
  • Added a battle to experiment_smith_final_fight.lua so you can fight the mutated vix
  • Dodgy Scavenger: nil-check Graft defs in case they don't exist in Content currently.
  • GetNumberOfConnections() no longer excludes removed agents since we include them in other similar contexts
  • Skittish is no longer applied if the battle has a NO_SURRENDER flag since that negates the skittish effect
  • Fixed bug where Rowdy Patron could be triggered by self-destroying arguments
  • Reworked Toxic Buildup to ensure that the chosen debuff changes every hit instead of being truly random
  • Made the vix lumicyte slightly squishier and removed their exposed debuff
  • Brut now focuses the target with singled out 
  • Increased length of Mutant Vix's attack pattern
  • The monsters spawned by Mutant Vix now flee if he surrenders/dies
  • Fixed bug where Mutant Vix fled instead of surrendering
  • Admiralty Extortion: cast citizenry only
  • Trade Secrets: Reduce kickback to make it a more comparable option to the others.
  • Self-Doubt don't force targets on the turn they are created, if it is Vixmalli's turn
  • Vixmalli's resentments can no longer be triggered on the turn they are deployed
  • Mutant vix now maintains his attack sequence through stuns 
  • side_thief_bounty.lua now applies Wanted Alive to the thief if you choose to fight them
  • Fixed crash caused by mutant vix's acid attack
  • absolute_focus no longer counts as completed unless you win the challenge
  • Suppress intimidated greeting quip after robbing prototype.
  • Added missing titles to Shredmaw, Droad.
  • keep new_supplier out of the fight to free old_supplier in side_smith_seemli_new_deal.lua
  • Fixed bug where the Handy perk would restore charges to items when they were dealt at the start of battle/negotiation
  • The combat backup in smith_tei_buyer_beware.lua is now an autodog on day 1
  • hook up normal vix fight in experiment, and vix's normal boss intro
  • Added a basic combat behaviour for the deltrean dignitary
  • Fixed bug where the looping fx from toxic_buildup stuck around after the condition was removed
  • lowered hp of Vix's heshbladders
  • Deep Undercover: Fix cast name in location name.
  • Amount for boon-gifting is affected by Prestige.
  • Set up Vixmali's new attacks and a basic combat behaviour (NOT FINAL)
  • Tazz and Felek are eachother's best friends.  Aww.
  • If you kill Tazz in battle, he should show up as Dead in your relationships tab.
  • Reduced Smith's graft slots by 1 in both negotiation and battle
  • Slightly reduced the cost of getting two charge chambers in oppo_gun_show.lua
  • Rook and Smith brawls get boss grafts
  • Significantly reduce the cost of hiring help in Brawl.
  • every merchant visits every morning in brawls
  • Fixed bug where the bystanders in smith_defend_bar_day_1.lua could be triggered even if your opponent had already surrendered
  • Slightly buffed both the Droad and the Shredmaw 
  • Increased money for skipping boss grafts to 100 shills

We launched the Griftlands Alpha build in July 2019, and entered Early Access in June 2020. We've released regular updates once or twice per month during development, and used your feedback to make the game better each time.

This update will be the last regularly scheduled one until the launch release this summer. We need to freeze things for a couple of months in order to stabilize the game and finish our ports and translations. You may see the odd hotfix here or there to address critical issues during this time, but there won’t be any new content.

Griftlands will launch this summer, and will include the conclusion of Smith's story. We haven't nailed down an exact release date yet, but will announce one in May. If you are curious and want a sneak-peek, Smith's complete story is available on the experimental branch as we finish it - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you very much to all of our players, and especially to anyone who's ever submitted feedback, a bug report, or a suggestion. Griftlands is the game it is today because of the enthusiasm and support of the community. 

We're looking forward to everyone getting to experience the full release this summer!


March 4th:

  • Last update of Early Access


  • OSX support


  • Linux support
  • Launch Date Announcement

Summer 2021:

  • Full launch on PC!
  • Nintendo Switch launch!
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What a way to end the campaign!


Also, during final mission, when i had to fight the priest to get sample of the Behemoth, even tho i deafet them, it was bringing me back to option to either negotioate with them or atack them. Good way to farm Mettle.


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Guys this switch launch is terrible due to the no progress bug… how is it possible it has not been fixed and released after more than one week from the launch. 
We can’t play it and I’m honestly losing interest in the game 

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