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  1. Looks like so. Probibly klei wanna add atom engines or smthg.
  2. Remove anti entropy stuff and ice biomes, make this game not that casual, force us to explore asteroid faster! One move in wrong direction and you already DEAD, that will be awsm. Thats not how it work. If you need solve overheat trouble you not gonna wait until it become to late. This force you explore asteroid faster, you cant just wait until 48 cycle and get ww by abuse saves, coz this is just doesnt solve your problem.
  3. There is a lots of ways you can use to deal with heat. Heat wasnt big problem at all, maybe now it become little bit harder but still not to hard. And if this is to hard for ya you always can use sandbox/devmode (=.
  4. Not a big nerf, you still can plant it just in soil by dropping seed on it.
  5. Nah, not a big deal. You still have ice bioms and stuff for cooling things in early game.
  6. Send it to atmosuits, or cool it with aquatuner, as you wish.
  7. Looks here folks. collect all heat from hottest place of your base on petrolium>Send this to petrolium to petrolium generator>Get free steam and hot co2 for slicker.
  8. Fixed-temperature-output buildings will now output at a hotter temperature if their input materials are hotter than the configured temperature. Still easy.