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  1. I also always goes with Oolo. I always have mixed feeling with working with the Admiralty but she's worth it haha For Rook's story I usually go with Kalandra because I sympathize with the workers too much
  2. Love the new trailer!!!! I also loved seeing all three characters together at the end. They make a great team!
  3. ikr?? Like also Cadwa's sad face breaks my heart every time . Like, how I am supposed to be a cold, merciless spy in these conditions??
  4. Today, I learned that a heavy bleed combat deck is really, really bad against the robot boss in Rook's story haha, but otherwise the brawl mode is pretty nice so far!
  5. "a quick-playing brawl mode for Sal"?!?? NICE!
  6. I personally really like the concept of having cards that evolves during the game, but in my case I also mostly ignore them, which is a shame, because it has a lot of potential I think
  7. Thank you for the roadmap! I absolutely loove the game already! I'm very hyped for Smith!!! And thank you for all the updates and the hard work you have been doing even in these weird times. I hope you're all well and taking good care of yourself!
  8. Woah!?! Nice!! Totally gonna try the french version tonight!