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  1. And on what facts you base that statment? Don't trust anything you see in internet, boy. Media is biased and tries to decieve you.
  2. 1. I have no idea why it doesn't show you Smiths last day. 2. I don't know any list of that kind that exists yet. 3. If you kill for exapmle a Spree Thief, you are most likely to be hated by another Spree member. And for Rook, you have to unlock other Flourishes.
  3. The Bilebroker is most likely the Sampler (his name is Grim) i think its the one who asks you to give you sample form the Sea Behemoth on Smiths final day, but i don't think he is added to the game yet. He behaves the same way as normal Bilebroker. And for Spree captains there are only 4 in game.
  4. Im hoping they are gonna add some new things to game, and we won't have to wait like one an a half year to get only a one DLC.
  5. Its becouse you were told to keep him alive It doesn't matter, whetter you were the one to kill him or your friend.
  6. I, for one, don't have any problem with Rook and Smith (maybe except Rook's negotation), since when you finally unlock their card packs, the game becomes a bit easier. The only reason i see for Sal's shop having bigger variety and that she gets more starting cards, is that she is your first character, and so a bit easier to play then others. Also, Rook and Smith have starting bonuses. Smith can add 1 negotiaton or battle card at start of campaign to his deck, and Rook can choose beetween Shovel and Blacklist.
  7. No, there is no Rook meets Smith or vice versa event, its not added to the game yet. And no event in which you meet Smith in Sal's campaign
  8. So you just... don't murder anyone? Its not that hard, few banes aren't gonna destroy someones run (bane that gives you a status card that damages you for 1 damge every time you play a card was so good as Smith, im sad they nerfed it.)
  9. Well, he has Jackpot, which is a 1 cost card that applies stun with Treshold 10 - and since dealing 10 damage per card becomes a standart at some point in the game, he can just stun how much he likes (and the card doesn't even Expent if i remeber correctly.) Overall i think Smith is the easiest character when you unlock all his card packs. I just checked and its 2 cost, not 1, but its still just really powerfull.
  10. Atack cards are the orange cards Even if specififc atack cards don't apply any damage, they still count as played atack cards, and prevent you from getting the achievment. Jut use item (green cards) and maneouver cards (blue cards)
  11. Rook has sacraficed his leg and his child to appease the dark lords, he can now bend people minds at will.
  12. This was a joke, i didn't expect to anyone remeber this thread lol
  13. Can't wait for "Supress Honk Kong protestors for new Admiralty officer Xi Grift-Ping" uptade : D