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  1. As someone which favorite character is Winona, she doesn't strike me AT ALL as the main characters haha. She is strong, reliable, pretty friendly in general when she's not poking fun at Maxwell, and yes she doesn't have a very irrational hatred for every object that is hand-made for some reason xD but the main focus seems to be one Wilson, Maxwell and Charlie in general (at least in the single player lore, you could argue that all characters in DST are the main characters but yeah) But I'll give that Winona does have a very strong pun game (her and Wilson together are probably insufferable) also I have to include one my favorite quotes from her:
  2. MINESPATCH OMG JFSKFHKFHK This made me laugh at loud Thank you <3
  3. Hey! I made this very specific meme some time ago I thought I would post it here Walani and Wheeler (and Winona) are my favorite characters in the game I would love to see them in DST!
  4. I just want to say, those item descriptions are absolutely delightful
  5. Niiiice! Can't wait to try this out!!
  6. That actually makes a lot of sense! This kind of clothes are very satisfying to look at. And now that I think about it, having them on Sal and Smith makes it feel life they dressed fancy for some kind of special occasion or something, which is really nice
  7. Oh my god! This outfit swap is EXTREMELY good. Is it me or Sal and Smith in Rook's clothes look really great?
  8. Today, I learned that a heavy bleed combat deck is really, really bad against the robot boss in Rook's story haha, but otherwise the brawl mode is pretty nice so far!
  9. Thank you for the roadmap! I absolutely loove the game already! I'm very hyped for Smith!!! And thank you for all the updates and the hard work you have been doing even in these weird times. I hope you're all well and taking good care of yourself!
  10. Woah!?! Nice!! Totally gonna try the french version tonight!
  11. OHHHH IT'S OUT!? Welp I guess I'm not sleeping tonight!