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  1. Ive seen one before. but gourmet kind of sucks as a trait. since the food morale -1 bonus. +3 cooking is not that great for the gourmet trait since you can already get bonuses by placing the skill points into cooking and you can just place points in research to boost learning and gain cooking skills faster.
  2. Yea this is a cool idea. Morale boost and speed boost. lol
  3. Yup. You've hit it on the nose. This happens a lot. Dupes trying to fetch something that is out of oxygen reach. So they go and try to get it and then loops in trying to get oxygen. And in some situations, the oxygen might be 'floating' back and forth and so the dupe might jiggle back and forth trying to decide which oxygen pocket to go to that's closer and ends up suffocating.
  4. I agree. I find this super annoying as well. Especially when they're carrying eggs or critters for drop off. It's like I have to rewrangle or make sure the egg got dropped off otherwise left unchecked they hatch somewhere random and die. What's also annoying is when they're going for oxygen so they end up dropping their items to get oxygen somewhere. This is really annoying when they're on a ladder and dropping it to the bottom. When they're carrying slime ice or bleechstone or oxyelite and they drop that it just off gass. Or melt. I mean it would be nice if they resume their task after catching breathe or when they return to work. Ideally they should just continue to carry the item with them to bed or something.
  5. In comparing the amount of ingredients used to craft it with pepper bread and stuffed berries. Surf and Turf should be about similar to pepper bread. otherwise, the peppernut is just better spent on the pepper bread. higher quality. or better yet just make stuff berries and ignore crafting surf and turf.
  6. Not sure if this is a BUG or intended. But some recipes aren't showing up in the cooking stations. But some recipes do show up but I can't cook them. Example. Frost Burger shows I need Frost Bun. (unless frost buns have been removed from the game.) Feedback Suggestion, please show ALL recipes please thanks.
  7. [Game Update] - 352488

    Thank you for the new recipes and balance pass on foods. BUT can you update / change all the references to "Food Quality". The Food Quality is somewhat meaningless now - since you guys tweaked Morale Bonus on Character Traits. It's now directly applying -1 or +1 morale bonus directly rather than +1 / -1 food quality. (talking about traits: no taste/simple taste/gourmet ) (previously the traits gave a big morale boost for +12 to +16 by boosting the food quality). Now food quality is no longer referenced in the consumables table. Yet they're still appearing in the recipe tool tips /rollovers as well. BUT what does this mean/translate to Morale Bonus, since its not listed in the consumables until you actually cook the food. Please replace food quality or at least post their morale bonus value next to the food quality tool tip texts. Thanks. See image below.
  8. This is funny. Early Access = Testing. Preview Branch = Testing. This is all before posting it to "live" Early Access and before launching. So we have 2 public testing. Not to mention their internal testing. 3 Levels of Testing before going to launch. What exactly is the meaning of unit testing again? WE are the testers.
  9. [Game Update] - 352488

    This is great! But can you also add them to the ore dumper. so we can actually deliver the sleet wheat seeds to the pip. currently im having to deliver them to the fridge and manual drop it via unchecking. It's not listed as seed.
  10. [Game Update] - 352488

    anybody else having issues with the colony summary UI screen? its tiny on my end.
  11. See below. Sand falling and dug up leaves that crack graphic behind.
  12. Plays song Legalize it....!! Don't criticize it. And I will advertise it! Make weezewort great again.
  13. The Crab AI did give me a boost. But long term playing at 25 fps is still pretty bad. And this is only midgame tech. (it will only get worst from here unless more optimization is added in)
  14. Actually it matters ALOT. For Fishes and Slickers. If you are outside their comfortable range. BUT in a livable range that's either too hot or too cold. It will affect their MORPH % to the other morph types. In example of fishes, if you have a paku, and your water pool is below his comfortable range but liveable range and water is cold. He is more likely to become a gulp fish. and likewise for higher temperature for him to become a tropical.