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  1. Alot of the heat inside is deleted using critters. Hatches and voles. And got a few wort. I moved all the big heat stuff generators outside of the base. So the guys go outside to do any heat building. Batteries are also outside the base. Inside the base is for keep plants at a good temp and pressure.
  2. Make a vaccum wall. I beat oasis by creating a double airlock and leave a center gap to be a vaccum and then just dig a vaccum layer around the base. U don't need to get insulation since the vaccum is the insulation. Best way to do this is to fill all the blocks that isn't vaccum. That way once u have a small vaccum entry point you can hallow out the areas to expand ur vaccum. Insulation tiles eventually will change tempature and heat will eventually creep thru. Vacuum is 100 percent insulation.
  3. My solution for this is having hatches in the mess hall. I just let the hatches eat up the food before they go rotten. I used to have an a ceiling be made of prismatic doors and a sweeper arm above it and sweep the food out to save them for later but it's just not worth it. My mess hall also is setup like a pit so there is a bit of co2 filling it to cover the floor to keep the food from going bad too quickly. Enough time for the hatches to eat them or another dupe. I've seen other designs where the floor is a mech door that opens at night to drop the food into a pit. Automate with a clock. I used to do that too. But the hatch method works for me as I get some passive coal.
  4. The problem with dry wall is that it can create vaccum exposure if you want to build a tile wall in its place because you're forced to remove the drywall first before placing the wall. The old method allowed you to create a dry wall in the background of a wall. Would be nice if they had a function similar to ladder and tile replacements where if you wanted to replace a ladder you could put a tile there. It auto deconstruct the ladder and puts the tile. In the case of drywall. Place the tile first and then it deconstructs the drywall after.
  5. I think Sweeper bot should be able to detect the next floor tile like how it detects the next tile to be a while, to avoid falling off a cliff. I definitely like some of the new automation changes/additions coming. The on/off switcher button that doesn't require dupes interaction is a big plus. No more using hyro or atmo sensors or clocks to flip that switch on and off. The power flow automation will be interesting. and the rail filter too! can't wait.
  6. performance updates and bug fixes are always great!
  7. Definitely dig the twitch live stream with the animation and music going. There's one on youtube as well. It's great. You guys should keep this running whenever you're not actually doing a live chat stream.
  8. I have to say, this is a great setup. Nice work! You could probably even seal the room up and fill it with CO2 so your food can just sit on the floor to prevent them from getting stale. This way, dupes can pick them up at their leisure.
  9. Based on some research - the exploit is really a result of the user who got phished. Seems like Brothgar might have clicked on some wrong emails. Wonder if he went through all his emails to see how he got phished. You can'y fault YouTube/Google too much for end-user getting phished. Only thing you can blame them for is not being better equipped for 'restoring' a users account from a "back-up". All video playlists, likes, comments etc should be 'restored' from a backup database state. They just need better database backup. I mean hell, if google wanted make more money offering bigger storage for backups they could charge for this. Saying we can offer you a $X per month protection with backup service.
  10. Nice setup but how do u supply the worts with those phosphorite when you run out. The room is sealed and I don't see a drop chute in there.
  11. I get so many from the pod that I don't bother wasting time or resources anymore trying to breed them. Used to have a breeding farm fish setup but now it's just pointless. Only thing I have setup is a gulp fish pool and a tropical fish pool. Tropical fish pool is a good heat deletion.
  12. Based on reading the above, "cookies" hacking is in the ream of possibilities. I've always suspected that it's possible to exploit cookies over an network. At least its good thing that his actual Google Account wasn't compromised. YouTube need to upgrade their security checks and authentication.
  13. Wow that blows. Google needs to step up their security. Gaining access to somebody's email account can wreck havoc on other accounts they're connected to
  14. Aren't YouTube accounts just simply the same as your "gmail/google" account? I believe to login to youtube you have to login to your google account. Which has a 2 factor security authentication. One is your login, but then it can be connected to your phone and when you login it requires your phone to approve the login. I'm guessing he didn't have the phone authentication enabled? If you're running a YouTube channel, I highly recommend enabling the phone security authentication method. (just don't lose your phone) (It's similar to blizzard's mobile authentication app)