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  1. I feel like radiation stuff could have done more like nuclear power. Or ways to obtain more Ore. I suppose drill them from poi in space. Or radiation mutation for critters.
  2. Can't wait for an UPDATE and any news about DLC2 !!!
  3. They need a progress bar to show cool down timer. I actually thought this was a bug too but there is an internal progress for the recharge. The animation of the Brain size has a little hint for when you are ready. The big size means you can assign. The little size means it's recharging.
  4. Nice artwork. Space cow in the artwork. Every time I see that Cow, I think of Luke Skywalker milking it and taking a drink. Maybe Spacey Moo will be worked on post launch. They all die off before I can even grow any grassy moon for them to eat.
  5. @JarrettM The right column could be slightly higher since its cutting off the text on the bottom. You can reproduce this by choosing any of the farthest right asteroid in spaced out destination and refresh until you see the Regolith asteroid trait appears. I tried testing UI scales and window sizes and they all cut off.
  6. Absolutely! The orange and yellow are too similar. (I actually mentioned this in the suggestion thread awhile ago!). So we're on the same page/like minded. Green just makes more sense when you look at the research tree.
  7. @JarrettM This is so much better now!! Thank you. Maybe make the selection popup box slightly taller. Everything fits 'barely'. The regolith asteroid is 'slightly' cut off on the right side near the bottom. Wow this is so much better! And really loving the priority fixes to assign clothes and demolish now and attack critters! Finally we can get tasks done on those For the Final Release version, Maybe as Feedback/Suggestion to change the Color of the Radiation technology research to be green to match the color theme of "Radiation". This just makes more logical sense since all the buildings associated to radiation is practically green. (currently its yellow. but it will definitely stand out as a release version for those who have been playing it with yellow during early access/test build).
  8. @JarrettM Slightly better than it was before. But can you make the height of the select destination box taller. Trying to avoid scrolling the panel as much as possible. Maybe swap the info box to be under the selection refresh, and the traits be on the right side for more height space.
  9. According to this it is now guaranteed: @tuxii @NeoDeusMachina Dev response said it is fixed and added as the POI on the regolith asteroid.
  10. You should be able to deconstruct them. I remember the deconstruct button showing up in the last test update.
  11. Wow you beat me to it. I was JUST going to post something about this as well. The Neural Vacillator spawn needs to be at least guaranteed. Otherwise, having the rechargers becomes useless. With a Neutral Vacillator at least on my starting or my teleported asteroid I can have some sort of fun collecting artifacts and researching them in hopes to get a recharge. Some of the maps I've been playing lately does NOT have a chair at all in any of the asteroids I've landed. This is rather disappointing.
  12. Hope you're right. I fear this will get brushed off before release. I start new maps fairly often as I finish them fairly quickly getting to the rift. While one quality of life may not be as important to one person, it is probably more so for others.
  13. Now that would be an awesome idea. Then I won't have to be concerned about hitting the refresh world trait issue above as much.
  14. The Moo asteroid and Water Asteroid has No Traits. Can we move these guys to the BOTTOM of the list, so that its easier to just spam the refresh button without having to scroll down past them.