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Happy birthday to the Carter sisters!

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20 minutes ago, gaymime said:

if it is any consolation i think wendy would prefer it this way

(For This- You deserve ShopCat!)

Abigail doesn’t celebrate Birthdays anymore.. she says it make’s her feel more Transparent. :wilson_cry:
I try to tell Her to Brighten up.. that at least she isn’t getting any older when her Birthdays pass now, But she just gives me this Angry look.


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Happy birthday Wendy, hope your coming days will be filled with greif, despair, horror,depression ,sickness and death till death make you part and reunite with abigail and also find a way for abigail to exist as a ghost not a flower when you are dead. 

Happy birthday Abigail, hope your sister will be able to make you a ghost permanently regardless of her state of life and join you in the afterlife sooner 

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