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  1. This poster looks AMAZING. Also been loving all the updates and the new music is sooo good. Thank you!!
  2. That actually makes a lot of sense! This kind of clothes are very satisfying to look at. And now that I think about it, having them on Sal and Smith makes it feel life they dressed fancy for some kind of special occasion or something, which is really nice
  3. Oh my god! This outfit swap is EXTREMELY good. Is it me or Sal and Smith in Rook's clothes look really great?
  4. Oolo does mentions having two siblings born in Deltree, but I don't recall her explicitly says their exact number in total
  5. yesss I love that people are using this thread! All of these are so good I have more : Also, no gonna lie, this one is a big mood
  6. I just wanted to say that I'm really loving this thread! Thank you yall for this datamining, I really appreciate it
  7. They were there when I started playing, (around december I think) But since then I think they changed the narrator's voice and these got removed in some update. I don't exactly know why aaaaa I would love to see it. Fssh is great!
  8. omg thank you so much for the sound clips!!! I remember those and I remember missing them a lot when they got removed from the game! I really like that narrator's voice.