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  1. You can tell if a seed has a geyser at the start of the game by clicking on the starmap and clicking on your own asteroid. It tells you no geysers or it will tell you if it has a slush or two slush. The oil well is also not 100 percent available. There are seeds that give no oil geysers. So far the variations of the start map I've seen are no geysers, 1 slush or 2 slush. Other planet has oil geyser or no geysers at all. That said I don't like the idea of main base having no water renewable. Need at least one. Making it hard variant but that's not really considered hard as you will just run out and what is win condition? And you resort to vomit dupes to get more. Slush geyser itself is very limiting as is because of the amount it provides so you might sustain a few dupes but not a giant colony of 12 to 20. I suppose you could try to survive and play how long can I last before I run out. But this is just back to old days of vomit dupes. You could do this challenge yourself by sealing off geysers if you're into self imposed challenges. This just only makes it not fun for those who don't want this challenege.
  2. it already landed. she was stressed out on the new planet and decided to go inside the command to wreck it. you can tell that its landed from the cluster tree. - its a sub cluster of the planet it is on.
  3. You will need to land the trailblazer need some oxygen pocket and hope for the best. The trick I used is Deconstruct Trailblazer get metal. Deploy Cargo Module and empty it out. Build Landing Platform and send rocket down.
  4. We do not know if this pairing setup is fixed spawn for the first 2 asteroids only OR in the future, there maybe other asteroids that have pairing as well. So while it may not seem necessary for now, it may be for later.
  5. Right now it is very difficult to manage what you want with the cargo module (used to deploy to the planet) dropping payloads. You have 600kg as a max limit. And you can load stuff you choose. BUT you can't specifically limit split items. For example, if I wanted exactly 400kg of refined metal cobalt. And 200kg of Glass. I can't easily dothis. I'd have to do some manipulation to a storage bin near by, door restriction and force dupes to load the glass or metal first and then force the to fill in the remaining material space. Would be easier if we had option to set limits by items or split the limits. As an example of why I would do this is this: Deploy Trail blazer to planet. Deploy Cargo module. Since I don't need the extra 200k refine metal. I'd like to bring glass with me to create a solar panel. Deconstruct the trailblazer to get 400kg metal + 400kg metal from cargo module. Make a platform to land. Build solar panel. etc.
  6. My Feedback after seeing this station is pretty negative as far as my reaction and its use. 1. It's not very intuitive on how it works. The direction of the mask I had to rotate and it took a very long while to figure out what is going on since the mask needs ore delivered and oxygen charging. It's possible to get stuck between two stations as well. Had to disable the building to get the dupe out. 2. The fact that the dupes uses mask for a brief moment and then runs back and drops it on the floor makes it a complete waste. As the mask seems to be dissolving on the floor when nobody is using it. Disposable mask ? I couldn't tell if it was emitting the oxygen back into the room. it was just decreasing in kg and not saying "emitting". 3. Since metal ore is a very limited resource this is not a very viable or effective use of the mask.
  7. Activation of the warp conduit didn't fully pair up. Button for activation disappeared but it still showed (1/2) The other pair also had button disappeared on activation. It was stuck with 1/2. One of them said not activated while the other was activate but no buttons to activate. Saving and Reloading seemed to fix the problem. It showed 2/2 after I had reloaded. I have this on stream for day 2 testing if you want to see it. Around this time frame. 2hrs : 26 miins You can skip a few minutes ahead and watch it to see. (and skip before this time stamp to see what i did)
  8. As a suggestion, it would be helpful if the Warp Conduit had some sort of Visual Graphics (Unique Symbols) that is used to pair 2 devices. When I first started the DLC game and found both conduits (before activation), I had thought the devices send items from within the asteroid from one location to the other since one had a loader and the other had a shoot. After discovering the teleporter and going to the other asteroid, then I discovered that they're meant to transport between asteroid and pairs up. Like in StarGate tv show, how star gates have symbols unique to their locations, would be good to have some sort of symbols for players to keep track of after discovery. Maybe Inspect can reveal the symbol.
  9. On the right side of the screen we have Resources Tab that can be collapsed. You have +See All. In the current live version of the game (not alpha DLC), we're able to click on the resource to cycle through to locate resources. This function no longer works. Example of use is if I want to find where my critter eggs are, I normally can click on it and it would cycle through all the eggs. DLC version - I can't do that any more. Also, I have noticed that when you collapse the tab, hiding the list, FPS increases dramatically. I've seen 56fps when the resource tab is closed and 32fps when it is opened for monitoring while playing. This makes tracking and playing very slow. I mentioned it in the general forum about the visual issues as well. Long names and resource numbers overlap making it hard to see.
  10. When viewing the Info for the asteroid. Mouse hovered over the pop up and using mouse wheel to school up and down the status box tab ALSO causes the star map to zoom in and out. So we have a double function of scrolling up and down with zooming in and out. It works fine first time when you scroll down (probably cuz you're already zoomed out already). BUT when you scroll up the star map stars zooming in and then after that scroll up and down with mouse wheel causes map to go in and out.
  11. That is quite possibly what happened. Let's close this as non bug for now and if it happens again. I'll look over the tool filter again to make sure.
  12. no that funnels into a liquid storage tank module. there are no other ports inside the command room I believe you got the telescope to glitche. Sometimes the telescope allows it with a roof over it. but normally it does not and needs 1 tile clear path to space. I tried that above in another play through and it does not work.
  13. Buried Objects Icon/graphic appears and remains on screen as mud falls further down. See image. The buried objects graphic lingers around in the wrong place.
  14. Game Generated an asteroid with NO renewable water geyser source. Played for 8 hours and realized the game has no geysers on the starting map for renewable water source. Not on any of the other planets as well. The planet info says No Geysers detected as well.