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  1. I would binge-watch 20 episodes about Wheeler that's for sure
  2. Best Winona skin? [POLL]

    Winona has soo many good skins! But I do I a weak spot for the Roseate one. She is so damn cute in it
  3. Small Details You Like

    It's not much but it's there
  4. Small Details You Like

    I love the fact that some hidden comments from Charlie is hidden in Maxwell's and Winona's speech files (And now, in Wormwood's too I think)
  5. I'm really loving Griftlands too! I just started playing a few weeks ago, but I'm already really amazed by how cool it is so far. I'm really having fun with exploring the strategies. Also the characters looks really good?? I'm really liking the designs!! Also I can't wait to see how Sal's ending is going to be! I hope she gets a happy ending
  6. It's getting too heated here.

    This is beautiful
  7. Show me your best battle!

    Not a great battle at all, sorry, but when I was playing yesterday I was beating up some guy because I needed him to pay his taxes, but without me wanting to, my counter killed him and I felt so, so bad
  8. I think that Wheeler biggest fear is being trapped in the Constant forever. She has a few quotes about how she wishes she could leave and how sad she is because she can't fly anymore And it's maybe me but I also always thought that Walani would be scared of growing up in general with all the responsibilities of adulthood.
  9. Magma Memes

    Hi, I watched the trailer again last night and I somehow made a meme. 10/10 best trailer will watch again