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  1. Transit tube is essentially an airlock. That was my comment. Somebody said they wouldn't used it because liquid locks are cheaper and doesn't require power. Exactly. I don't use transit tube. I use liquid locks. It's cheap. Only problem with liquid locks is the tempature. In a cold environment the liquid can freeze. Or in a hot environment the liquid can change to gas phase. Nothing is really free is it. You get what you pay for. Reason I mention transit tube is because it's an airlock that requires power. And if you asked Klei to give you one, they will probably give you something that will require power. But that's the same as using the transit tube. You asked for an air lock but don't want to spend the power. Visceral gel is your other alternative. Or make your own with the machines that exist. At the end of the day it requires power to pump.
  2. Actually everything you 'need' indefinitely is on the main asteroid. You could survive forever without leaving. Everything else are just luxury items for dupe morale. The game needs a win condition to motivate players to go beyond the first base. Base game has temporal tear. Dlc has nothing.
  3. The game is still bugged with its calculations. The newly created rocket did work for a while, but later had a stranded bug calculation like the first one. It said there were 4 tiles remaining range, and I did what I normally did move out 2 tiles from the main base, researched, tried to move back to the orbit but it was stranded by 1 tile with 1 tile remaining.
  4. yes. EA-Map3-Swamp_915.sav So I identified the problem to be related to the one rocket that says "partially fueled". I moved the rocket around too and deconstructed the fuel tank and replaced it with a different one and then back to the CO2 tank and it still has a partially fueled bug. I constructed another rocket and with same module configuration and the newly constructed one didn't have the partially fueled bug. Even though it has 100kg its partially fueled. something with the calculations. it says it can go 4 tiles. but it will get stranded. The cloned rocket will go 4 tiles but does not get stranded. now this rocket before the test branch worked. something in the test branch has messed with the fuel. Rocket XV <- bugged rocket. (says partially fuelled) S.S. Interstellar SAT is the same configuration but NOT bugged. Both rocket are fully 100kg EA-Map3-Swamp_932.sav
  5. This is NOT fixed. seems like you made it worst. Previously (before test branch), with a CO2 engine, you can go out 2 tiles from the orbit. and then be able to come back to the orbit. Now you get stranded 1 tile away from orbit, even though the rocket says there is 1 tile range left. 25kg of fuel and 1 tile remaining. Yet you're stranded one tile out.
  6. The Large Solid Oxidizer Tank (in the DLC) is missing the priorities bar. Can't set priority to deliver oxidizers. The small one has it. all the other modules have priority but this one does not.
  7. Make sure your drop off location doesn't have more than 20 already in the room.
  8. I don't like the idea of durability either. Its bad enough the game is lagging as is. do we really need another 'check' element for durability ? this doesn't add any extra challenge or fun to the game. if anything makes it annoying.
  9. Yup i noticed along time ago. Not sure if that still happens with deordorizer now but it does happen with sublimation
  10. The machine must produce gas. The gas is created under a tile. The pressure of the gas will slowly break the tile. Pressure damage. Like how you see liquids can break tiles when there are too much liquid in a tile area. Pressure damage will cause the tiles to Break. We also tried on stream to use water damage to break the walls and it worked. Just took too long to be practical. The sublimation was easier to do. You can test this easily by putting a horizontal door over the sublimation. And the door will break.
  11. You could also just destroy them with pressure. I have done this with using the sublimination machine. Easier than melting. But as the previous poster said the build over with a tile is the easier trick.
  12. My sentiments as well. I was hoping to find more reasons to play and stream it but the dlc is fairly short. Because of the no end game goal. The main game had a goal to reach the rift and travel through it. Here you really don't need to go beyond the first asteroid. There used to be a reason to get oil but end of the day it's not needed. Besides plastic beds but it's entirely possible to get a glossy drecko eventually. But not needed. 1 extra morale point for the bedroom isnt going to matter. You don't really need oven food either. Get a few farting dupes and you make some oven food now and then. I think adding a space station could be fun to build and have a shuttle craft delivering supplies to the base could be interesting or build your own rift end goal that requires those rare resources from other asteroids. Or some form of artifact collection that requires research. This can encourage exploration.
  13. You left out liquidifable (spelling?) also Devs need to put this into the overlay so we can find them.