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  1. Clockwise from top-left: Launch Pad -- On top was a rocket that looked very mashed together from spare parts; Tier zero rocketry or just a stand-in for a propulsion module art that's not done yet? Centrifuge -- That pipe leads OUT by the way, if the attached pipe can be trusted (Who built this base?) The polluted water may be incidental or the machine may intentionally spill liquids in use? Potted plant -- Radiation absorbing flower? The proximity to the storage bins may not be a coincidence, a hint to their purpose. Two "new" ores -- Can you guess what they are without starting ONI or looking at the wiki? (One of them is Radium) Flying Insect -- The first hostile alien life? Eats and poops radiation? Eats and poops dupes? Farmable Plant -- Predatory in nature? Fertilized with meat? What could it produce, BESIDES more pointless kcal? Space Slugs -- Sleep on the ceiling at night? Are they hostile too, or just their environment? Are they gross? Probably. RAD(ICAL) SUIT -- Keeps your dupes from growing extra things? Required to handle radiation? IS THE MEDBAY USEFUL NOW?! RADIATION MACHINERY -- Fuel in, water in, waste out, power out? The machine seems to be larger than 3x3, and i suspect a lot of support machinery is needed too. Could it just be fore refinement? (There's also the Gravitas ruins windows in the background, and mosaic tiles... Can the player place them now, or are they just placeholder art?) RADIATION STATION -- Accepts a blue bolt that was redirected from the small device above it, could this be a new form of wireless building controls? A control device that must be operated to stop the reactor from breaking?
  2. Nosh bean variant Drecko: If they eat Nosh beans they produce impressive amounts of pure chlorine farts (Beans, beans the magical fruit; the more you eat, the more you toot.) that are within the nosh bean and salt vine temperature ranges. If they splash around in puddles of ethanol, they produce rust scales. In order to create the variant, normal Dreckos have to eat salt vines, not nosh beans. Eating nosh beans as a nosh drecko raises the chances of making nosh drecko eggs, while all the other edibles remain for their chances of making the other drecko species.
  3. I'm sure the newbies will be more disappointed when they watch the Space Industry short and then realise they can't build the astronaut training rocket simulator building.
  4. The files for 'The Rock' and 'Helicona' still exist in the game folders, but are disabled from appearing. Not missing much, they're just prototype Arido and Rime.
  5. Klei: Rock Granulators are now Amalgamators. Also Klei: Amalgamators are now Rock Granulators. Translators: "Grumble Grumble"
  6. high kcal density muck root replacement for the forest biome.
  7. Any ocean biome from any asteroid or just the ocean asteroid?
  8. The first one is going to get you a lot of heat, because there is a segment of ONI who want the game to be easier... There's also a segment who wants the game to be more difficult. Frankly, self-planting should only happen under specific conditions; only certain soil types, temperature ranges, entombment, atmosphere, etc. For example in order to "wild plant" Sleet Wheet, you would need to entomb it in some kind of ice. This turns a fairly braindead "build planter boxes /storage containers, assign seed, deconstruct" to something that's more of an engineering challenge and fully limited by the environment, even if that environment is itself artificial; there are only so many tiles of phosphorite on the map, chlorine does not normally get that hot/cold, switching liquid types between "planting" and "growing" phases, etc. The second one is a good adjustment, and helps reduce the chances of wild arbor trees being placed so close together they can't grow branches.
  9. It's difficult to have controversy when there's an objectively correct choice. Which we now have.
  10. Considering the number of other crashes in the game after the recent update it may not be related to sandbox mode or the destroy tool specifically. Also, the range on the tools are dependent on your machine. If you set the range too large even a good machine will crash. If the game chokes and dies with the large ranges, just reveal/destroy the map using a smaller brush.
  11. Sandbox will crash when using the destroy tile tool, either while the game is running or after unpausing.
  12. No more free cooling is great, but we're still getting free heating (reee) Sieve output should be based on filtration media used. Heat exchange between 5kg polluted water, 1kg filtration medium, add the DTU value of the machine operating to the output. Need more exchange? Increase the amount of filtration medium used. Add more wattage cost to the sieve and add a mathmatically sound amount of DTUs to the output. Don't worry if the player put polluted water through the sieve that could freeze on the output after being turned to pure water. If the player needs to figure out an external heating solution, let them and let it be part of the game. A player mod already on the workshop already did the full scope of dynamic temperature on the sieve and it worked fine.