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  1. If it's any help, the main branch will be updated with all the experimental content on June 1st, so you could just wait till next week.
  2. Don't think I've ever seen this event, wow.
  3. No problems for me on Windows, though I didn't have any mods installed prior to the update.
  4. There's a random event in Smith's campaign that involves following a trail of Makeshift Daggers until you stumble on a couple of Sprees, who then proceed to attack you. The issue is that it is impossible to win against 2 Spree Thugs at the very start of day 1 with nothing but the unupgraded starter cards. I reckon the day 1 version of this encounter should be softened up a bit, either by removing the 2nd Thug completely or by replacing them with a Flead, a setup that's similar to what Sal could encounter in her campaign.
  5. Day 1 boss btw, dealing casual 30 damage turn 1. I still have unupgraded starer cards in my deck. I can't focus on Jeol because the drones are killing me, and I can't focus on the drones because they take forever to kill and also, Jeol's killing me. This fight's a bit more manageable in the campaign because the bouncer is always a Jake with 100+ HP and heal/Defense, not to mention the multi-hit attack which specifically counters the drones.
  6. Another list of potential brawl improvements based on Prestige 7 experiences. Allow Beastmaster to sell his usual item cards; Pets are useless in the brawl, costing too much and dying too quickly. As such, the Beastmaster is rendered useless. Allowing him to sell the usual beast item cards would justify his existence in the mode, along with providing an alternative to bar cards. Restrict boss grafts to day 1 and 2, mirroring the way they're distributed in the campaign mode (negotiation graft at the end of day 1, combat graft at the end of day 2); As cool as it is to have access to guaranteed 6 energy on day 5, the whole boss graft every day (and two starting day 3) trivializes energy management to the point of rendering any need for strategy or planning nigh obsolete. It also robs the player of experiencing the variety of non-boss grafts because really, why would you waste a slot on a regular graft when you're guaranteed an energy one? Prohibit Bossbit/Flead Queen from appearing at the end of day 2; Those day 2 bosses from Rook's campaign were never meant to be fought 1v1 or even 2v1. P7 makes these fights even worse, since you simply do not have the time to upgrade the starting cards (which happens even with the Basic Training perk), let alone the non-starter ones (with or without Fast Lerner). Make Pengemunt an essential character for Rook's brawl; Pengemunt basically acts as another trader NPC in Rook's brawl, yet for some reason he can be befriended/upset as a normal NPC. While earning his boon is nice, the -1 Defense from his bane could be devastating if acquired early on, and there's no way to get rid of it because he cannot be provoked or bribed with booze, period. Rotate bar NPCs more frequently; Seriously, I see the same NPCs in the bar on day 5 as I did on day 1/2/3/4, and they hardly change from mission to mission. There are hundreds of unique characters in the game (and a nigh limitless amount of generated ones), yet you see maybe a dozen in the bar over the course of a brawl run. You made those characters, Klei, now show em off!
  7. Burn is self-explanatory; pump n dump allows you to play Empty cards and get free Defense; dump n pump allows you to play Fully Charged and Overcharge cards.
  8. Oh, I also forgot about Inoculated and Bog Sensitive, a boon/bane combo that only affects Rook. Proposed changes: a rather involved Threekwa-style rework for non-Rook characters, "at the start of combat or negotiation, a random card in your deck is marked with Sigil of the Bog. Whenever you draw a Sigil of the Bog card, heal 2 HP or restore 2 resolve/take 2 damage". This solution could be reused for any other Parasite involved boons/banes, like Grimdelia's, should they ever appear in the brawl.
  9. Tbh, you could've prevented it but chose to do nothing.
  10. There's a small number of boons and banes that either don't work in the brawl or are incompatible with certain characters. Here's a list of em, along with potential changes: Haggle Badge: straight up doesn't work in the brawl cause there are no optional quests or quest givers. Not the best value in the campaign for anyone other than Sal. Doesn't stack. Proposed changes: replace the reward negotiation with a flat, stackable shill bonus (20-25 shills) awarded for successfully completing any quest. Essentially, an alternative to Admiralty Goon's Piece of the Pie with a higher acquisition cost (100 shills gift vs 150 shills) but a greater day to day pay out as well, provided you successfully complete the quests. Authorization: similar to Haggle Badge, does nothing in the brawl. Limited campaign usefulness due to on location agent RNG (where are the cops when you need em?), and Rook's campaign simply not having a sizeable Admiralty presence. Proposed changes: this one's tough to rework on the fly due to the combat potential of having an extra body in a fight. I suppose the easiest option would be to have it apply 1 Flustered/Impair to a random enemy on the first turn of negotiation/combat. That would make Authorization a universally desirable boon, both in the campaign and the brawl, not to mention the stacking potential. Heshian Armature: a character specific boon that does nothing for Sal and Smith. Proposed changes: complete rework for non-Rook characters (similar to Threekwa's boon), grant the player 2 Adrenaline if they only played Attack cards last turn. Essentially, an inverse version of Sparky's boon (grants 2 temp. power if you didn't use any Attacks last turn). Gremlins: a character specific bane that doesn't work with Sal or Smith. Proposed changes: complete rework, at the end of your first turn each battle, take 2 damage per card in hand. Elitist: this bane actually works in the brawl, much the same way it does in the campaign, as in, talking to a non-quest character for the first time makes em dislike you. However, you could always preemptively counter Elitist by simply interacting with every character you see which, in combination with quest character protection, renders it somewhat useless. Plus, having to click on each new character every time you do a run is kinda silly. Proposed changes: complete overhaul, increase the cost of buying someone a drink by 20%, stackable. Makes it harder to make friends and earn forgiveness, eliminates the need for clicking on every character you meet. A win-win. Red Tape: same as Authorization, does nothing in the brawl and hardly does anything in the campaign. Proposed changes: again, tough to come up with something Admiralty flavored when the goal's to broaden the effect. Perhaps something along the lines of "the first time you apply a debuff in combat or negotiation, apply it to yourself as well".
  11. Currently, only Sal can appear in Rook's and Smith's campaigns; Rook can only appear in Sal's campaign, while Smith can't appear in anyone's campaign but his own. Would've been pretty sweet if all grifters could appear in each other's campaigns.
  12. He got better. Just had a run with Buleet and Galvanized seemed to work fine. It definitely gets removed at some point, not sure if it's on discard or after you shuffle the deck.
  13. Some of the Flourishes are probably Attacks as well, such as the damage dealing ones, or Sal's Bleed to all and Rook's Burn to all.