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  1. No problems for me on Windows, though I didn't have any mods installed prior to the update.
  2. The changelog appears to be missing from the forum post.
  3. One step closer to Compendium hundo!
  4. You're mixing two distinct archetypes here, self-damage and pure Hostility. You don't run Dominance in a self-damage build, outside of Degrading Nepotism's Notion for the occasional boosted Degrade attack against the enemy. I'm not a fan of these pour cards, like Tyrannize and Trade, cause they require you to keep a source of Influence which has no use outside of being transformed into Dominance (though it's easier for Sal than Rook since she has Inspiration, and gets to keep it even after upgrading to Hostile Tactics). Smith's Renown in a purely offensive Hostility deck is even worse, being a liability that threatens to blow up in your face if an enemy targets it.
  5. I'm inclined to agree with @qwerjk. For sure, Shrewd's ability to completely negate a target's attack damage is very strong, especially given Shrewd's independence from any prerequisites. However, at 2 cost and with a Burnout to boot, it might just not be worth the hassle to draft at all. Rook's Energy Loop and Tight Spot are both examples of a better balancing approach, having Burnout on the base version, retaining their 1 cost, and offering an upgrade that removes Burnout.
  6. Nadan gets a fancy font but Oolo gets whatever the hell that is? RIGGED!
  7. That certainly makes Brawl more mundane.
  8. I must agree with @pacovf here. Induction going to 2 is tolerable, Casings and Backfire going to 3 doesn't make sense. Even Sal has only one 3 cost Ability, Absolute Domination, the cost of which is well justified given the insane power level of the card. Casing should stay at 2, perhaps the Pale version could be replaced with Spined (gain 2 Defense and 1 Counter per Charge spent); Backfire should go to 2 and keep its versions as they are (it's comparable to Sal's Spines). Telegraph doesn't belong at 2. It's essentially the same type of Defense gain as Sal's Shoulder Roll: if you have no Concentration, it's a brick. That's both an upside and a downside, as you can easily reach the coveted 99 Defense with enough Concentration, or you could spend 1 energy to do nothing with 0 Concentration. If you wanna cap these sort of nigh infinitely scaling Defense cards, that's fine. However, increasing the cost of these cards would not deter players from picking em when they already have the relevant synergy going, be it Combo or Concentration, but it would make the cards significantly worse as a provisional pick, something you'd take early before deciding on which archetype to roll with. As for Obliterate, it's fine at 3. I reckon it'd be sweeter if it had Piercing by default. Also, on Crushing Blow/Kidney shot. I mentioned this before, and I still believe that each character should have their own signature stun card. Crushing Blow for Sal, Kidney shot for Rook, and Obliterate for Smith.
  9. It's from his lines about using the Barons as a means of accumulating enough wealth for a nice retirement. He doesn't care about Spark advancement, Vagrant Age, or any of the bog crap. Far as I'm concerned, there's no proper Baron leader in the game. And if you're wondering what I consider to be a proper leader: Nadan, Oolo, Kalandra. They lead their respective factions and are invested in their success beyond personal gains.
  10. I don't see how that contradicts what I said. Kashio's a prime example of being a "side-Baron": she rose from a mud digger to a Baron affiliate, yet she wanted more, so she went into the whole debt broker business armed with her Baron connections. Even Fellemo's a paper Baron, not particularly being concerned about the Spark or people under him unless it impacts his own bottom line. With that in mind, it's not difficult to see how Brut, a Pinkerton like character, fits with the Barons faction. Same goes for Weezil, a sniper that may have been used to oversee the vast Spark dig sites.
  11. You can work for the Barons and not be one yourself. Kashio's technically not a Baron, yet she clearly has plenty of clout with em, including having Sparky/Jeol/Buleet on a leash.
  12. Why? How is Fold Em different from other status sources that apply to all enemies when modified by Spear Head? Hell, off the top of my head, if you have the Flash Powder graft and use Spear Head, your attack will apply Scorch to all enemies.