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  1. Hi, I just tried moving all my saves somewhere else (and disabling cloud saves) on Linux but I still have this issue happen.
  2. This still happens for me with the patch that came out today. This is the crash dialog output Unable to find setting level for setting:ClusterLayout level: worlds/SandstoneDefault UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) Debug:LogError(Object) Klei.CustomSettings.ListSettingConfig:GetLevel(String) CustomGameSettings:GetCurrentQualitySetting(String) CustomGameSettings:GetCurrentQualitySetting(SettingConfig) CustomGameSettings:GetSettingsCoordinate() PauseScreen:OnSpawn() KMonoBehaviour:Spawn() KMonoBehaviour:Start()
  3. Game crashes after you click "Load Game" and select a save on Linux. Selecting "Resume Game" from the main menu works as expected.
  4. The game crashes immediately when trying to make a new game on Linux.
  5. Yay, that was a very frustrating bug, particularly if you didn't know what was happening. Glad to see it fixed!
  6. I just got some footage of this happening in my test map (unfortunately I wasn't recording before I noticed it occur). This time instead of a single tile, it happened on a large group of tiles. I think it occurred after I did a "fill" operation
  7. Dupes will take an atmosuit off of an atmosuit dock if that dock has oxygen supplied to it and another atmosuit dock of equal or higher priority requests a suit, or if a storage container of higher priority requests a suit. Here is a video showing the issue
  8. Yes I saw that post, I believe this is a different but related bug. My guess is that the nosecone's walls aren't properly tagged, which allows them to both be replaced and to be counted as "user added things" that will get ejected when the nosecone is destroyed
  9. You can make infinite steel and diamond by just changing the rocket module type from solo spacefarer nosecone to any other type. This can be done as soon as you research rocket platforms and get some refined metal for the rocket platform. Here is a video demonstrating how it is done
  10. When you have some sort of tile selected to be built, the bottom edge of the map does some funky stuff Holding a block (in this case a ladder) Not holding any block
  11. I like the new main menu background! Also rocket interior's are still pitch black on Linux
  12. Can confirm, also experiencing pitch black rocket interiors on linux, when a couple versions ago it worked perfectly fine