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  1. Nah just use the temperature sensor for rails.
  2. Good to know. Since I noticed the artwork above shows a sleet wheat mutated. What about Pepper nuts?
  3. You could always use weight plate to automate/disable the delivery. "too heavy" can either directly stop arm from feeding. or directly close the chute from spitting out more.
  4. Food in a vacuum technically is fine. As it should be. In cold vacuum of space food is preserved. Now the method presented here has some what of a slight problem because stale food on the verve of rotting 'could' get transported and rot on the rails and end up as rot/polluted dirt in the vacuum spot and then fill up with polluted oxygen and then bam your food storage supply is done. I've done a vacuum infinite storage before and have gotten rotten food go to polluted dirt in the vacuum filling the space with polluted oxygen. Possibly a pump in that room might be needed and an arm to just clean out the polluted dirt as a potential add-on solution to the design.
  5. Gas will not blow up. I know for sure. Liquid will blow up from pressure damage.
  6. except for the plants that grow in the dark only
  7. A lot of requests for Deconstruction of POI. How about a feature/mechanic where you have a Build Menu "Inventory" (POI) Category. Along the bottom left corner we have these category icons menu for building stuff we've researched. I suggest a new Slot that is for "Point of Interests". So that whenever you deconstruct a POI you get it back as an item in the POI menu slot, allowing you to rebuild it a different location. (or not build them at all) This will allow you to get the POI back in case you need it again, preventing the issues related to "I wish I hadn't deconstructed" feeling later. This will allow us to relocate those hanging fixtures, brain chairs, or security doors that just won't go away, and other stuff. NOW this feature leads to some other cool functions. If the developers decide to make some end game mechanic that requires you to collect X POI artifacts scattered throughout the universe, they (dupes) can reassemble them back on the home world. Maybe something that operates the Temporal Rift (opening it). And its a structure that can be found in pieces to put back together. This makes exploring more interesting. ALSO- those who want to reconstruct the Teleporter can now relocate it to a different planet of their choosing. Deconstruction of POI could be a researched on the technology tree. So its not something you can do immediately. Or deconstruction could be an early tech. But reconstruction can be a later tech. So much potential with this mechanic that can make this game more fun.
  8. Currently the automation port on/off does not affect the power use. I was expecting an off switch or off signal would turn off the power consumption but apparently the collector is constantly consuming power regardless of the automation state. green or red. I was forced to deconstruct the collector to turn off the power use.
  9. To avoid Soppy wetness build it so the visco-gel has a height of 3. and the platform between them is height of 2. this will allow your dupe to jump over the visco-gel and not get sopping wet.
  10. The 2nd planet with the teleporter seems like a freebie and probably designed to be that way since oil is needed. I don't think that is phased out from the game.
  11. The text saying you need to use planetarium to research to unlock planetarium is bad. Should say get your research from orbital to unlock this. This is a QA testing problem.
  12. Don't know if it was path finding related but got a black hole crash that might be lated to researching and atomic station. Game keeps saying I have new resechers assigned and having to assign skills to advanced research yet all. My dupes are researchers with atomic research as well as telescope research points
  13. Actually everything you 'need' indefinitely is on the main asteroid. You could survive forever without leaving. Everything else are just luxury items for dupe morale. The game needs a win condition to motivate players to go beyond the first base. Base game has temporal tear. Dlc has nothing.