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  1. Since there is no way to generate new ones (old rocketry system) and they die of old age, but do not produce offspring, the entire gassy moo population goes extinct after one life cycle (75 cycles). This does not seem intended.
  2. They actually have to have the lower tier skill to dig those, tier 3/4 digging doesn't "cover" for it.
  3. Trailblazer module must be loaded up with refined metal and then a construction errand occurs on it. Make sure you have a ladder close enough to it. Then, from a hex adjacent to the planet (these are the orbit hexes) you will have the option to deploy the module, this will dump your dupe down on the surface. your dupe lives in a command module on top of the rocket, separate from the trailblazer module, until then.
  4. Bug or intended? Most obviously occurs when making a row of telescopes, it is not possible to cover them in a horizontal row of glass without becoming obstructed--there must be empty tiles beyond the edges sufficiently to make them not obstructed, like in the telescope on the right in the first image. The second image is the minimum number of tiles to obstruct, removing any window tile unobstructs the telescope. This is extremely unintuitive to me. I assume it's doing some average lux calculation in a region or something. The expected behavior would be to have sight of the sky while under any amount of glass, I would think.
  5. yeah to be honest I just made a mad dash digging to the o2 pocket nearest the surface. I wonder if it's possible to send the dupe in an atmo suit? I didn't try this when I did it first.
  6. Huh, a surprising amount of criticism of the wild farming change. Strange. Wild farming trivialized the game. Wild trees was free infinite power and water for example, and many other wild plants were substantial sources of completely free food both on inputs and labor. It trivialized the whole game and I'm so happy it's been changed. I'd like the game to be at least a slight challenge. There's not really any fun when there's no challenge. Pips keep the door open for the non-exploititive ways that wild plants can be used, while the changes made in this patch to wild planting puts an end to the nonsense that was self sustaining bases by cycle 20. And even still, you can still exploit the game in lots of other ways if you're really into that, just rapidly toggle a tepidizer under a steam turbine, it's not like this is a huge loss to such players. Shrug. This was a very healthy change and I like the direction that this balance goes in, much like I'm a fan of the changes made to fixed-temperature-outputs: it removes a bunch of the black magic vodo nonsense that was meta only because it was overpowered, not because it was healthy balance nor made any sense. To each their own I suppose, but I for one hope klei keeps moving in the direction that they are.
  7. The various water types now have different densities so they will sort out when stacked Nice! Also, I'm a fan of the output temperature changes!
  8. Nice fixes! Still hoping the bug where water and salt water have the same density so they repeatedly layer 1g packets on top if other 1g packets over and over
  9. Sometimes if a dupe gets interrupted they won't ever return to the capsule. In this particular example I've provided, Bubbles is assigned to pilot this rocket. If everything worked the way it should, automation would be repeatedly sending missions as soon as it is ready to leave, and sometimes this works flawlessly for hours at a time. However, sometimes the dupe won't return to the capsule, I've noticed this most frequently in the following timeline of events, but there may be other ways in which it can happen, I'm not sure; in any case: Bubbles recently got back from a mission. The gantry was extended and she left to urgently use the bathroom. This task completed and she began to return the capsule. While en route, her downtime window started, and she abandoned that task to go rest. When that window ended she went to sleep. When that window ended she got up and used the shower. When that was completed she started doing random errands instead of going back to the rocket, pictured in this screenshot. She's still listed as assigned in the capsule and the rocket is waiting for her return before it can launch. This will never occur, even dozens of cycles later and even if she goes idle. Clicking on the capsule and deselecting and then reselecting bubbles as the desired pilot immediately prompts her to remember what she's supposed to be doing. D63 Cycle 2146.sav
  10. * Gasses render in front of background buildings like Drywall This is fine in most cases but gas pipes look really strange now
  11. I have this too, it doesn't happen until the game has been running for a while for me, also I can change the settings on the kiln without issue until I change it to 0x, that's what causes the crash.
  12. Duplicants won't get out of a rocket until there is a gantry in place Astronaut Duplicants will really have to pee when they land after a mission I assume this is to have the intended effect of having dupes leave the rocket gracefully (without falling) but also giving them an urgent task so they don't just get right back in the rocket (which used to be the behavior of giving them an exit gantry). It's actually pretty clever. I like it.
  13. seems to me that this is addressed by The production queue spam is annoying but it's good to hear it's known about and being worked on. In the meantime you can mute your UI sounds in the audio menu to get rid of the audible nuisance alarms associated with this bug.