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  1. Smith also is able to apply mental trauma to robots for some reason
  2. The reasons why there are only two translations: 1) They probably havent finished other translations (in Polish one, Spark Barons have been translated to fricking Electric Barons for some reason 2) The reason why there is also Chinese and not only English: Tencent
  3. I'v been here since Promoted eniemies were introduced, feels good to history being made.
  4. You forgot about the biggest and most important change in Early Acces, changing Eonwe's name to Gorgula.
  5. holy ****, someone still remebers this game
  6. 1. I have no idea why it doesn't show you Smiths last day. 2. I don't know any list of that kind that exists yet. 3. If you kill for exapmle a Spree Thief, you are most likely to be hated by another Spree member. And for Rook, you have to unlock other Flourishes.
  7. The Bilebroker is most likely the Sampler (his name is Grim) i think its the one who asks you to give you sample form the Sea Behemoth on Smiths final day, but i don't think he is added to the game yet. He behaves the same way as normal Bilebroker. And for Spree captains there are only 4 in game.
  8. Atack cards are the orange cards Even if specififc atack cards don't apply any damage, they still count as played atack cards, and prevent you from getting the achievment. Jut use item (green cards) and maneouver cards (blue cards)
  9. Rook has sacraficed his leg and his child to appease the dark lords, he can now bend people minds at will.
  10. This was a joke, i didn't expect to anyone remeber this thread lol
  11. Can't wait for "Supress Honk Kong protestors for new Admiralty officer Xi Grift-Ping" uptade : D
  12. Yeah, all characters seem to have new music that plays in negotiaton during night (i haven't checked with Sal tho)