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Hey Grifters,

We're getting closer to having the full Smith debut in the game. Here's what we're currently missing:

  • quest variety: (two more for tei, one more for moreef)
  • boss alts (Brut and the robot bodyguard)
  • additional smith negotiation cards (exact number t.b.d)
  • possibly more events/oppos (need to do some testing to see how repetitive they currently are)

This list isn't written in stone, and is subject to additions/removal. We need to make sure we leave enough time for testing/tuning/translating! :)

Anywho, here are today's changes:


  • Fixed bug where Squeeze didn't calculate the cost of drawn cards correctly
  • Clarified description of the Grout Monster's Enrage condition
  • Fixed rare crash caused by chaos_theory
  • Reworded the description of Hubris to match its effect
  • Fixed missing card art and target_mod for tidepool_pods
  • Added the Retribution buff for the twin bosses


  • New smith quest: side_smith_delicate_negotiations
  • Simple oppo for any hesh friend.
  • Fixed bug where event_stolen_wallet.lua would get stuck in a certain branch of the dialogue
  • Fixed bug where the decks in Smith's day 2 boss experiment were not being applied
  • Fixed bug where Animal Bond would heal just hovering over the convo option to eat
  • fixed brenna skin
  • Fssh now loves you by default
  • Added a boon for Fssh and a bane for Kashio
  • Fights in the boss rush daily now still give death loot but don't offer a draft


  • Reserve overflow shown with a label instead of just a growing bar of portraits.


  • Localize mod_option spinner value name strings.
  • better type-checking when priority sorting the mods table.
  • Move ally images into their respective CharacterDefs for better extensibility.

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2 minutes ago, TaschDraws said:


Is that a good thing or...?

Also, you would think that getting hated by the biggest debt broker in Havaria will have a more negative effect, but apparently the effect conveniently gets cancelled out with Fssh's boon.

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I can see a few reasons to have Fssh love the player and have the bane and boon there:

1. It's flavourful, Sal does have a troubled past thanks to Kashio and I'll fight anyone who tells me Fssh isn't cozy.

2. It's consistent, it was odd that Kashio hates the player but doesn't have a bane for some reason, and it was also odd that Fssh doesn't love the player given her extensive history with Sal.

3. Fssh loving the player makes Sal's starter campaign easier than the unlovable and harder Rook and Smith campaigns, who have to get their bartenders to like them through missions and cannot earn their love. (There better be a way to make Sweet Moreef love Smith in the full campaign though :love_heart:)

4. It introduces the boon and bane concepts immediately in a safe environment for a fresh player.

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Also, another reason is probably for modding, if you have some mods that allows fssh's or kashio's relationship to change, something might happen. But delta 2 max resolve and 2 health is way too pathetic to make an impact on the game. Same goes for the default delta 2 resolve or health boon/bane. They really don't matter. I feel like a delta of at least 5 in max resolve/health is needed for the boons/banes to have a tangible impact.

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Firstly, was the Retribution buff added from that feedback I gave????? :shock:

Secondly, I feel like Fssh's Boon and Kashio's Bane being so weak makes a ton of sense. Sal's going to be the starting character in the full game - and having the relationship system be shown off immediately with two perks that negate each other teaches a new player what to expect later on. Fssh also being a vendor shows off the discount on services you can get if you have a positive relationship with someone. If these were two different perks that didn't match then Sal would always have two extra quirks in her run that you can't play around. That's just my 2 shills though. 

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