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  1. I just noticed that the "story" column for each NPC in the compendium was removed. As far as I know, none of the NPC personal story was implemented in previous updates. Is this feature removed entirely? or is it incorporated into other features or moved to other UI page? Thanks!
  2. Hope the game will keep getting update after leaving EA.
  3. ‪CONVO.EVENT_LOAN_SHARK_REPAY.CONF.DIALOG_WON_FIGHT_AGENT_SPARED ‪CONVO.EVENT_LOAN_SHARK_REPAY.CONF.DIALOG_WON_FIGHT_AGENT_DEAD In the end of the Loan Shark event, I killed the loan shark NPC but spared their guard NPC. After the combat, the game incorrectly showed the "SPARED" dialogue instead of "DEAD" dialogue. Since the loan shark NPC is dead, all the loan shark's dialogues in the "SPARED" is spoken by the player, which is pretty weird.
  4. Whenever I use this card, it removes all my renown, but it never apply composure to my arguments at the end of my turn.
  5. Here's the dialogue of ‪‪CONVO.SMITH_TEI_SHOOT_THE_MESSENGER_5.STATE.DIALOG_HAND_OVER: The "!right" is missing, therefore the messenger won't show up on the screen properly at the end of the dialogue.
  7. I'm talking about "‪CONVO.SAL_STORY_MERCHANT_PETS.DIALOG_ASK_ABOUT_BEAST". This dialogue is for one of the night market merchant (The pet seller) jobs for Sal at Day 1. The last two lines were removed, but why? I'm genuinely curious. They seem pretty funny. I always like this kind of hilariously gory conversation. Make the world much grimmer and make the NPC more interesting.
  8. ‪CONVO.SIDE_SMITH_EDEN_FROM_THE_TOP.DIALOG_INTRO Eden: You've probably heard about the Rise sympathizers here in the Pearl. It's so typical of our domestics: aspire to grandeur but cast their lot with the debt-dodgers and contractors in the rest of Havaria. smith: We got dibs on wanting a better life? eden: The only better life for them is in Deltree, and they're welcome to buy themselves a one-way ticket. I have a list of the suspects here. I want you to confront them, put an end to their plans. And make an example of them, for anyone who might be getting titchy. It should be "player" instead of "smith". This causes the dialogue fail to pop up properly.
  9. I mean, there's literally a Chinese netizen penalized by the local police for "illegally visiting Wikipedia" in October 2020, so I sincerely don't know what you're talking about.
  10. This is exactly my thought. I have been trying very hard not to give money to any tencent related sevice (which is fairly difficult nowadays). I'll surely keep financially supporting Klei though. But it feels awful when you think of your payment contributing to grow the despicable giant.
  11. I hope I'm still allowed to make Traditional Chinese translation mod without being deemed as hurting the feeling of the Chinese government.
  12. F. I freaking hate Tencent with all my guts. But I'm willing to keep supporting Klei as long as they, as promised in the announcement, actually remain autonomy and refuse to implement all the censorship nonsense. Klei has made so many awesome games and cultivated a bunch of great communities. They deserve our trust.
  13. Hello, I'm currently working on a mod for improved Traditional Chinese translation, and I have a question: Once the game gets officially updated, how do I update the translation mod accordingly? It seems that all the texts in the .po file are not listed in accordance with their last update date. Will the dev publish a patch note detailing every change to the in-game text? Or, do I have to check every line of the text in the .po file to find out every change done by each update? Thanks!
  14. Edit: Nvm I found the zhant.po file! Thanks again for your answer! Thanks for your answer! Is there anyway for player to obtain the .po file of the official Chinese translation? It'd be much easier to improve the original translation if player can adjust the original version instead of translating everything from scratch.
  15. Hello! I'm new to this game. Is there currently any in-game features supporting community localization? I'm a Traditional Chinese speaker, and I found that the Traditional Chinese version of the game still includes a significant amount of Simplified Chinese words and phrases. Also, the Chinese translation in general still needs to be polished imo to better serve the story, create immersive RPG narrative, and inform players of the accurate description of effect of cards and items. I'd like to help with the polishing process! Love this game so far. Very grateful of you guys/gals' great work.