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  1. its bugged achievement. you need to save and reload and you will get it. make sure the building is at the temperature and then save and reload. i've had this issue before. its very frustrating.
  2. Can you fix it so we can watch the Sal intro again the long version
  3. i thought they did something like that with color blind mode. couldn't use customize the colors ?
  4. ugh the blue was nice. this purple color scheme looks worst. If it was just the oxygen and water before. Maybe darken the blue squares and circles. or a slash through it.
  5. Probably cuz the yellow and orange are too close to each other in color.
  6. More than 2 months. No way this is just a simple 2 month test and release. Doing multiple colony is going to require extensive testing
  7. i noticed that too. lol. unless they actually do something about 'airlock door mechanics. yea- its lagging a lot as is. getting multiple colonies is going to be something. its also going to depend on the new colonies size. or trimming down the size of the current map and then allowing multiple new colonies that are smaller in map size.
  8. I don't use farm stations but I could have sworn the dirt is not consumed over time if the plant is disabled
  9. Answer is yes. Need to meet the pip planting rules. And make sure there is enough pressure. They won't plant them in vaccum
  10. I agree. Too many downside to the power plants. 1. You have to use refine metal to make the chip. Might not be too bad late game if you just use the refine iron from space. But by late game does it even matter that much. You get solar panels. 2. Too much dupe time is spent on installing the chip. They also have to make the chip. Waste time delivering the metal as well. And most of the time they place the power plant on the lowest priority for operation duties. Takes too long to install. They end up going to the bathroom or eatting or sleeping before the chip finishes. 3. Last only 3 cycles which is rather short. But on top of that the buff ticks down when buildings are disabled via automation so you're wasting the chip install. It needs to be fixed where chips are added in like fast. Allow arm sweepers to install them. The skill point is still needed to produce the chip of course. And the chip is only consumed when power is generating or rather paused on the debuff timer count down when the generator is disabled. Basically they should behave same way as fertilizers for plants for it to be useful. Meaning if I give meal wood dirt it only uses the dirt as it grows.
  11. They hatch into useful cards later in the game. Taking them out reduces your max health. Not sure how that is easier to a mange considering how many battles you have to endure through the day. But then again what do I know since I'm still only at prestige 2. Might be different on higher prestige.
  12. Yea manual discard versus end turn discard are two different discard mechanics. Wish there was a term for them to distinguish.
  13. I tried the let them fight each other. Managed to win. You don't get tool kits from either side to help you in the bog Finale. And their hate is applied to the battle and negotiations at the end but not terribly bad. Having full health for the Finale battle helps
  14. Whenever you start the game for the first time (profile reset) - Ffsh does't offer you anything to choose from. Steps to reproduce, reset your profile, Start a new run. Notice how you do not get 3 choices from the lost and found box. If you abandon the run, or simply go to the main menu, delete the run, and start a new run, you get the 3 choices.
  15. Achievement "Not Okay But Pretty Cool" still bugged. I have buildings under 6k and nothing happened. at 6k even.. Saved and reload. No check off. reloaded 2nd time and it works.