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  1. Absolutely. There's precedent for this already, with Death Loot cards (War Story: it's a Gamble card for Rook, yet a simple random one for Sal).
  2. At the end of the day, there's the dev intended way vs the unintended way. As it stands, perks are allowed but mutators aren't. Personally, I'm not bothered by this at all given the game breaking nature of mutators and how quickly you can plow through the Prestige levels. Also, have you been starting with deck draft this whole time? That entirely negates the issue of managing your starter cards, making the early game super easy.
  3. That's cause by siding with Fellemo you help...Fellemo. He was military, like Rook, but unlike Rook he did not choose to stay in "the game". Fellemo wants a cushy retirement, that's all this is about, that's what he tells Kallandra at the end if you spare her. On the other hand, by siding with Kalandra you help her cause, the Rise, and all the other Baron oppressed entities.
  4. It's not on GOG, so that kind of answers it. As to why, who knows?
  5. Would've been nice if the Negotiation tutorial mentioned this.
  6. Thank you. Does this mean Impatience stops scaling past Day 3, in both Campaign and Brawl?
  7. I see. Does the amount of turns before it kicks in changes as the game goes on? Why isn't there a visible timer for that?
  8. I've over 200 hours in Griftlands and still don't understand how the naturally occurring (not caused by specific Arguments/Bounties) Impatience works. Is it based on the amount of cards played, amount of damage dealt, amount of full deck draws?
  9. There are only 6 Prestige levels now instead of old 15. That's 6 runs to unlock everything. Each character's campaign features multiple mutually exclusive quest options and decisions that change the flow of the run - that's your narrative variety; the cards offered are random, the quest rewards offered are random, the random encounters are random, too - that's your gameplay variety. If that's not enough, you can look to other popular card games and how they treats custom runs: Slay the Spire disables achievements, Monster Train disables in-game progression, etc. Griftlands' approach is neither unique nor as prohibitive as you see it. Once you've unlocked all the Prestige levels you can use whatever mutators you want while progressing your Grifts and 100%-ing the Compendium.
  10. Gotta say, I expected a Bogger Cultivator style costume, with the straw hat, not Shield Bogger.
  11. Fellemo's just not sure if he "can trust his old friend".