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  1. Burn is self-explanatory; pump n dump allows you to play Empty cards and get free Defense; dump n pump allows you to play Fully Charged and Overcharge cards.
  2. Oh, I also forgot about Inoculated and Bog Sensitive, a boon/bane combo that only affects Rook. Proposed changes: a rather involved Threekwa-style rework for non-Rook characters, "at the start of combat or negotiation, a random card in your deck is marked with Sigil of the Bog. Whenever you draw a Sigil of the Bog card, heal 2 HP or restore 2 resolve/take 2 damage". This solution could be reused for any other Parasite involved boons/banes, like Grimdelia's, should they ever appear in the brawl.
  3. Tbh, you could've prevented it but chose to do nothing.
  4. There's a small number of boons and banes that either don't work in the brawl or are incompatible with certain characters. Here's a list of em, along with potential changes: Haggle Badge: straight up doesn't work in the brawl cause there are no optional quests or quest givers. Not the best value in the campaign for anyone other than Sal. Doesn't stack. Proposed changes: replace the reward negotiation with a flat, stackable shill bonus (20-25 shills) awarded for successfully completing any quest. Essentially, an alternative to Admiralty Goon's Piece of the Pie with a higher acquisition cost (100 shills gift vs 150 shills) but a greater day to day pay out as well, provided you successfully complete the quests. Authorization: similar to Haggle Badge, does nothing in the brawl. Limited campaign usefulness due to on location agent RNG (where are the cops when you need em?), and Rook's campaign simply not having a sizeable Admiralty presence. Proposed changes: this one's tough to rework on the fly due to the combat potential of having an extra body in a fight. I suppose the easiest option would be to have it apply 1 Flustered/Impair to a random enemy on the first turn of negotiation/combat. That would make Authorization a universally desirable boon, both in the campaign and the brawl, not to mention the stacking potential. Heshian Armature: a character specific boon that does nothing for Sal and Smith. Proposed changes: complete rework for non-Rook characters (similar to Threekwa's boon), grant the player 2 Adrenaline if they only played Attack cards last turn. Essentially, an inverse version of Sparky's boon (grants 2 temp. power if you didn't use any Attacks last turn). Gremlins: a character specific bane that doesn't work with Sal or Smith. Proposed changes: complete rework, at the end of your first turn each battle, take 2 damage per card in hand. Elitist: this bane actually works in the brawl, much the same way it does in the campaign, as in, talking to a non-quest character for the first time makes em dislike you. However, you could always preemptively counter Elitist by simply interacting with every character you see which, in combination with quest character protection, renders it somewhat useless. Plus, having to click on each new character every time you do a run is kinda silly. Proposed changes: complete overhaul, increase the cost of buying someone a drink by 20%, stackable. Makes it harder to make friends and earn forgiveness, eliminates the need for clicking on every character you meet. A win-win. Red Tape: same as Authorization, does nothing in the brawl and hardly does anything in the campaign. Proposed changes: again, tough to come up with something Admiralty flavored when the goal's to broaden the effect. Perhaps something along the lines of "the first time you apply a debuff in combat or negotiation, apply it to yourself as well".
  5. Currently, only Sal can appear in Rook's and Smith's campaigns; Rook can only appear in Sal's campaign, while Smith can't appear in anyone's campaign but his own. Would've been pretty sweet if all grifters could appear in each other's campaigns.
  6. He got better. Just had a run with Buleet and Galvanized seemed to work fine. It definitely gets removed at some point, not sure if it's on discard or after you shuffle the deck.
  7. Some of the Flourishes are probably Attacks as well, such as the damage dealing ones, or Sal's Bleed to all and Rook's Burn to all.
  8. Reckon it's parasite related. Either that, or his chrome dome grants him mystical powers.
  9. I thought Sal's tutorials covered this but apparently not. They only mention how many cards you draw each turn, not the max hand size. No mention of the max arguments amount either. Guess adding those would require new voice lines, and that doesn't seem to be on the menu now that the game's development's basically over.
  10. The changelog appears to be missing from the forum post.
  11. Is there a reason for this penalty now that all characters have access to Boss grafts?
  12. Since there's nothing to spend Prestige on once you've acquired all Flourishes it would've been handy if we had an option to convert our cross-character Prestige points into Mettle for a specific character. Perhaps at a 2:1 Prestige to Mettle ratio to keep it reasonable, and make the option available only after the player has acquired all Flourishes and their upgrades.
  13. With all the Smith campaign hubbub, I hope Klei doesn't forget about the Brawl mode. Here's a short list of some of the things it currently lacks: Smith's Day 3/4 campaign bosses; Timeline icons for Smith's bosses and Fralx; A way to earn/train pets; Unique campaign NPCs appearing in the bar and missions (e.g. Grimdellia/Frizz in Rook's Brawl, Kalandra/Denikus/Bordenkra in any characters' Brawl); Randomized final bosses (e.g. being able to fight Kashio as Rook, Bog Monster as Smith, Vix as Sal, etc.); Grout bogs spawning during combat in Rook's Brawl; Boss graft drafts on Day 1 and 2 of the Brawl for Rook and Smith; Limiting Boss graft drafts to Day 1 and 2 of the Brawl for Sal; A way to get Campaign only cards/grafts in the Brawl (e.g. Rentorian Force Glaive, Shovel, Neural Braid, etc.).
  14. You're mixing two distinct archetypes here, self-damage and pure Hostility. You don't run Dominance in a self-damage build, outside of Degrading Nepotism's Notion for the occasional boosted Degrade attack against the enemy. I'm not a fan of these pour cards, like Tyrannize and Trade, cause they require you to keep a source of Influence which has no use outside of being transformed into Dominance (though it's easier for Sal than Rook since she has Inspiration, and gets to keep it even after upgrading to Hostile Tactics). Smith's Renown in a purely offensive Hostility deck is even worse, being a liability that threatens to blow up in your face if an enemy targets it.
  15. Figured it might be worth dropping some thoughts in regards to the new boss grafts. We'll start with the new Combat Boss grafts: Heirloom Knucks (neutral): very easy to work around early on, gets a bit messy if you have a lot of Replenish cards or natural draw; Reckless Idol (neutral): -2 DEF from cards makes DEF abilities better but other than that, gotta be really careful with planning your defense strategies (unless you're a Moxie huffing Smith); Truncheon (Sal): free energy if you don't use Bleed, not much else to it. An extremely lenient and narrow downside given the other character's boss grafts; Un-Marked Weapons (Rook): no DEF from empty cells makes the gun cell reduction upgrade more appealing than the increase. Just gotta make sure you're packing those Tight Spots and Levers; Klipper (Smith): -15 max HP is bloody unreasonable on a character that uses his health bar to slap people around. At Prestige 5+, Smith would have less max HP (33) than bloody Rook (42), and Rook doesn't even need to punch himself in the face to get going. This one really needs a buff, something like -10 max HP, cause it's just too painful to take otherwise, especially when compared to all the neutral boss grafts. Next up are the new Negotiation Boss grafts: Brain Harp (neutral): changed in Experimental from doubling the spill over damage against you to adding +2 to it, which is fair and relatively easy to avoid if you stick with Diplomacy and all the Composure cards; Jarackle Janglers (neutral): 2 damage to the core isn't too bad, especially for Sal and Smith who have either resolve restoring options or self-damage synergy, or both. Bit more yucky on Rook early on but nowhere near bad enough to pass +1 energy; Shrokian Glamour Stones (neutral): no help from bystanders, no problem. Basically free energy; Scholar's Clip (Sal): makes Influence and Dominance decay by 1 every turn. Annoying for Dominance because it decays naturally, not too bad for Influence decks because pumping Influence is pretty easy; Swamp Haunt (Rook): a free Bog Enlightenment? Don't mind if I do; Finely Crafted Amulet (Smith): similar to Scholar's Clip but for Renown. Don't use Renown and it's free energy. Reckless Idol and Klipper could use some fine tuning, and Truncheon's downside seems a bit too one sided given the broad downsides of Un-Marked Weapons and Klipper. All in all, very nice and much needed additions.
  16. Since Provocation negotiation doesn't award a card draft, it seems only fair that a Provocation combat shouldn't award a card draft either, given that you already get some death loot and eliminate a Bane. In similar fashion, Haggle Badge and tithe collection (Smith's job reward) negotiations shouldn't award card drafts because these repeatable negotiations have a preset reward already.
  17. I'm inclined to agree with @qwerjk. For sure, Shrewd's ability to completely negate a target's attack damage is very strong, especially given Shrewd's independence from any prerequisites. However, at 2 cost and with a Burnout to boot, it might just not be worth the hassle to draft at all. Rook's Energy Loop and Tight Spot are both examples of a better balancing approach, having Burnout on the base version, retaining their 1 cost, and offering an upgrade that removes Burnout.
  18. Fralx probably confused Veep for Rook, and then the real Rook showed up. Explains his mustache line.