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  1. I like the new plumbing coloring. I had actually initially thought about suggesting recoloring one of insulated or radiant pipes but I considered it too large a change at the time, but here we are. Something I did just notice (and it seems to be true of the stable branch as well) is that insulated pipes only have a unique texture when they are in "ghost"/blueprint mode. I thought they always had a unique texture but I suppose I was wrong, when built they just have the default pipe texture on them. It'd be nice if they had their unique texture when fully built though. Another peculiarity is that insulated pipes now have a different color depending on the colorblind settings. I'm sure this is likely on purpose, but it is strange that it goes from light blue on normal color to pink or purple on the other colorblind settings. I personally like the purple insulationy color from deuteranopia mode the best, and I think that color would make sense on normal color vision settings as well. (Though really I just think any pink or purple would read better as "insulated" than light blue) The new germ overlay colors, particularly for slimelung, look good to me. Easier to tell it apart from food poisoning now. New power overlay colors are also good and the generators now having a distinct color on the wire is also nice, I imagine that it might help players better see where their generators are. Light overlay feels better. The new room overlay isn't great in my opinion. I like that the dining hall and barracks have more vibrant colors, but then the bathroom, nature reserve, and stable/greenhouse all have these slightly different purples to them. And then the recreation room is very close to the "miscellaneous room" color. I'm not sure why the bathroom and hospital colors were basically switched either. I played around in gimp a bit with the chroma and hue sliders to try to pick what I thought were better colors. I based it off of the default colors, but also took the colorblind bedroom and mess hall colors. I then also tried to make "upgraded" versions of rooms (i.e. mess hall -> great hall) have a more saturation. It is definitely not trivial to get good colors, especially when turning up one room's chroma slider makes other similar colors look desaturated. There is certainly room for improvement, I'm not too happy the nature reserve or the greenhouse/stable color, but it's workable. That is a good point about not wanting to complicate discussions. I think the current state of things, where the text says "Red" but it is colored blue/whatever, is acceptable.
  2. The "destroy" tool in sandbox mode is really slow, especially as the brush size increases. On my computer it begins to be noticeable at a brush size of 3 or 4, and at a brush size of 10 (the maximum of the slider) it is quite slow. I also notice some slowness with the "Clean Floor" tool, but it isn't anywhere near as bad
  3. As someone with mild deuteranopia, the new deuteranopia color blind mode helps a lot with automation wires, especially ribbons. I was able to tell the difference between red and green wires in general before, but the ribbons were much harder and I had to look much closer at them to tell for sure. The blue and yellow coloring "pops" a lot more to me, as in they are much more differentiable than the red and green to me. I can now easily tell at a glance which parts of the ribbon are "on" and "off". I never had a problem with the old decor overlay. I could always easily tell the difference between the nice green "good" decor glow and the angry red "bad" decor glow. I don't know how other people with more severe colorblindness see it though. I prefer the default red/green decor overlay personally, the colors read a lot better to me (green = good, red = bad), and I see blue more as being a "cool """hip""" color" instead of as a "bad decor" color. I haven't really used to farming overlay (F10) much so I can't say I even know if anything has changed there. The red "plant growing" and the orange/yellow "harvest ready" colors look similar to me though so it might be worthwhile to differentiate them a bit. The Harvest Plants (Y) tool overlay hasn't changed yet, but blue and yellow icons instead of red and green would help a lot for me here. The previous post's point about pipes feels like something that would affect even someone with normal vision, and hence if they do get changed I feel it would make sense to include the change even without any color correction enabled. The problem I see with them is insulated and radiant piping being similar, with insulated being orange and radiant being more golden yellow. Making the insulated pipes a darker brown color would be a subtle change that could help in differentiating them. The pipe's texture also really helps in telling them apart, particularly when they are in "ghost form". Making those texture differences more apparent once the pipe is actually built could further help in telling radiant and insulated pipes apart. EDIT: Also there are many strings in the game referencing things like a "green signal" or "red signal" (they might all be for automation things). It would make sense to re-localize them as "yellow" and "blue" signals when colorblind settings are enabled.
  4. I have also experienced this issue on the preview/testing branch. I have created a minimal test case which exhibits this bug, which I have attached to this comment. All it involves is automation to open and close the door, and carbon dioxide being exposed to a cold environment and freezing. Door Deletion Minimal Test Case.sav
  5. The ribbon reader and ribbon writer should probably be on the automation layer, not the building layer
  6. Only dupe interaction left are changing liquid valves and gas valves. Speaking of, that should either be instant or actually show a "errand-to-be-done" icon on them when they need to be changed
  7. This is a duplicate of this issue, which will be fixed when the testing version is released If you want a work around to keep playing, just deconstruct your incubators
  8. I have attached a save game in which the game always crashes near the end of the cycle. To reproduce, simply run the save game and before the cycle clock reaches dark the game will crash without any further input needed from the player. The Player.log file has an interesting backtrace in it that might be what is causing the crash Cannot set the parent of the GameObject 'SquirrelBaby' while it is being destroyed. UnityEngine.Transform:SetParent(Transform, Boolean) UnityEngine.Transform:SetParent(Transform) UnityEngine.Transform:set_parentInternal(Transform) UnityEngine.Transform:set_parent(Transform) Storage:MakeWorldActive(GameObject) Storage:DropAll(Boolean, Boolean, Vector3, Boolean) SingleEntityReceptacle:ClearOccupant() EggIncubator:ClearOccupant() SingleEntityReceptacle:ClearOccupantEventHandler(Object) EventSystem:Trigger(GameObject, Int32, Object) KMonoBehaviour:Trigger(Int32, Object) KPrefabID:OnCleanUp() KMonoBehaviour:OnDestroy() [/home/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Transform/Transform.cpp line 579] (Filename: /home/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Transform/Transform.cpp Line: 579) Some of my system specs for the sake of completeness, though I don't think it matters in this case Linux Distro: Arch Linux RAM: 16GB GFX Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz Monitor: 2560x1440 @ 144Hz The Regrettable Utopia.sav Player.log