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Doctor Who Spacefarer Module

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I was messing around in debug with the spacefarer module, and behold, I give you the "Space Saver:"



its pretty simple to create. you just

1. build an launch pad and any engine, then a spacefarer module.

2. deconstruct the launch pad and engine, in any order


for those of you wondering what its useful for:


80 tiles of auto-vacuum'ed space, that have an automatic airlock that fits in 20 tiles of space you can put anywhere you can fit a launch pad and engine to start.


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this could be a dozen pocket farms, as well? just set up launchers, and put planters in them. Conserve the space on the map.... if the top of the map is going to be nothing essentially... why not. Too bad you can't build another launch pad inside that chamber, nesting dolls forever. :) walk in with co2 canisters and free sterile food forever.


FYI Nesting works

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2 hours ago, RonEmpire said:

Destructive Dupe can wreck walls.   In this case below,  (reported already)  dupe also teleported outside of the room.


Brilian idea, i didnt think of Destructive Dupe when i tryed remove some of spaceship tiles. But anyway highpressure liquid work preety well. (you need 22000kg of it)

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