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Before I talk about the new silhouette, I want to start with the old one, "fee fi fo thumb".


If you remember the name of the silhouette given about the farming update before it was released, "fee fi fo thumb". The incident in that story was a giant bean that is I said will the new world coming, the one in the upper clouds (hamlet) but only the giant of that giant bean was applied, so it was inspired by it. The current silhouette's name "5guys". The only thing I can find about, Five Guys is an American fast-casual restaurant chain.

That's why I think different cooking styles can come like grill, oven, etc. At the same time, the arrival of such an innovation after the farming rework may be a hit, it may not be the case for everyone.

I think indirectly that the cooking rework can come faster than I expected. The condition for this update to come is that the next update is not related to mysterious energy. Something about Mysterious Energy is that it will be mean five things. These are; 5 Things Pieces, 5 new craft, or 3 altars + 1 energy. Then it will be complete to 5 and with something extra next to them.

But for some reason, my wish is about the cooking rework right now. Of course, the silhouette does not look like anything from cooking rework, it seems more like a portal, but we haven't seen its colorful version.

Let me share for those who do not know the picture before forgetting. Our new silhouette is "5guys".


If the picture is not the portal I think the other possibility is a new magic station. A magic tab that uses more modern, more technological, and more lunar loot may be added. There are a lot of possibilities with little or much chance, which one of them will come we will see, maybe something will come that we never thought.

Sorry if I had any mistakes. But anyway, I think I said what I wanted to say.



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1 hour ago, SadeceAtakan said:

This. I don't know if it's intentional but some recipes are really not worth it. I mean, why would you make Stuffed Eggplant?

If you're Warly it can sometimes be useful... But even as Warly it's still a really bad recipe that's probably only made if you've been hyperfocusing on farming and forgot to do anything else.

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On 2/9/2021 at 3:58 PM, Well-met said:

cooking is not in need of a rework.

most recipes are simply in need of value rebalance.

You are right, the recipes need a little tweaking. But on the other hand, there is a lot missing in cooking styles. We make ice cream, fries, soups, etc. in the same place. Meals can also be nicely categorized if something like the addition of different cooking methods, like in The Gorge. Other than that, it makes me a little annoyed that no fuel is required to cook food, of course this is a changeable situation for everyone. I want this change because the taste of The Gorge is in my mouth, the innovations added there according to me it was something innovator and legendary.

I talked about it since the only example we have is The Gorge, please don't get me wrong. Sorry if I made a mistake. :wilson_flower:

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