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  1. The best part about this idea is the "clothing locker" art already exists, the lockers just need to be disassembled and repositioned. (hint hint, deconstructible POI's, hint hint) Also, clothing will have to do more than just modify the insulation level of the dupe... There has for a long time been weirdness involving "warm sweaters" protecting from high temperatures just as well as it protects from low temperatures. A dupe with a sweater, a dupe with a vest, and a dupe in just plain clothes step into a pool of crude oil at the same time. No this isn't the start of a joke, but the protection a sweater can provide for keeping a closer-to-normal body temperature in 350C crude oil certainly is. All the dupes will get knocked unconcious at the same time because of the way scalding damage ticks work, but the dupe with the sweater will have a near-normal temperature while the less insulated dupes will be far warmer. The same goes for standing in cold water; the sweater dupe is always the least effected, because the higher insulation value keeps the body temperature stable. In order for clothing other than exosuits to make sense, the functionality behind the clothing needs to be made very specific and "activate" only in those situations (edit - while also doing a better job for lower the resource cost than the more "general" exosuit solution). As always, more options for dupe equipment to deal with debuffs would be nice, but only if the debuffs are actually able to be encountered. Otherwise it's all just as cosmetic as a snazzy suit.
  2. I would expect to assuredly find at least ONE of the theme appropriate geysers for the destinations I would visit. If i went to a gas giant and found no hydrogen geysers i would be very disappointed (the realism of "landing" on a gas giant being besides the point) Hopefully most of the current space destinations will be represented in the DLC release version as themed asteroids, along with their geyser resources and obviously along with the new ones the DLC will introduce. What i'm refering to: As for the starting asteroid conditions, assuming the current difficulty style selection of choose-your-asteroid is kept, there should be at least a few expected (even forced) default geysers per asteroid. The terra asteroid SHOULD have a steam vent spawn on it somewhere. The volcanic asteroid SHOULD have major volcanoes spawn throughout it. However, if a starting location like Rime should lose the odd metallic or oil geyser to a neighboring asteroid to promote more compelling gameplay, then i say "Do that thing." The one issue I have though is a situation similar to where a certain achievement is outright impossible to complete due to certain creatures not spawning anywhere in that universe; Playing a few hundred cycles in a "100% Achievements" colony only to discover that your destinations have no Pips or Gassy Moos is horrifying... And, OH LOOK, new critters to add to that list! So, similarly, if a player is not properly primed to expect a possible "never finding infinite water" (or chlorine, or niobium, or whatever) there might be friction over the "dooming" of the colony, even if only by "math on paper" method; yes there's 1000+ cycles of water for 100 dupes in the ice on the nearest neighbor, even WITH hydrogen rockets, so please don't cry about not having any water geysers on your starting asteroid! It'll only take you 10 cycles to get to the nearest cool slush geyser!
  3. now delete the original rocket to get REALLY "Lost in Space"
  4. Some asteroids look like they should be left to idle, especially once you completely core them out of useful/desired resources. The niobium/magma asteroid for example clearly isn't intended for permanent habitation after all the initial niobium has been removed. All that's left after that point is waiting for the niobium volcano to erupt to replenish that asteroid's single export resource. The DLC is taking a single core game feature "Renewable resources are in space" and then making sure e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in that process is featured in play time... Rather than just abstracting out as "20kg Niobium per 40 cycles. Click this button to 'build a colony' and get 20.1kg Niobium per 39 cycles." Which leads back to Zerat's original post. By making the internal space of a rocket be a real volume, it lets players who engineer solutions design their own thing rather than just pressing one button. For players who are not engineers, there are other game features that exist to mitigate the issues they encounter, like exosuits. If those features don't exist it's because this is an alpha that's directing players away from just blindly re-applying old solutions. The capsule to transport 10 dupes is "intended" to just have 10 beds inside it, but you can put other things inside for better life support for 1 dupe. If the gameplay is compelling the design is on the correct course.
  5. I hesitated in the sign-up for the first few hours because of reasons and decided to watch a live-stream of the new DLC features instead. My regret for hesitating is now immeasurable after watching the new 'rocket interior' feature in action. Dupes are going to be screaming "LET ME IN" at the colony airlock doors when they spend a few dozen cycles in a rocket with no on-board toilet. Who else is going to recreate the animated short "Nowhere To Go" with a Meep? I think that'll be everyone at some point.
  6. Atmospheric Suits are actually made of Dirt with a melting point of 326.9*C, which means they're dangerous to use in environments above that temperature for long enough periods of time. Being made of dirt, they have absolutely terrible conductivity meaning they take longer to change temperature, both toward and away from melt-down. Jet Suits meanwhile are made of Steel with a melting point of 2426.9*C, which means a dupe could stand in magma or similarly hot environments and not melt their suit. (Though once the suit reaches the scalding point the dupe will take damage) Without testing it, i would guess that you could still use jet suits without fuel, once the initial 25kg of petroleum runs out.
  7. Clockwise from top-left: Launch Pad -- On top was a rocket that looked very mashed together from spare parts; Tier zero rocketry or just a stand-in for a propulsion module art that's not done yet? Centrifuge -- That pipe leads OUT by the way, if the attached pipe can be trusted (Who built this base?) The polluted water may be incidental or the machine may intentionally spill liquids in use? Potted plant -- Radiation absorbing flower? The proximity to the storage bins may not be a coincidence, a hint to their purpose. Two "new" ores -- Can you guess what they are without starting ONI or looking at the wiki? (One of them is Radium) Flying Insect -- The first hostile alien life? Eats and poops radiation? Eats and poops dupes? Farmable Plant -- Predatory in nature? Fertilized with meat? What could it produce, BESIDES more pointless kcal? Space Slugs -- Sleep on the ceiling at night? Are they hostile too, or just their environment? Are they gross? Probably. RAD(ICAL) SUIT -- Keeps your dupes from growing extra things? Required to handle radiation? IS THE MEDBAY USEFUL NOW?! RADIATION MACHINERY -- Fuel in, water in, waste out, power out? The machine seems to be larger than 3x3, and i suspect a lot of support machinery is needed too. Could it just be fore refinement? (There's also the Gravitas ruins windows in the background, and mosaic tiles... Can the player place them now, or are they just placeholder art?) RADIATION STATION -- Accepts a blue bolt that was redirected from the small device above it, could this be a new form of wireless building controls? A control device that must be operated to stop the reactor from breaking?
  8. Nosh bean variant Drecko: If they eat Nosh beans they produce impressive amounts of pure chlorine farts (Beans, beans the magical fruit; the more you eat, the more you toot.) that are within the nosh bean and salt vine temperature ranges. If they splash around in puddles of ethanol, they produce rust scales. In order to create the variant, normal Dreckos have to eat salt vines, not nosh beans. Eating nosh beans as a nosh drecko raises the chances of making nosh drecko eggs, while all the other edibles remain for their chances of making the other drecko species.
  9. I'm sure the newbies will be more disappointed when they watch the Space Industry short and then realise they can't build the astronaut training rocket simulator building.
  10. The files for 'The Rock' and 'Helicona' still exist in the game folders, but are disabled from appearing. Not missing much, they're just prototype Arido and Rime.
  11. Klei: Rock Granulators are now Amalgamators. Also Klei: Amalgamators are now Rock Granulators. Translators: "Grumble Grumble"
  12. high kcal density muck root replacement for the forest biome.
  13. Any ocean biome from any asteroid or just the ocean asteroid?