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  1. That's the method I'm thinking of using... and it's easy enough to just put mesh tiles in that third spot, where you could put decor items, or other utilities, until you have tubes. I was wondering about that... Because you want to take advantage of space above stations/buildings, etc. to add items to boost decor. (aaand there's also some machines or stations that are 6 tiles tall (and then there's the Wind Tunnel which is 5x6). So, I suppose a good mix of both 24x4 and 16x6 rooms is the way to go. So, is it best to dig EVERYTHING, and have nothing but the rectangle grid rooms for the base.... or, do you want to spread it out a bit (for example, rooms that could cause temperature problems because of equipment in it)?
  2. The best methods are usually the simplest. hahah I usually don't pay attention to room sizes, unless I'm building something specific. That's gotta change. What about planning for firepoles/transit tubes and such? And, is it better to have a mix of ways to move around, or focus on one?
  3. As I make it to mid-game, I always run into the same problems... space. Starting out, I tend to build everything pretty close together (with space between for good airflow and ladders/firepoles) because I always struggle with air in the early game. Which leads to me repeatedly demolishing and re-building parts of my base as I expand. Any advice or tips? What layout techniques do you use?
  4. So, I got that verify email notification, too. Does that mean we got bumped and are now further down the waiting list?
  5. I may not be getting a real Christmas this year... but getting accepted into the Alpha would be like Christmas Morning. xD
  6. I actually really like this idea. It adds that tiny bit of realism that actually makes a big difference. I've always wished there was more you could do with schedules...
  7. Honestly, it's a welcome change... I mean, previously, sending them off into a rocket with virtually no requirements to keep them alive... felt cheaty. Too easy to exploit survival of a colony by keeping them in rockets. This balances that exploit out.
  8. Aaaahhhh!!!! The day is finally here! It's been amazing journey since Alpha... This game has become one of my all-time favorite games, and will continue to be. CONGRATS on officially launching, Klei!
  9. Honestly.... I would want these Dupes! xD Imagine... a gene splicing update or something.. allowing to cross Dupes with Critters... I could see the benefits of this.
  10. Not even 10 days into my current save and the achievement was awarded to me, too.
  11. This is the best crash fix I have ever read so far. xD
  12. (re: animated short) Can critters use transit tubes, now?! That seemed more than just a funny gimmick...
  13. Sorry, I should have specified better. That IS the place I was having the issue. I built the system fully, then I wired it up with automation. After finishing automation, both mini pumps continued to pump, despite automation sending them a signal to be disabled. I saved and reloaded the game, and the pumps immediately stopped and were disabled by automation.